Keep Grass Out of the Pool with an Artificial Turf Pool Deck

Home swimming pools are wonderful and relaxing additions to having a nice swim in the comfort of your home.  Or great places for a fun-filled gathering for birthday parties, social events, and cookouts.  However, who wants to have the annoying upkeep to deal with before a swim?  That’s why an artificial turf pool deck from NexGen Lawns is a great addition to have less landscaping upkeep.  Regular grass requires someone to take the time to cut and water the grass.  Then, the freshly cut grass clippings can blow into the pool or stick on feet.  This, in turn, means more work yet again for you to scoop out of the pool.

An artificial turf pool deck has zero time wasted in cutting the grass; therefore, no grass clippings either!  Plus, synthetic grass provides lush realistic-looking landscaping.  NexGen Lawns carries soft synthetic grass fibers – perfect for tender feet.  Unlike rough hard concrete surrounds or wooden decks that become slippery when wet.  Artificial turf dries quickly and has a softer surface to lounge on while enjoying your swimming pool.

artificial turf pool deck

Keep a beautiful pool deck all year with synthetic grass installed on your home pool deck.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Additional Benefits of an Artificial Turf Pool Deck

No Mud – The addition of artificial grass around the pool means no mud to contend with!  This is especially important with water splashing around the pool.  Instead of a mud-soaked lawn and mud-covered feet, artificial grass dries fast without the mess.

Beautiful Year-Round – An artificial turf pool deck provides you with a landscape that stays green.  In addition, fake grass stays green without having to apply dangerous fertilizer chemicals.  Instead, you can take a refreshing dip without the lawn maintenance.

Additional Padding – NexGen Lawns offers a padded underlayment, which delivers additional cushion beneath artificial grass.  This padding is especially helpful to keep the ground soft, unlike hard concrete decks.

No Brown Patches – With chlorine water splashing around, grass can quickly fade or die.  Plus, frequent feet walking, jumping, or running across the ground can cause worn patches to appear fast.  Synthetic turf pool decks provide a highly durable pool deck that can handle heavy traffic and keep green all year.

Grab your lounge chair or beach towel, and enjoy more swims without the grass hassles.  Find a NexGen Lawns representative near you today to experience a beautiful artificial turf pool deck!  Our highly experienced installers can create a backyard pool oasis with synthetic grass.  View our selection of fake grass for sale for your own artificial turf pool deck.