Add Artificial Turf Pet Relief Spaces

Do you have a pet?  Or a pet business?  Then, add artificial turf pet relief spaces for easy pet convenience!  Both your pet and pet customers will be happy to have easy access to a relief station.  A convenient relief station whether it’s just placed in the backyard or business will help relieve your pet.   Therefore, you and your pet won’t have to worry about where to go for a bathroom break.  Artificial grass provides truly easy access when placed in the backyard or at a dog boarding facility.  Thus, making things much easier for both you and your dog!  NexGen Lawns’ high-quality fake gives a nice green lawn instead of one with yellow and brown circles.  This is due to the artificial grass won’t discolor when exposed to dog urine.

artificial turf pet relief

Artificial turf offers a low upkeep ground that’s perfect for dogs!  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Add Artificial Turf Pet Relief Spaces

Artificial turf from NexGen Lawns provides your pet with an all-weather ground.  Therefore, even in the winter months, they can still have a green lawn to go outside and play.  This provides your dog with a fantastic place to have to exercise throughout the year.  As well as an easy pet relief area!  Our installers provide full remodels from the whole lawn to a designated area.  This includes gated areas and dog runs.

Additionally, our installers provide fake grass pet spaces at commercial spots too.  Therefore, your business can offer your clients a strong ground to run outside.  The artificial turf comes with quick drainage to reduce odors.  This is helpful in highly used areas.  Artificial grass is easily cleaned, which is great for dog use.  Rainwater or the water hose can quickly wash the artificial grass clean.  Additionally, fake grass means you’ll have a lawn that requires no mowing for easy upkeep.

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NexGen Lawns can also provide your commercial or residential property with its own pet relief area and/or play area for all your furry four-legged friends.  Synthetic turf provides the perfect clean and maintenance-free environment for both you and your pet.  Please give NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic turf pros a call today. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and your pet in your next artificial grass transformation.  Our office phone number is 888-844-0672.

You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Remember to ask for a free estimate.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your fake grass or artificial turf needs.