Luxury Home with Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Just like mansions of celebrities or famous athletes, you can have a luxury home with a synthetic grass tennis court.  Synthetic grass tennis courts provide tennis players to play with ease. So, their joints are also supported versus the hard impact that is caused by concrete or asphalt courts.  Synthetic grass tennis courts are similar to clay and natural grass surfaces that allow feet to slide slightly.  This, therefore, helps to stop foot-lock and reduce shock impact versus playing on hard court surfaces.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass tennis courts feature sand-filled courts that provide an all-weather surface without any rubber fly-out.  A great benefit in keeping your court more tidy.  Additionally, our artificial grass tennis courts also feature fast-drying turf. This quickly drains rainwater and provides year-round playing time to practice your backhand or overhead.  You can experience the amazing features of an all-weather synthetic grass tennis court with NexGen Lawns.

Luxury Home with Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

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Just like the pros, NexGen Lawns can also install the perfect artificial grass tennis court to your home or business to bring in added value and fun for everyone.  A personal synthetic grass tennis court at your home will help you to practice and improve your tennis skills.  Friends and family of all ages will also enjoy playing the game of tennis on the year-round playing field.  We, therefore, offer a variety of highly versatile turfs and color options to complete your backyard playing field.  You can view our artificial grass available to buy easily online.

To develop your outdoor entertainment venue, please call today to enjoy all the benefits synthetic turf can add to your home or commercial property!  Give the NexGen Lawns team a call to start playing tennis at your home or business at 888-844-0672.  We look forward to working one on one with you and your backyard or commercial property.