NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass in Little Rock, AR

Artificial Grass Little RockEnjoy a new beautiful design with the addition of artificial grass in Little Rock, Arkansas.  NexGen Lawns is your supplier of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Little Rock, AR.  We carry a large portfolio of fake grass and artificial turf to cover different environments.  Therefore, call our team for the purchase of artificial grass in Little Rock for the lawn, playground, park, sporting field, a backyard putting green, or dog run.  We provide installation to both residential homes and commercial locations.  Thus, if you reside in Little Rock or surrounding areas, call NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The installers at NexGen Lawns come with high skill and knowledge to leave you with a professional end result.  We work across outdoor spaces as well as indoor locations. Therefore, our talented team is here to help you with your artificial grass Little Rock installation.  You can experience the amazing quality and high durability of NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass and synthetic turf products.  Thus, you will have a long-lasting fake grass lawn that feels great and looks natural.

Artificial Grass Little Rock Options

NexGen Lawns supplies a variety of synthetic turf and artificial grass Little Rock options for commercial, residential, school, and park locations.  To hear more about the different artificial grass Little Rock options from NexGen Lawns, please continue to read below.

Home Artificial Grass Little Rock

Home Artificial Grass Little RockFree up your weekends more with a mower-free lawn through home artificial grass in Little Rock, AR.  NexGen Lawns installs beautiful synthetic grass lawns that come with little maintenance.  Therefore, you can relax more on the weekends without lawn mowing, fertilizer treatments, or lawn watering.  Additionally, you’ll even reduce your outdoor water consumption with artificial turf.  Home artificial grass Little Rock not only reduces your yard maintenance but also provides a stunning-looking yard.  Our high-quality artificial lawn grass looks realistic due to the advanced synthetic fibers.  Thus, you can have a nice full lawn with fake grass throughout your landscape.  This includes the areas in the shade from trees, fences, and rooflines that are difficult to get grass to grow.  The entire lawn can be full with the addition of home artificial grass in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The addition of home artificial grass in Little Rock can change numerous surfaces.  You don’t have to only have synthetic grass on just the lawn.  Instead, fake grass can go over your backyard patio, deck, rooftop, around your swimming pool, and much more!  The flexibility of artificial grass allows you to get truly creative with your outdoor space.  Our synthetic grass feels soft on feet, which makes it a nice surface to go over hard concrete or wood decking.  These areas can be remodeled with artificial grass for a more inviting feel.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass is both child and even dog-friendly for a great family lawn.  Artificial grass Little Rock not only transforms residential homes with a beautiful landscape but also commercial lawns as well.  Call our artificial grass Little Rock professionals to learn more.

Pet Turf Little Rock

Pet Turf Little RockThe playfulness of dogs can leave your lawn struggling to grow grass through wear and tear.  Instead, convert your lawn or dog run with NexGen Lawns’ pet turf in Little Rock, AR.  Artificial turf for dogs gives you a strong lawn built with durability to handle heavy paw traffic.  In addition, our artificial dog turf provides a green yard without the yellow circles from bathroom breaks.  You and your dog can enjoy a cleaner lawn together due to the advanced drainage system.  Rainwater and dog urine both quickly drain to leave you with a mud-free lawn that also helps to reduce smells.  Whether you need a small section of your lawn remodeled or the entire backyard, our installers have you covered with pet turf in Little Rock.

Have a dog business?  Then, NexGen Lawns has your facility covered with pet turf in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Artificial turf provides dog businesses like training schools, boarding facilities, and dog spas with a remarkable dog yard.  Our durable artificial turf provides dogs with a dog-friendly lawn and your business with a low-maintenance lawn.  Therefore, you can reduce your lawn upkeep by having to mow, re-sod, fertilize, and water.  Pet turf Little Rock provides your business with a nice-looking surface that keeps green throughout the year.  This means your dog clients can play outside throughout the year on a green fake grass lawn.  The swift drainage provides both a cleaner outdoor lawn and helps to keep your interior floors cleaner without the muddy paw prints.

Artificial Turf Little Rock for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Little Rock for Sports FieldsThe high use regular grass athletic fields endure can cause the ground to wear quickly.  Additionally, grass fields require field closures for field maintenance and fade away at the end of the season.  However, artificial turf Little Rock for sports fields provides your school, park, or sports complex with a strong field for year-round use.  Trainers, coaches, and athletes can continue to train or play even in the offseason.  Additionally, your fields no longer have to be closed for mowing or watering.  Instead, you can host more games and activities on artificial turf in Little Rock for sports fields.  NexGen Lawns carries numerous synthetic turf options for outdoor and indoor surfaces.  Our artificial turf comes in a variety of color options for a personalized field.  Additionally, we carry padded fake turf to aid in protecting joints with a cushioned ground.

