Buy Synthetic Grass for Sports Field

You can buy synthetic grass for sports field easily through NexGen Lawns.  Own a sporting complex?  Or maybe looking to add a sports field to your community park or school?  Then, we are here to help you!  Our outdoor artificial sporting turf offers realistic performance to fields outside.  We provide both the strength and durability needed for outdoor fields with our turf bind technology.  Our artificial turf is free of harmful lead and contains ultraviolet inhibitors to help protect the turf.  Therefore, UV protection helps the artificial turf from fading, drying, and cracking.

Synthetic grass for sporting fields brings a ground that comes with great versatility.  Now, instead of having to coordinate different sports on different fields, synthetic turf brings a multi-use field.  This means many sports can play on the same artificial ground and not have to have numerous fields for varying sports.  Additionally, artificial turf brings an athletic field that can be played on throughout the year.  This means more time for athletes to train and practice during both on and off-season.

buy synthetic grass for sports field

Buy Synthetic Grass for Sports Field

If you or your business is looking into artificial turf for your sports field, let NexGen Lawns help.  Artificial turf will help eliminate all of the unnecessary upkeep and costs that go into natural grass and will leave your sports field able to function for many kinds of sports from football, and soccer, or baseball.  The versatility of the artificial turf surface brings you an added benefit to offer more on a multi-use field.

Please give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next artificial turf transformation.  Reach our team at 888-844-0672 to request to buy synthetic turf.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your artificial grass or artificial turf needs.