Take Action to Increase Sporting Events with a Synthetic Turf Field

Scheduling and accommodating multiple sports and events is a difficult chore for any field scheduler to handle the unknowns that come with natural field surfaces.  Guessing the time sporting fields will dry out is never certain.  Many are beginning to understand the value a synthetic turf field provides and making the switch to an artificial turf field.  Field schedulers will be also able to schedule year-round for games and tournaments on synthetic turf fields.  Utilizing artificial turf fields, therefore, offer more field time. It allows multiple sports to play on the same field from baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey, and many more!

Double Playing Time with Synthetic Turf Field

Regular grass fields can leave you left with having to cancel numerous events because of wet field conditions.  However, by utilizing synthetic grass fields, the fields will quickly dry after the rain has stopped and stay mud-free.  Additionally, this helps to aid in keeping players safe without the concern of slick or messy muddy fields.  Once the playing fields have turned muddy, it can take days to weeks to dry back up depending on how much rainfall caused the mud.  Making the switch to artificial turf means you will be able to schedule more resulting in additional revenue.

The end of the season can instead turn into a time to host additional training and tournaments.  When you would usually have to stop hosting and scheduling activities at the end of the season due to the fields being browned away. However, artificial turf playing fields stay green all year to give you a sports field to use any season.  With the addition of outdoor lighting on outdoor playing fields, coaches and field schedulers can accommodate field time anytime.

synthetic turf fieldNexGen Lawns field turf artificial fibers contain strong turf bind technology to ensure long-lasting durability.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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At NexGen Lawns, we also offer a large selection of synthetic athletic turf fields that are highly versatile for both indoor and outdoor field applications.  Our sports fields also contain a specialized backing that allows for quick rainwater drainage for a mud-free artificial turf field.  NexGen Lawns’ realistic synthetic playing fields never have to be mowed or watered.  Thus, saving your sporting facility in field maintenance costs.  With the elimination of field trimming and watering, sports fields are available for more playing time.  For any questions or to discuss a customized order, contact the NexGen Lawns team today at 1-888-844-0672.