Complete Youth Sports Complexes with Artificial Turf

Many youth sporting complex owners understand the value of adding artificial turf to their community.  Thus, artificial turf fields help to provide a sporting complex for children to enjoy year-round.  This helps to provide communities places for comradery in sports. Whether you want to complete your youth sports complexes with artificial turf inside or outside, NexGen Lawns has you covered.  We offer numerous synthetic turf products for a range of uses from athletic fields, indoor batting cages, and fake turf training floors.  Therefore, you can provide an amazing outdoor or indoor sporting complex with artificial turf installed in your community.

youth sport complexes artificial turf

Give youth sports players a durable place to practice with synthetic turf at your complex.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Fast Drying Fields

Rain-outs can turn daunting when trying to estimate when to reschedule games or tournaments.  Artificial turf on outside fields helps to reduce rainouts with the quick-to-dry turf.  This is due to the drainage system that will keep the playing field mud-free.  This helps to reduce field closures from wet-field conditions.  Thus, the artificial turf can help reduce the time you have to reschedule games from the ground being too wet.  Unlike regular grass fields that could take days to even weeks to dry out.  Games could be played soon after the rain ends on fake turf fields.

Additionally, artificial turf helps to offer a field that youth athletes can train on throughout the year with an all-weather field.  The constant upkeep including mowing, fertilizing, and re-sodding will also be a thing of the past with synthetic turf in place for your outside fields.  Not only does having a clean field that’s usable year-round help the kids enjoy the versatility of the sports field, but it also helps bring more additional use.  This could be from additional tournaments, hosting different sports, or extra use through outside venues.  Synthetic turf offers many possibilities!

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