Looking for Artificial Turf for Sale?

Are you tired of trying to schedule different sporting events and practices without the proper field accommodating them all? If you are looking for artificial turf for sale that’s built to last and provide a multipurpose field for your players and events, NexGen Lawns’ synthetic turf field system is the solution. Artificial turf playing fields are multi-functional. This allows sporting complexes to host numerous sports on the turf fields without having to worry about sod maintenance. The continual costs of upkeep will reduce without also having to pay for watering, mowing, and relaying costly sod. Schools and sporting complexes will also now be able to utilize the turf fields more often through NexGen Lawn’s synthetic turf field system.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf system makes scheduling events and games easier by providing a multi-use field to host events and practice.

Think NexGen Lawns When Looking for Artificial Turf for Sale

NexGen Lawns turf field systems provide the most realistic looking and feeling turf available that enhances performance.  Our exceptional turf bind technology gives unmatched durability and strength with reinforced grass blade fibers.  These turf fibers also come built to last without cracking or fading in the sunlight with ultraviolet inhibitors.  Fields come mud-free and dry quickly with our advanced drainage system.  No more cancellations due to wet field conditions, saving not only reducing cancellations but rescheduling fees as well.  This is tremendously helpful during busy game schedules.  From soccer, football, baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, band practices, and other events the list goes on. One field can, therefore, do it all with NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf field system.Looking for Artificial Turf for Sale

NexGen Lawns can customize team names, business logos, and corporate sponsors into your premium artificial turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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We carry a variety of artificial turf to cater to either indoor and outdoor sports fields or batting cages.  You can shop artificial turf easily through our online store and have it shipped to your home or office.  Simply enter the length in foot measurements for your personal order you also would like to purchase and proceed through the checkout.  We have turf rolls available in 15-foot width and our NGL Grand Slam with 3mm foam pad comes in 12-foot rolls.  Contact NexGen Lawns for any questions you may have about our artificial turf for sale. Book a quote to have our turf professionals install a multi-use field for your sports field.