Swap the Dog Lawn to Artificial Turf Dogs

Do you own a dog business like a boarding facility or a training school?  Then, you know how quickly the dog lawn can wear under multiple visiting dogs.  Artificial turf for dogs gives pets the durable lawn they need.  Since many dog facilities experience highly trafficked lawns, regular grass breaks down fast with constant play and training.  The grass can become covered in ruts and brown spots.  However, NexGen Lawns can help your dog’s lawn stay green and not fade away through our strong synthetic fibers.  Our artificial grass does not brown or turn yellow from potty breaks.  Instead, you can showcase a quality lawn to visiting pups through NexGen Lawns’ fake turf.  Our fake turf for dogs can give your commercial dog business a cleaner dog lawn.

artificial turf dogs

Artificial turf offers dogs a strong ground surface for playtime without the mess!  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf Dogs Comes with Multiple Advantages

  • Yearlong Lawn – Dogs need exercise throughout the whole year, and not just during the summer.  Artificial grass gives dogs the ability to play outside all year on a green surface.  Therefore, they can play outside on a surface that hasn’t faded away to leave hardened spots.
  • Reduce Smells – A big benefit of having artificial turf comes with having a drainage system.  The rapid flow system quickly drains smelly dog urine to help reduce smells.  In addition, we even offer a pet deodorizer infill to help with potty break smells.  The infill is all-natural and helps control smelly odors.
  • Lower Lawn Costs – The use of an artificial dog lawn helps to lower lawn costs.  Your dog business will save greatly by ending lawn mowing, harmful fertilizer applications, re-sodding the lawn, and reducing water.  Thus, your commercial space can save yearly with reduced lawn maintenance costs of fake grass.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass provides dog lawns for more than just commercial environments.  Do you have one or many dogs at home?  Then, experience the many advantages of having artificial turf for dogs.  Our professional installers can assist you from large dog lawns to small dog runs at your home.  Additionally, our premium fake dog turfs provide excellent ground coverings for inside spaces too.  We can add pet turf to a training room or kennel to your business.  That way you can have a durable turf ground inside for your dog clients.  Call our team to learn more about getting started in swapping out your lawn for long-lasting and dog-friendly fake turf.