A New Artificial Turf Football Field Provides Year Round Play

A worn-down athletic sod field can turn rough and uneven to play on for young sports players.  This can lead to an unplayable sports field and hazardous playing conditions.  Instead, offer a new artificial turf football field to provide year-round play for kids.  Therefore, instead of having to play on an athletic field that is difficult to play on with rough patches, artificial turf changes that.  This is why many sporting fields and parks have started to revamp their playing fields for kids with fake turf.  This offers not only a great field but also a multi-sport field.  Kids can play more than one sport on artificial turf.  For example, they can play football, t-ball, soccer, and softball on the same field.  This also helps to reduce the need for numerous playing fields, which also helps to reduce the maintenance costs of these fields.

artificial turf football fieldAn Artificial Turf Football Field Provides Year-Round Play

Children will experience playing football with friends and family year-round by utilizing artificial turf fields.  Artificial turf doesn’t brown and fades away during the colder months like traditional grass fields.  Kids will always have a fun playing field to go to practice or play games with a fake turf field.  This provides more time throughout the entire year to play football scrimmages, games, and training on synthetic turf athletic fields.

Not only will the athletic field complex provide anytime play, but leaves fields mud-free.  The turf fibers with a durable backing system provide drainage to push rain out to leave dry playing fields for kids soon after the rain has ended.  This aids in reducing the number of field cancellations due to soaked playing fields.  With an artificial turf surface that dries fast, you can soon host games and practices again with the rapid drainage system.

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NexGen Lawns carries and installs multipurpose artificial turf to sporting fields, playgrounds, parks, dog runs, and homes.  With artificial turf applied as your sporting field, multiple sports now can play on just one athletic field!  If you are also ready to experience a year-round playing field that gives versatility to fields to provide game space for multiple sports from baseball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and more.  Please give NexGen Lawns a call today at 1-888-844-0672. One of our artificial grass and synthetic turf representatives will, therefore, be happy to assist you in the purchase of artificial turf for your athletic fields.