Install an Artificial Turf Indoor Dog Park

Outdoor artificial turf dog parks are rapidly growing in popularity. This is due to their durability, low maintenance, and rapid water drainage for year-round usage.  Many dog owners and their dogs love the realistic look and feel of synthetic turf. That’s because it offers their pets a clean and safe environment to play and exercise.  However, keeping abreast of the technological advancements of synthetic turf means you can do more with turf. Therefore, install an artificial turf indoor dog park.  NexGen Lawns carries a variety of synthetic turf for pets to give you a wide selection to choose from to place even indoors.

Artificial Turf Indoor Dog Park

Install an Artificial Turf Indoor Dog Park

An easy solution for your dog park, doggy daycare, or training center is to install artificial turf indoors.  Dogs can run around safely indoors and play, train, and exercise.  Artificial turf provides indoor dog parks and daycare facilities with the perfect floor that will bring the comforts of grass inside.  Placing fake turf indoors means no matter the time, dogs will have a place to run.

Selecting fake grass indoors is extremely helpful in the winter when the weather is cold.  As well as in the summer for a cooler place to play.  This will help you to offer a climate-controlled environment that is out of the elements.  Thus, this helps your business have a year-round timeframe dogs can train and play at your business.  Compared to relying on when the weather might be nice and the ground dry enough outside to continue training or outside playtime.  This can jeopardize your scheduling of classes and events making it extremely difficult to have a consistent schedule.   Instead, indoor fake grass provides you with a surface that’s ready for use!

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NexGen Lawns can assist your home, dog park, dog kennel, or doggie daycare center to become a much cleaner and happier facility.  All with the installation of NexGen Lawns’ premium artificial turf designed specifically for pets.  Our artificial turf can easily be applied in both indoor and outdoor facilities to provide a soft play place for pets.  Dogs will also have an even and safe ground to exercise and play on with turf versus dangerous uneven outdoor grounds or hard concrete that can damage their paws.  Our artificial turf comes odor-free through our advanced drainage system and all-natural in-fill.  Please give NexGen Lawns a call today!  Let’s get started on your beloved pets’ indoor or outdoor year-round synthetic turf play area!