Convert Boarding Kennels with Artificial Turf

Do you own a boarding center for dogs? If so, you are likely familiar with the work that this involves, beyond caring for the dogs themselves. This is especially true if part of your facility is outdoors. Having grass kennels outdoors is a great feature to have.  They allow dogs some exercise and sunshine, but it can also mean additional work and costs.  That’s why many boarding centers are looking to convert boarding kennels with artificial turf.

Let’s face it, when dogs trample through the grass, they tend to tear it up. It is natural for this to happen, and is simply a fact of real grass. It is going to get thin and trampled.  Eventually, this leads you to spend extra time and dollars to maintain and upkeep the lawn. If the grass is wet from rain or snow, this can lead to not only ruined lawns but also muddy dogs and boarding kennels.  This mud ends up getting tracked back inside your facility.

None of this needs to be the case. Consider converting your dog’s kennel turf from real grass to artificial turf.

There are Plenty of Benefits

When you start to break it down, there are many reasons why making the jump to artificial grass for dog kennels is a smart play. For starters, artificial turf is so versatile it can easily be applied in both indoor and outdoor applications.  Thus, providing pets a place they can play anytime on a realistic surface. And a surface will hold up against this play, looking good for a long time to come.

You will love the ease that comes with artificial turf also.  Since you can say goodbye to mowing and other lawn maintenance. This will help reduce not only the time to mow but also the expense of mowing or paying for a company to trim the grass. But, as you know, having to cut the grass is not always the most time-consuming or costly aspect of maintaining it.  Depending on where you live, you might find it difficult to keep up with this ongoing maintenance.

Where is Artificial Grass for Dog Kennels Available?

Fortunately, artificial dog kennel turf can be found in many places.  From Florida to New York to New Mexico to Utah to Ohio, just to name a handful. Some of our more popular orders and installations come from Tulsa, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. If you are from any of these areas, then you likely already have an idea why implementing artificial turf in your dog kennels is a good idea. But if you are unfamiliar, consider some of the natural elements that these areas deal with year in and year out.

In Dallas, for example, the change from cool winters to hot summers doesn’t do well for natural grass. Typically, as local residents are familiar with, natural kennel grass in the Dallas area tends to turn yellow or pale green in early summer. This is commonly due to local fungal diseases that seep into the grass during the winter months.

Similarly, Tulsa and Oklahoma City experience high heat in the summer, which can discolor, or even ruin natural grass lawns or grass kennels. It is no surprise that residents of these areas are turning to artificial grass for their dog kennels. And why you should consider it as well, whether you live in these areas, or somewhere else entirely.

After all, every community experiences some form of weather that can make it difficult to care for organic grass, from heat to cold to dryness. Take this worry out of your mind entirely by incorporating artificial dog kennel turf.

Re-do Boarding Kennels with Artificial Turf

Artificial grass gives pets a welcoming play environment both indoors and outdoors. Artificial grass for dog kennels allows both residential and commercial properties a clean and safe environment for pets to exercise and play. NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic grass is strong, durable, and long-lasting for all active paws to run along. Not only will artificial grass for dog kennels look great year-round without any continual upkeep.  But it also stays dry with the advanced drainage system. No more mud to worry about coming back inside on dog paws into your business.

boarding kennels with artificial turf

Boarding kennels with artificial turf allows pets to play year-round indoors or even outside.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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NexGen Lawns has remodeled numerous homes, dog kennels, and parks with our premium K9 synthetic grass. Unlike concrete or gravel, artificial grass for dog kennels gives your dog a soft smooth play spot to enjoy year-round. That is also easier on their sensitive paws with our soft durable fibers. If you’re ready for your home or facility to be mud-free and a cleaner indoor or outdoor play space, please give NexGen Lawns a call today.

You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672.  One of our knowledgeable synthetic turf representatives will be happy to assist you and your beloved pet in your next K9 synthetic grass solution.

To shop for artificial grass for dog kennels, you can browse through our shop to see our different Pet Grass options.  Or contact us online if you’d like more information.