Where Do I Purchase Batting Cage Turf?

Baseball player practicing in a batting cage

The training season doesn’t have to end in the spring. And to further that point, it doesn’t have to end after the season in the fall either! Sure, the changing weather brings hurdles to the outdoor grass, but there are options available to you in the form of batting cage turf that can keep your batting practice going year-round.   NexGen Lawns is here to assist you in your search for where to purchase batting cage turf.

If you’re searching for places that can provide batting cage turf or batting cage turf mats, you have come to the right place. NexGen Lawns has multiple options of artificial grass for batting cages. Therefore, as either an athlete or club owner, you can practice anytime throughout the year. We offer batting cage turf for both outdoor spaces and indoor facilities.  Let’s face it, the grass isn’t the only thing being impacted when the weather changes, and practicing in the cold air is only fun for so long. 

Whether you need something for your home lawn or at your sporting club facility, NexGen Lawns can get you practicing with durable artificial grass for batting cages. We can fully complete your batting cage with a synthetic batting mat and a pitching mound. That way you can work on both your swing and pitches! Artificial batting cage turf provides a surface where you can practice your softball or baseball skills throughout the year. Instead of just spring training, you can train anytime with artificial batting cage turf!

Artificial Grass for Batting Cages

To be clear, there isn’t just a single type of artificial grass for batting cages. We offer selections and styles to meet your needs. For starters, our batting cage turf is customizable, which means no matter the size or scale of your batting cage, we got you covered. For instance, if you are an athlete with a personal batting cage at home, then you might need the amount of artificial turf that a recreational club might require. But regardless of the size, you can get the same top-grade quality batting cage turf that can handle year-round use.

And when it comes to this question of size, we are also here to answer any questions you might have. For example, if you are looking to install and purchase batting cage turf for the first time, you might wonder how big a batting cage should be.  Or perhaps you might wonder how the turf is installed.  Or if a home plate can be installed along with the turf. You likely have questions that go beyond the batting cage turf.  Such as how much net will be required for your batting cage. All valid questions, and we have done this enough that we are happy to answer these questions, customizing batting cage turf that meets your expectations and goals. 

Batting Practice Turf Mats

Baseball player hitting in a batting cage

But NexGen provides additional options for practice turf that don’t have to come in the form of a batting cage. For example, our batting practice turf mats are a simple and convenient solution that won’t require as significant of an installation process. Batting practice turf mats come designed with the durability to last and handle constant use.  But also are smaller and perfect for easy setup (or even takedown if you are not going to have your mat out all the time, and wish to store it someplace else when not in use). 

If you are looking for artificial grass for batting cages, but feel that perhaps the entire cage is not the approach you want to pursue at this time.  Then, consider our batting practice turf mats as a well-worth-it alternative. 

Soften the Batting Cage Turf with Foam Padding

NexGen Lawns provides your home or facility with premium synthetic turf with the option of foam padding. We carry 5mm foam pads that aid in shock absorption. This will help protect joints and give additional cushion under your feet. The foam pads can go outside or indoors over concrete. Additionally, artificial grass for batting cages does not require infill. That way your cage will look pristine without the messy rubber pieces. No more dealing with pieces scattering around and sticking on individuals causing a messy ground to have to clean back up. Instead, you’ll have a cleaner space that is soft with additional padding and no infill needed.

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The solution to where to purchase batting cage turf is easy with the help of NexGen Lawns. Call our team to begin the installation of your own batting cage with artificial turf.  Or if you have additional questions about the process as a whole. We understand that there are many options when it comes to purchasing artificial grass for batting cages.  Therefore, we want to help you find a product that makes the most sense for you. 

Additionally, we can enhance your indoor or outdoor space with custom logos. Start practicing throughout the year on a quality surface with minimal maintenance on your own artificial turf batting cage from NexGen Lawns.

Check out our products or contact us if you have questions!