Can Artificial Grass be Installed on a Slope?

Can Artificial Grass be installed on a Slope in Nashville

If you have a hillside or sloped lawn, you might be wondering can artificial grass be installed on a slope.  The answer is yes!  Artificial grass is highly versatile, which means it can even go on slopes.  Sloped lawns can be tiring because of the amount of work it takes to try to maintain a sloped lawn.  There are varying maintenance items from trying to push a lawnmower up and down the hill, which is rather exhausting going back and forth on a slope. In addition, you have to try to fertilize and water the grass.  Watering the hill can be hard to achieve when the water runs down the bottom of the slope and pools.  Instead, the NexGen Lawns team can relieve you of those hard chores and leave you with a beautiful artificial grass lawn that looks realistic.

Artificial Grass Installed on a Slope Looks Stunning

artificial grass on a slope

Artificial grass provides a green lawn to enjoy all year long even on a slope. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns provided this homeowner with a gorgeous artificial grass lawn on their sloped lawn.  The artificial grass gives them a usable lawn that now is full!  With hills and slopes, you can struggle to have grass grow on the top, middle, and bottom of the hill.  However, artificial grass transforms your landscape into a full and lush lawn.  This recently renovated lawn looks amazing and really offers a beautiful setting outdoors for family gatherings.  Additionally, the rapid drainage through the quadruple hole punched backing helps to quickly dry the slope and leaves you with a mud-free fake grass lawn.

Wondering how to achieve the same look for your lawn?  The NGL Natural Premium was selected for this sloped home lawn.  The beautiful triple-color blend of the artificial grass provides a natural appearance, as well as a combination of thatch colors.  The engineered shaped blades provide durability and the turf comes with cool fiber technology to reduce the surface temperature.  Additionally, the look of fullness of the artificial grass comes from the higher pile height of 1.75 inches with the NGL Natural Premium.

artificial grass with a sloped lawn

NGL Natural Premium artificial grass provides a lush and lovely landscape. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Ready to Begin?

Our installers are here to make your lawn easier and beautiful with synthetic grass.  Therefore, you can save yourself from the hard installation work.  Select NexGen Lawns for a complete professional installation.  Without the proper installation, you could be left with an uneven sloped artificial grass lawn with lumps.  Instead, choosing a professional company that specializes in artificial grass will ensure your sloped lawn will be completed properly.

NexGen Lawns’ installers have the training and experience to deliver you a stunning synthetic grass installation. First, we calculate the measurements to prepare your home site for proper installation.  Prepping involves removing your current lawn to prepare it for the installation of artificial grass.  Without the necessary equipment, this is an exhausting thing to do as a do-it-yourself project.  Our installers install the fake grass and then finish with the infill.  We offer different infill items and can help you in selecting the best for your space.

Now, you can have the lawn of your dreams with artificial grass installed on a slope in the front or backyard.  Check out some of the NexGen Lawns artificial grass products today!  Therefore, you no longer have to feel like a balancing act anymore of trying to mow on a hill with a mower-free artificial lawn.  Give us a call to discuss your lawn at 888-844-0672.