3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Artificial Grass

Dog playing on artificial turf.

Synthetic grass has come a long way in its design and functionality in addition to its appearance. These improvements have led to an increased popularity of fake grass, as they have further added to the list of benefits. Another such benefit comes from the lack of maintenance costs affiliated with artificial turf. 

From reduced maintenance costs to improved style, it is no wonder of your interest in buying artificial grass. However, there is no single approach to choosing artificial grass.  Since there are a variety of types of turf that are available. These varieties make it so you can buy the artificial grass that suits you best.  How do you know which one to choose?

Synthetic turf is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are best practices and common considerations to keep in mind when choosing artificial grass. Being aware of these considerations can give you confidence when selecting the best artificial grass. 

Therefore, it is important to take a look at the following and choose the best artificial grass for you and your needs.

How to Choose Artificial Grass

Artificial grass prices can fluctuate as much as the pile height or color. This is because of the number of options you have.  However, before getting overwhelmed with these options, consider the reason you are buying artificial grass in the first place. That is the most important place to start and will play the most significant role in helping you make a decision that is right for you. 

Here are three things to consider before you buy artificial grass:

1. Purpose:

Natural grass has long been the standard, but this model is shifting as more people learn about the benefits of turf products. For example, grass lawns come with ongoing maintenance, from mowing to watering. Further, various climates are prone to lawn diseases whether because of humidity, rodents, or other scenarios. 

Maintaining good-looking and healthy real grass can be costly, whereas artificial grass prices end with installation. This reason alone is why many people make the move to synthetic turf. And if this is the reason for your interest, then you might be less limited in your choice. In this instance, you are going for appearance more than anything, and maybe hoping for the most realistic artificial grass you can find.  

On the other hand, you might be interested in buying artificial grass because you’re tired of cleaning up your dog’s run. Let’s face it, dogs can make a mess when it comes to the yard. This is especially the case if the grass lawn is muddy due to poor irrigation or heavy rains. 

If you are choosing artificial grass for a dog run, then you want something that is tough and can handle a great amount of animal foot traffic. This is the case if you have children who will be constantly on the move as well. If the backyard is also the playpen, then you want a synthetic turf that can handle the action.

However, if your kids want to use the backyard for batting practice.  Or maybe you have a vision of the perfect putting green.  Then, you want a sports turf that is ideal for your activities. Remember, the first step in how to choose artificial grass comes from knowing your purpose for installing it. The next step in choosing artificial grass gets a bit more detailed.

2. Style


Home putting green made of artificial grass.

Now that you understand the purpose your fake grass is going to serve, you can get into specifics about the style. And we aren’t just talking about the landscaping or the layout when it comes to style. There are many options you have pertaining to your synthetic turf.

Color is an example of a choice you have when buying artificial grass. From vibrancy to dark tones, you can select more than just a specific color. Another option comes in the form of the pile height. If you are putting in that putting green then a short pile height is what you are going for. 

However, if appearance is your main point of concern, then perhaps you want something a bit longer that is soft to the touch and provides a lush look and feel.

But you can even fine-tune your fake grass by choosing the blade thickness. Sure, a soft blade of grass might seem appropriate at first but think back to your purpose. If your fake grass is going to support the heavy traffic of your dog or the bounce of a baseball, it might be worth considering a tighter and more durable grass blade.

3. Drainage

While watering is not necessary, it’s important to realize that your grass lawn will be rained on (if outside, that is).  Due to this, drainage is a crucial consideration.  Additionally, like the other considerations mentioned, you have choices when it comes to drainage options.

Standing water is unattractive, but it can be handled easily enough with the best artificial grass for your yard. But proper drainage does not come down to the type of turf alone. In addition to the turf, a drainage rock base layer goes down before the artificial grass installation.  It is important that this rock base is installed to make sure your fake grass holds properly.  As well as prevent the growth of mold or bacteria in your fake grass.

Therefore, make sure you speak with a professional about your yard’s layout to ensure that your water drainage will be taken care of.  That way your artificial grass will look healthy regardless of the weather. If some landscaping needs to occur for proper drainage, it is best to know this before installing your fake grass.

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