The installation of artificial turf in Little Rock for sports fields means you’ll have a multi-purpose field.  The versatility of artificial turf allows you to host numerous sports all on the same sporting field.  Thus, this can help to reduce the number of fields you need and also allow for different sports.  For example, fake turf can host sports from baseball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer.  The fast drainage of an astro turf styled field helps to reduce field closures due to muddy fields from rain showers.  Our installers not only provide artificial turf in Little Rock for sports fields for outdoor areas but also indoors.  We install artificial turf gym floors, batting cages, indoor fields, and more.  To hear more, give NexGen Lawns a call for artificial turf in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Backyard Putting Green Little Rock

Backyard Putting Green Little RockNexGen Lawns can bring you the luxury of golfing at home with a backyard putting green in Little Rock, AR.  Therefore, you can experience playing golf when you decide all at your own home.  Our team installs homes with premium backyard putting green in Little Rock and outlying locations.  Our high-quality synthetic putting turf provides an amazing golfing surface.  We customize our putting greens to your space.  Thus, our installers can add a bunker to multiple holes to your artificial green.  Don’t have a lawn?  No problem, our professional installers can install an artificial putting green over your patio, deck, rooftop, or even inside your home!  Wherever the location at your home – call NexGen Lawns for a backyard putting green in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The installers at NexGen Lawns also provide commercial artificial putting greens.  We can re-do your current putting green, course, or tee line with synthetic turf.  Therefore, your business can start reaping the benefits of artificial grass in Little Rock.  Artificial putting greens keep green throughout the year for yearlong enjoyment. Our synthetic golfing turf provides a fantastic ball roll for golfers.  Additionally, your business can reduce grass upkeep costs by no longer needing a rigorous mowing and watering schedule.  NexGen Lawn can add the great amenity of an artificial putting green in Little Rock to your business or club.  Call our knowledgeable team to learn more about adding a synthetic grass putting green in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Playground Turf Little Rock

Playground Turf Little RockAre you tired of mowing around the backyard playground set?  Then, NexGen Lawns playground turf in Little Rock can provide you with a back lawn that you no longer have to mow.  Playground turf Little Rock provides a beautiful ground that is child-friendly.  This means the whole family can go outside and play on a soft artificial grass lawn together.  Additionally, you’ll no longer have to try to trim and edge around the base of the playset.  Playground turf provides a durable yet soft surface for children.  We also carry playground turf with additional padding to help protect them.  Thus, this gives children a cushioned ground through an extra layer of foam padding.  Our installers can put artificial turf across the whole lawn, in a specific area of the lawn, or even indoors.

Heavily used parks and playgrounds at schools, daycares, and parks can become difficult to keep tidy if they are filled with wood chips or pebbles.  These items can quickly get kicked around and scattered throughout the playground.  Additionally, the mulch can stick to clothing, hair, and shoes.  However, playground turf in Little Rock offers a cleaner space.  NexGen Lawns can help your school or park change to artificial turf that has low upkeep.  You won’t have to schedule mowing and watering times with playground turf.  Instead, children can have a colorful and fun space with artificial turf.  We offer a range of different color choices in playground turf for a bright ground covering.  Additionally, the drainage beneath the artificial turf helps to reduce canceled recess time due to wet grounds.

Our installers have remodeled numerous schools and playgrounds and we can do the same for you.  Contact NexGen Lawns for your purchase of playground turf in Little Rock, AR.

Benefits of Artificial Grass in Little Rock

As a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, or perhaps at least a resident of the surrounding area, you are familiar with the problems that lawns can run into in this part of the country. From the state’s humid climate to its seasonal lawn fungi, there are many benefits of getting artificial turf grass in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When it comes to humidity, for instance, it is no secret that levels are high. You feel this from year to year, and know that while this is good for plants overall, it also means non-stop landscaping is necessary for your yard. In fact, Arkansas has an average humidity level of 71%, which is among the highest in the country.

This humidity brings above-average annual rainfall as well, with Little Rock experiencing an average of 51 inches of precipitation a year. This is higher than the United States average of 38 inches of precipitation a year. Again, just another reason to consider making the switch from your traditional grass lawn to installing residential artificial turf in your Little Rock home.

If the moisture on its own doesn’t have you convinced, think of the damage that this moisture can be doing to your real grass lawn year after year. For instance, these moisture levels and year-round temperatures create an ideal climate for certain fungi and diseases to thrive. If untreated, these can leave unsightly and even damaging marks on your lawn that will cost time and money to repair. Here are a few common examples of lawn diseases in Little Rock that you have likely seen over the years:

  • Large Patch: Very common to the Little Rock area, as well as surrounding areas of Arkansas, this lawn disease appears in the form of brown patches throughout your yard. It is a fungus that can thrive in your grass throughout the entire year, but it is activated seasonally when the temperatures begin to cool down in the fall and spring months.
  • Fairy Ring: If you have seen brown or dark green circles appearing in your yard (or perhaps your neighbors’), then you have likely witnessed symptoms of what is called the fairy ring. These circles, like most lawn diseases, don’t simply go away at the end of the year, but in fact can expand their reach over time. It is common that this disease is fueled by the fungus of decaying ground matter, such as fallen leaves or dead tree stumps.

While these are only a couple of the common diseases that can be found in Little Rock, they are not the only threats on the list. For these reasons, as well as the other mentioned above, it is worth considering artificial grass for your Little Rock residence. Artificial turf installation in Little Rock can eliminate these problems, remove your need for ongoing maintenance, and take away all the additional stress that comes with keeping your lawn looking sharp. Check out artificial grass in Little Rock today.

Additionally, these services are available to you all over Arkansas, from Bentonville to Fayetteville, from Rogers to Springdale, or from Siloam Springs to anywhere else the team at NexGen Lawns has you covered.

Contact us with more questions if you have them!

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