Extend the Season with Synthetic Field Turf

The cooler winter months no longer have to mean the end of the athletic season.  Many athletic clubs and schools are choosing synthetic field turf to increase the use of their playing fields.  During the winter months, regular grass fields are no longer in good playable condition.  They’ve become hardened and browned leaving athletes without a good playable field outside.  However, synthetic field turf gives sporting clubs and school athletes the ability to continue the season or offer a winter season.  This means athletes can continue to work on their playing skills throughout the year.  Artificial fields stay green and usable all year long with durable turf.  Thus, this means your club can increase revenues through winter usage.  You can offer friendly competitive games, scrimmages, or tournaments all on your playing fields with synthetic turf.  Why stop playing sports when you don’t have to with the help of NexGen Lawns!

synthetic field turf

 The installation of synthetic field turf keeps a green sporting field all year.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Field Turf Requires Less Maintenance

Synthetic field turf not only gives athletes the opportunity to continue playing during the winter months but is less upkeep too.  Grass fields require much more maintenance than artificial fields.  The work includes:  mowing, prepping, watering, fertilizing, seeding, and even re-sodding all come with grass.  However, artificial grass is ready for practice and games without having to close the fields for all of that maintenance time.  With artificial turf, you can continue to play.  This even includes even after a rain shower when fields have to be closed for days to dry out.  Instead, NexGen Lawns artificial turf allows for games to be played shortly after the rain has stopped through the water permeability turf.  Therefore, this results in an extended playing season on an advanced turf surface.  As well as, helping to reduce field closures due to wet playing fields.

Give more time to your athletes by opting for synthetic turf for your sports playing fields.  Thinking of considering an artificial field for your school or sporting club?  Then, give one of our NexGen Lawns staff members a call at 1-888-844-0672.  Our knowledgeable team can help answer your questions and go over the benefits of switching to a fake playing field to extend your season.  We install both outdoor field turf and indoor turf applications from fields, batting cages, and gyms.  Plus, many more, so call today!