NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Rogers, Artificial Turf in Rogers, AR

Artificial Grass RogersIf you reside in the Northwest Arkansas area and looking to purchase artificial grass in Rogers, NexGen Lawns is here to serve you with our high-quality synthetic turf.  Our advanced synthetic grass fibers provide a surface that looks realistic.  Therefore, you can have a beautiful lawn setting with artificial grass in Rogers, AR.  We carry a large portfolio of different artificial turf in Northwest Arkansas to suit numerous environments.  Some of our synthetic grass installations include home lawns, sporting fields, backyard putting greens, playgrounds, dog runs, and more.  Thus, call our artificial grass Rogers installers for your fake grass installation.

The skillful NexGen Lawns installers come highly knowledgeable to provide you with a stunning artificial grass Rogers, AR installation.  Whether you are looking to add a new modern fake grass design to your home or looking to add something to your business, NexGen Lawns can assist you.  We service both large and small installations of artificial grass in Rogers.  Additionally, our installers work both on outdoor projects to indoor fake grass installs.  Thus, our team is here to assist you with a newly revamped surface of synthetic grass.  For a professional artificial grass Rogers installation, make the phone call to NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in NWA.

Artificial Grass Rogers Options

To better assist you, a few of the artificial grass Rogers options from NexGen Lawns are listed below.  These are just some of the artificial grass Rogers options to consider and help you with learning more about synthetic grass in Northwest Arkansas.

Home Artificial Grass Rogers

Home Artificial Grass RogersDoes caring for the home lawn keep your weekends full of yard work?  Are you ready to transform your lawn with an easier landscape?  Then, NexGen Lawns can help you with our home artificial grass in Rogers, AR.  A synthetic grass lawn gives your home a lawn that looks natural, yet is simple to maintain.  Unlike the duties of regular grass which can leave you left with either trying to grow it or maintain it.  Home artificial grass in Rogers means you no longer have to water, fertilize, seed the grass, or mow.  Instead, you can have a low-maintenance home artificial grass Rogers lawn that gives you more free time back.  Additionally, you can even have a smaller watering bill with less outdoor water usage.

Home artificial grass in Rogers brings you the flexibility to have fake grass in a variety of spaces.  For example, NexGen Lawns can install synthetic grass between stone pavers, around the backyard pool, over the patio, deck, rooftop, and more!  The versatility of fake grass means even if you only have a patio or a small section you would like remodeled, our team can change your space.  Home artificial grass in Rogers provides these spaces with a soft feeling ground through our premium fake turf.  Therefore, the whole family and even the dog can enjoy the patio or lawn together on an amazing faux grass covering.  In addition to residential homes, we install artificial turf in Northwest Arkansas commercial locations.  This means your business can enjoy a faux grass lawn with minimal maintenance.

Artificial Turf for Dogs Rogers

Artificial Turf for Dogs RogersDo you have a family dog or multiple dogs in your family?  Then, you know how a regular grass lawn can struggle to keep up with the active paws in the lawn.  Artificial turf for dogs in Rogers provides a durable long-lasting for your family dog.  The durable artificial turf for dogs in Rogers gives your dog a soft yet strong lawn for their paws.  Unlike gravel-filled or concrete dog runs that are hard and can be hurtful on sensitive paws, artificial turf provides a dog-friendly surface.  Additionally, pet turf has minimal maintenance and even stays green when exposed to potty breaks. No more discolored yellow spots you’ll have to see in a fake grass lawn.  Call our team to change your lawn to artificial turf for dogs in Rogers or a specific section like a dog run.

Artificial turf for dogs in Rogers additionally provides pet-focused businesses with a dog yard with exceptional strength.  Businesses from dog boarding, pet spas, and agility training all are examples that can swap their messy grass dog yards to synthetic turf.  A great aspect of artificial turf is the drainage it provides.  Thus, the drainage system helps to drain both dog urine and rainwater quickly to leave less smell and a mud-free lawn.  This is why many dog-focused businesses have added artificial turf in Rogers for dogs to their dog lawns.  Not having a muddy lawn means you’ll have cleaner floors inside without dogs having muddy paws to track in.  Whether you are looking to incorporate artificial turf in Rogers for dogs at your workplace or home, call NexGen Lawns for our dog-friendly fake turf.

