Prepare for Next Batting Season with Indoor Batting Turf

Well, the World Series has ended and baseball tournaments across the Nation have come to an end for the season. Don’t let the end of the season stop you from enjoying baseball or softball this offseason. For many baseball and softball players, now is the time during the offseason to be thinking about how to be ready for the next season. What will you do differently this coming season compared to last? Maybe you need to work or train others on improving batting swings or pitching lessons. If you are ready to work on your batting or pitching skills, NexGen Lawns can help! Working on and improving your skills come with practice, and having an indoor facility during the winter months is ideal.  So, prepare for the next batting season with indoor batting turf.

Indoor Batting TurfWork on the perfect fastball with our customized artificial turf pitching mound and artificial turf batting mats. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Install Indoor Batting Turf at Training Facilities & Personal Homes

With the help of NexGen Lawns, we can provide both your personal home and commercialized training centers with premium artificial turf batting cages.  Install our artificial turf inside your training facilities.  Or even personal garages to give you the customized batting cage you need. We offer highly durable foam-padded artificial turf batting cages that provide extra cushion under players’ feet.  Additionally, the foam padding helps to aid in shock absorption and is easier on your joints.

The padded artificial turf works across pitching mounds and batting mats for a cushioned surface. With foam padded artificial turf batting cages, means no infill is required. Players will be able to train and not have the hassle of any messy rubber flecks, or sand to deal with. Outdoor artificial turf batting cages even stay mud-free through our fast drainage system. So no matter if your batting cage is at home, outside, or at a sports complex, it will always be ready for batting season.

If you’re ready to get started in preparing for the next season during the offseason, then check out our wide selection of indoor batting turf available for purchase today!  Thus, we carry multiple color options to add team colors, business sponsors, or logos into indoor or outdoor artificial turf batting cages that are customizable. For questions or for scheduling your batting cage installation, please contact us at 1-888-844-0672.