Train Anytime on Artificial Batting Cage Turf

The baseball and softball playing season might be over, but don’t let that stop you from continuing your sports training.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial batting cage turf gives you a surface that continues the season for training.  Therefore, you can work on your batting, pitching, or catching on strong artificial turf.  We supply artificial turf for outdoor spaces and indoor centers at both residential locations and commercial.  This means you can add a batting cage in the home garage or the backyard.  Plus, our fast-draining turf gives outdoor batting cages a surface that doesn’t become drenched in mud.  This means you can still go outside shortly after the rain has ended and bat without a muddy surface.  With a customized artificial batting cage, you can help prepare yourself for the upcoming season with a space to help improve and work on your baseball or softball skills.

artificial batting cage turf

Add artificial turf for a personal batting cage right at home to work on your swing.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Customize with Artificial Batting Cage Turf

The NexGen Lawns team of highly skilled batting turf installers can help you at home or sporting center with a customized surface.  Our strong synthetic fibers come with exceptional strength for heavy usage.  We can help create customized pitching mounds, batting circles, or full batting cages.  In addition, we offer the choice of padding beneath our artificial turf to help protect athletes as they train.  The foam padding gives extra cushion beneath the player’s feet; therefore, it’s easier on the joints by aiding in shock absorption.  The padding can be applied below the batting cage, pitching mounds, or mats.  Plus, the use of padding requires no infill.  This means no messy sand or rubber flecks scattering around!  Additionally, we offer a range of color selections to choose from in our synthetic turf.  NexGen Lawns can incorporate your business logo or team name directly on the artificial turf.

NexGen Lawns offers you superior quality artificial batting cage turf on the market.  We can assist your home, business, or school with synthetic turf mats, batting circles, batting cages, or athletic fields.  This includes the installation of synthetic turf either for indoor training facilities or outside locations.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns provides a durable baseball or softball surface wherever the location is needed.  To start extending your training on artificial batting cage turf, contact a NexGen Lawns representative today.  You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672.