Fake Turf Rogers for Sporting Fields

Fake Turf Rogers for Sporting FieldsSchool fields and sporting clubs can struggle to accommodate multiple sports on their grass playing fields.  This is due to the many sporting fields required to meet the demands of different sports.  However, fake turf in Rogers for sporting fields offers a highly adaptable playing field for different sports to host games on.  Sports like football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, and more can all utilize the same playing field.  Thus, this helps to reduce the cost of caring for multiple sporting fields by keeping them prepped and mowed.  Adding just one astro turf style synthetic field in Rogers for a sporting field can provide your park or school with a highly functional field.

Fake turf in Rogers for sporting fields not only gives you a multi-use playing surface but one with more sporting field usage too.  Athletes, trainers, and coaches will have more time on the field for training, practices, and games with artificial turf.  This comes from the minimal maintenance of artificial turf, unlike grass which requires chemical treatments, mowing, and watering.  Additionally, the reduced maintenance also provides your sports club or school with cost savings.  NexGen Lawns brings not only durable sporting fields outdoors, but also inside.  We install batting cages, indoor playing fields, and training floors.  Give our team a call to hear more about the installation of fake turf in Rogers for sporting fields.

Backyard Putting Green Rogers

Backyard Putting Green RogersHave you been looking into the addition of a backyard putting green in Rogers to your lawn?  Then, contact NexGen Lawns for a premier backyard putting green in Rogers, Arkansas.  Our synthetic putting grass provides exceptional roll to give you an amazing golfing experience.  This means you’ll have a quality putting green right at your own home without having to leave to go to the nearest course.  There are no yearly dues or wasted time waiting for your turn anymore.  Instead, you can grab your golf clubs and play when you decide on your lawn.  Or play inside if you like with the installation of an indoor artificial putting green to your house.  If you’re in the NWA area, call to hear more about our quality backyard putting green in Rogers, AR for your home.

Commercial businesses can also experience NexGen Lawns’ quality synthetic grass putting greens in the Northwest Arkansas area.  We can remodel your current greens, course, tee line, and putting greens with artificial grass.  Whether your putting greens are located indoors or outside, our professional synthetic grass installers can assist you.  Artificial grass gives you a nice-looking golf surface that offers your customers more time available to golf.  This is due to the durable fake grass that offers a surface for year-round golf.  Additionally, synthetic grass provides a stunning surface with low upkeep.  This means you won’t have to close the putting greens for watering or grass trimming.  Instead, your golfers can keep swinging on synthetic grass.  To learn more about a waterless golfing surface, call our installers for synthetic grass putting green in Rogers, AR.

Playground Turf Rogers

Playground Turf RogersIs the outside playground leaving your lawn left bare?  Then, re-do your lawn or play space with playground turf in Rogers to enjoy a full lawn again.  The combination of heavy use and shade cast down from the playset can make growing grass below and around the playground hard.  Children are left playing on dirt once the grass wears away.  This can create not only a messy outside but also indoors with the children bringing it back inside on their clothes and shoes.  Playground turf in Rogers offers you a backyard without messy dirt or annoying lawn care.  Therefore, you can sit back and watch the children play on a nice faux grass surface and not have to mow it!  Our team can remodel just the play area or the entire lawn with playground turf in Rogers, Arkansas.

Parks, school playgrounds, and daycares can also transform their play spots with playground turf in Rogers, AR.  The inviting and bright color of playground turf in Rogers offers children a fun play space.  Thus, the play surface does not have to be just green – NexGen Lawns offers many color choices of fake turf.  Playground turf also has the option of an added layer of foam padding.  This extra pad provides children with additional cushioning to help protect them as they play.  Additionally, artificial turf provides a tidier playground when compared to wood chips or pebbles.  These items can stick on clothing and shoes bringing the mess inside the classroom.  Instead, change your play area with the quality playground turf in Rogers from NexGen Lawns.  We re-do outdoor playgrounds and can install artificial turf inside for an exciting playroom in NW Arkansas.

Contact the NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf in Rogers, AR Installers for the purchase of quality Artificial Grass in Rogers, Arkansas.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.