NexGen Lawns Highly Durable Artificial Turf vs Grass

Many schools and sporting complexes are making the switch to artificial turf sporting fields. NexGen Lawns’ highly durable artificial turf vs grass fields offers robust benefits for players, coaches, and owners. Many different advantages come with NexGen Lawns’ highly durable artificial turf vs grass. Our artificial turf fields come in many different options to fit your specific sporting field needs. We offer both in-filled and non-in-filled turf products to be used for either outside fields or inside sporting complexes. Through our variety of color options for synthetic turf, we can help customize your field. We can even incorporate your school logo, name, or team sponsor. Below are some of the key benefits of synthetic turf.

artificial turfArtificial turf sporting fields provide a beautiful year-round field for varying events. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Key Benefits of Artificial Turf vs Grass

Multipurpose Field – Artificial turf sporting fields are also truly a multipurpose field. Turf fields can also be used for many events. These range from soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, football, softball, baseball, cheer practice, band practice, and many more events or school functions. Instead of the high costs of having to care for and maintain multiple fields, one field can achieve it all through synthetic turf.

Reduce Field Labor Costs – Sports fields also require continual care and upkeep, and even with constant care the field wears down. Grass fields become costly with trimming, watering, re-sodding, chemicals, and fertilizers. Artificial turf reduces field labor costs and provides sports players more time without having to schedule around field maintenance time.

Year-Round Usage – Unlike sod that browns and fades away, artificial turf fields stay green and are ready to play throughout the year. Therefore, providing schools and sporting complexes with year-round usage for games, practices, or tournaments.

Eliminate Wet Field Conditions – After the rain has passed, waiting for the field to dry for the next game or event can be time-consuming. The wet field conditions can also become a nightmare trying to reschedule and accommodate all the preplanned events. The advanced drainage system under the turf’s surface dries the turf quickly.  So, you won’t have to wait days like sod to dry.

NexGen Lawns highly durable artificial turf vs grass

Now that you know some of the key benefits of artificial turf vs. grass, we invite you to explore our wide selection of artificial field turfs available for purchase online. Want to learn more about synthetic turf or have any questions? Contact the NexGen Lawns team today at 1-888-844-0672 to hear more about a multipurpose sporting field.