What is the Best Artificial Grass for Lawns?

The home lawn can turn demanding during the different seasons with the different lawn care needed for each season.  In springtime, you have to make sure to get your pre-treatments down with fertilizers and grass seeds.  Then, in summer you have all the lawn mowing, watering, and still keeping the grass fertilized.  Then, in fall time you have to rake the leaves up to keep the grass from dying out and more grass seed treatments.  This upkeep has many homeowners looking at switching to a more low-maintenance synthetic lawn.  This might have you asking, what is the best artificial grass for lawns?  At NexGen Lawns, we bring you high-quality synthetic grass to give you the best.  Whether you want a small section remodeled or your full residential lawn, our team is here to give you a professional installation with our premier synthetic grass options.

What is the best artificial grass for lawns?

An artificial grass lawn brings you a beautiful surface with minimal maintenance.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Grass Gives You Options

We carry many options of artificial grass that bring a realistic touch to the lawn.  This is from the lustrous fibers and beautiful blend of green synthetic fibers.  The combination of green grass blade colors with the tan and green thatch truly gives a stunning surface for lawns.  We carry different color combinations to suit the grass color you are aiming for.  Whether you want a lawn that appears vibrant or has a darker shade of green, we can help you in selecting the best realistic-looking faux lawn.  Additionally, our premium artificial grass features an extremely durable backing.  The strong backing helps to prevent wrinkling and provides drainage.  You won’t have to mess around on a muddy lawn with artificial grass.  Thus, making it a great choice for the whole family and even dogs!  This even helps to keep your inside floors cleaner without the messy muddy shoes coming inside.

To give your lawn the best, our synthetic grass is non-toxic and lead-free.  Additionally, to help prevent your artificial yarn from fading the fibers have ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection.  Thus, this gives you, your family, your children, and your dog an artificial yard to enjoy for many future years.

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