Workout like the Pros with Synthetic Turf Gym Floors

Ever wonder how professional athletes stay in such great shape all year long? Then, get the same experience and workout like the pros with synthetic turf gym floors. To keep in top shape requires training even in the offseason to improve your body’s strength and agility.  That’s why an indoor training facility provides individuals a place to continue to improve their performance year-round.  Working out indoors provides a place out of the elements.  No rain, snow, wind, or even excessive heat to deal with when you have an indoor gym.  Selecting synthetic turf for your gym flooring allows individuals to work out while experiencing turf ground indoors.  Whether it’s for offseason training for sports or just working out with sled pushes or pulls, artificial turf provides an excellent surface.

Synthetic Turf Gym Floors Offer a Strong Ground

NexGen Lawns can help to improve your indoor training facility or personal home with our premium synthetic turf.  Synthetic turf gym floors provide the best durable surface for strength and agility training just like the pros.  Synthetic turf at an indoor gym or training facility not only gives individuals a realistic outdoor surface but helps to protect athletes’ and trainers’ joints with NexGen Lawns foam backing system.  Our foam backing system absorbs the shock impact that comes from cross-training and weight lifting to keep players safe.  Thus, making artificial turf a superior surface to bring into your training facility, gym, or even home gym flooring.

synthetic turf gym floors

Synthetic turf installed inside gyms gives the perfect surface for weighted sled pulls or sled pushes.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns artificial turf also provides indoor spaces with a clean and neat workout area with our non-infill synthetic turf options.  There will also be no messy rubber flecks or sand infill spread everywhere; therefore, leaving a nice maintenance-free training space to utilize.  Players can, therefore, train on artificial turf surfaces that are unbelievably realistic to prepare for next season’s games.  Or just the ability to work out and exercise indoors on quality fake turf flooring.

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Ready to make your indoor training space all your own?  We also offer customized artificial turf flooring with a wide variety of color options to choose from for businesses, team names, corporate logos, or sponsors.  Please give us a call today at 888-844-0672.  One of our artificial turf experts will be happy to provide your home or indoor sports training facility with popular synthetic turf floors just like the professionals.

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