Revamp Parks and Fields with Synthetic Turf for Sports

Many different sports have gained popularity throughout the years, and others have lost interest over time in some once-popular sports. Therefore, why not have a field that can host multiple sports with synthetic turf for sports.  A multi-use field allows for different types of sports that can be played throughout the year on synthetic grass.  Wisely investing in transforming your space that currently is underused increases their recreation revenue. The synthetic turf will allow new sports and activities to utilize the turf year-round with the fast draining.

The synthetic turf field will be able to accommodate sports like softball, field hockey, flag football, soccer, and lacrosse.  As well as many others!  This gives sports clubs, community fields, and schools all the opportunity to have the ability to offer different sports when they switch to synthetic turf.  Additionally, fake turf provides a surface that offers a place to host outside events as well.  Synthetic grass provides a ground that offers more than just hosting practices and games during the in-season time.  Instead, you’ll have a fake turf field that allows for multiple sports to play throughout the year including off-season.

Low Upkeep

Not only will your park and fields have the ability to host different sports, but also will have durable ground with less maintenance.  This will help to reduce your upkeep costs by installing the artificial turf.  Athletes and coaches can practice on the fake turf and not have to wait for mowing to finish.  No more waiting for sprinklers to finish and the fields to dry out either.  Or having to re-sod the fields and place down grass seeds and fertilizers.  All of these different upkeep items require the fields to close.  However, you don’t have to have those continual upkeep items.  Therefore, giving athletes and coaches more time to have the opportunity to train and scrimmage.

synthetic turf for sports

Play a variety of sports on artificial turf on your athletic fields.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Contact us for Synthetic Turf for Sports

Now that you know some great benefits of synthetic turf, it’s time to renovate your park and athletic fields!  So more individuals and sports groups will better utilize the park or school field for enjoyment. If your local municipality or athletic sports field is looking into increasing local revenue and breathing new life into your old worn-out sod field or underused parks, please give NexGen Lawns a call today!  We can assist you with an artificial turf field for the outdoors as well as an indoor field.  Check out our synthetic turf for sports available to purchase online.