Feel the Softness with Padded Artificial Turf

Do you have a sports player or sporting complex looking for a sturdy cushioned base to practice or play on? NexGen Lawns carries multiple options of padded artificial turf to provide just that! Our padded artificial sporting turf, therefore, gives any indoor or outdoor sporting field or practice area from batting cages, baseball or softball fields, soccer, lacrosse, football, or field hockey a solid durable base.

Instead of a hard practice ground, feel the softness of padded artificial turf.  Hours of pounding on the hard ground or concrete for games or practice are hard on our bodies and joints. NexGen Lawns high quality padded synthetic turf is also built with a polyurethane foam backing. The foam backing provides extra cushion and is easier on the joints! You’ll love the softness of our turf fibers and the padded cushion under your feet. Keep yourself and other sports players safe by helping to reduce shock impact with cushioned padding that helps to absorb the impact.

feel softness padded artificial turfNexGen Lawns padded artificial grass can be used for the perfect cushion under sports players’ feet and reduce the impact. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Padded Artificial Turf is Low Maintenance & Doesn’t Require Infill

NexGen Lawns padded synthetic turf installation includes both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor or outdoor sporting complexes and batting cages, the turf doesn’t require any messy rubber or sand-infill products. What does a no-infill turf mean to you? Low maintenance costs! In addition, a cleaner indoor practice ground.  There will be no raking of infill to worry about or messy rubber fly-outs. Players will be truly able to concentrate on their performance without fly-out distractions. Plus, everyone will enjoy having a cushioned sporting surface that is always ready. Additionally, artificial turf gives players and coaches a year-round playing surface to provide more playing time. More time could equate to a multi-use surface for other sports to use as well and more time to host tournaments.

Check out our padded turf that is available for purchase to cushion your feet at your sports complex. Feel the softness of padded artificial turf, with our artificial turf made of highly durable fibers.  Additionally, the turf comes treated for UV protection to keep fibers from cracking or fading in the sun. Please contact our staff with any questions.  Or to schedule your very own installation of our soft padded synthetic turf at 1-888-844-0672. At NexGen Lawns, we also offer a wide variety of artificial turf to suit different needs and applications from sports fields, putting greens, dog runs, and more!