Soccer Field Turf Can Provide Big Economic Impacts

Soccer is a fun-filled sport for kids of all ages to play and adults too! More and more states throughout the nation are recognizing a large number of children playing soccer at different age brackets and adult leagues. Thus, many sporting complexes are making the switch to artificial turf soccer fields. For some sporting complexes and schools, the reduction of field upkeep is enough to change over to artificial turf fields.  Plus, the expenses of prepping the fields with mowing, watering, laying new sod, and fertilizing are no longer needed. However, artificial turf fields provide more than a low-maintenance field solution. Soccer field turf can provide big economic impacts.

Grow with Soccer Field Turf

Normally, soccer leagues play in the spring and fall time. However, with artificial grass soccer field turf in place, the worries of the grass fading and browning away are no longer an issue. Therefore, this means at the end of each season when playing fields are usually done for the year, the sporting center now has the opportunity to include the end of fall, winter, spring, or summer tournaments.  Additionally, this can bring massive economic impacts to the sporting complex and surrounding businesses. These new additional tournaments help the local economy through hotels, local restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues. Therefore, the increase in tourism helps to increase revenue for the town with synthetic grass fields hosting the tournament.

Not only do tournaments help you grow your soccer club or sporting facility, but artificial turf provides a surface for year-round usage.  Therefore, your athletes can play in summer and winter leagues.  Or have additional off-season training time to use the fake turf fields.

soccer field turfSynthetic grass soccer fields are fast-drying to prevent water-logged fields. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Play on the Soccer Field Turf Anytime

Synthetic soccer fields are available to play or practice on every day of the week. If the soccer fields have outdoor lighting, players and coaches can literally utilize the fields at any time of the day or night. Plus, synthetic grass fields are ready for playtime with no downtime to waste on waiting to re-grow or re-sod fields.  Additionally, this allows for fields to dry fast without having to cancel games or tournaments for wet-field conditions. Without restricted time-frames in place with an all-year surface your teams.  Or sporting complex can experience big benefits in economic impact and increased field time. Check out our available soccer field turf today! Have questions or are ready to learn more about NexGen Lawns synthetic grass soccer fields? Then, give us a call at 1-888-844-0672.