Where do I find Indoor Artificial Turf?

Indoor artificial turf has rapidly been growing at training centers, schools, and athletic clubs for many reasons.  Oftentimes, you’re left asking where do I find indoor artificial turf?  That’s where NexGen Lawns brings you an advanced line of indoor synthetic grass.  One of the reasons is the increase of training during offseason times, artificial turf offers a place to go inside and train on a field.  This allows you to workout indoors and stay out of the elements.  Additionally, indoor sporting grass means you can use the area anytime!  We offer indoor gym flooring, athletic fields, batting cages, and much more.

Where do I find Indoor Artificial Turf

We offer even customized indoor synthetic grass with your logo or name. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Indoor Artificial Turf Offers Minimal Maintenance & Cushion

When looking at options of indoor fake grass, it’s important to select a turf of true quality.  Thus, the durability that comes with NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf provides an extremely strong ground.  This is needed for training areas that are heavily used.  We provide cleaner and easily maintained grounds.  How so?  This is from eliminating messy rubber infill.  Therefore, not only will this help you as an owner from continually sweeping up a mess, but also keep the mess off your clients.  No one wants to be training or doing high-intensity workouts and have black flecks flying out.  Additionally, our indoor turf layered with foam padding aids in absorbing the impact.  This extra padding helps to protect joints and gives a cushioned ground beneath feet.  A great choice to add stability to your facility!

Want some more information?  Or have a question, then contact NexGen Lawns over the phone or online.  Additionally, we invite you to click on the link for indoor artificial turf to view NexGen Lawn’s products.  We offer numerous synthetic turfs for all sorts of surface needs.  So, you can get after your sports training, interval training, sled pulls, or other activities in a realistic setting indoors.