NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass in The Woodlands, Artificial Turf in The Woodlands, TX

Artificial Grass in The Woodlands

Artificial grass in The Woodlands can easily be purchased through NexGen Lawns.  We carry a wide range of different synthetic grass and artificial turf in The Woodlands for different environments.  Whether you are searching for something for your outdoor space, a backyard putting green, dog run, playground space, or batting cage – NexGen Lawns has your surface covered with our artificial grass in The Woodlands, Texas.  We service Montgomery County with our synthetic grass installation for both residential and commercial locations.  Our highly skilled and talented artificial grass The Woodlands installers provide professional installations for a beautiful result.  This includes both outdoor and indoor applications of artificial turf in The Woodlands, Texas.

NexGen Lawns carries premium artificial grass in The Woodlands, Texas.  This gives you a realistic surface that is made with top-quality products.  Our delustered artificial grass fibers provide a real-looking lawn that doesn’t have all the work that comes with grass.  Therefore, our team can help you in selecting the right product for your needs while you enjoy the minimal maintenance of fake grass.  Whether you are looking to add something to your home or business, call NexGen Lawns for your purchase of artificial grass and our installation of synthetic turf in The Woodlands, TX.

Artificial Grass The Woodlands Options

NexGen Lawns brings multiple artificial grass The Woodland options for residential and commercial locations.  Therefore, we encourage you to continue reading down below to learn more about our artificial grass in The Woodlands options available.

Residential Artificial Grass in The Woodlands

Residential Artificial Grass in The WoodlandsThe outdoor lawn work can be grueling in the summer heat.  The chores of keeping the grass trimmed, watered, edged, and placing down chemical treatments can leave you left with little free time.  Instead, reduce your outdoor lawn work with residential artificial grass in The Woodlands, TX.  NexGen Lawns can re-do your lawn with a waterless and mower-free lawn through artificial grass!  That way you can view a beautiful lawn and not have to spend your spare time outside mowing and watering.  Additionally, an artificial grass lawn can help to reduce your outdoor watering bill.  The top-quality of our artificial grass fibers provides a natural-appearing lawn that looks lush.  Therefore, you will have a realistic appearing yard that’s green without all the exhausting lawn chores by installing residential artificial grass in The Woodlands.

The versatility that comes with residential artificial grass in The Woodlands offers you the ability to add a stunning green surface across different areas.  Thus, if you want to add the softness of fake grass over your patio, deck, or rooftop – you can with our artificial turf installers in Texas.  These spaces oftentimes are dull or faded and faux grass brings color and a nice feeling to the ground.  Additionally, the quick drainage of artificial grass makes it a great choice for swimming pool surrounds.  You can enter your pool and not have grass clippings stuck to your feet.  Instead, treat your feet to the lush ground of synthetic grass and have a nice green faux lawn.  Whatever custom look you are wanting to achieve at your home, call the professional at NexGen Lawns for residential artificial grass in The Woodlands, Texas.

Pet Turf in The Woodlands

Pet Turf in The WoodlandsThe backyard can turn unsightly fast due to the high activity of dogs.  However, don’t be stuck with a ruined home lawn.  Instead, call NexGen Lawns for pet turf in The Woodlands, Texas.  We install artificial turf that is dog-friendly for lawns and dog runs.  Therefore, the family can enjoy going outside to play fetch with their dog on a green synthetic dog lawn.  You won’t have those ugly yellowed circles in the lawn from potty breaks either.  That’s because pet turf does not discolor when exposed to potty breaks. Additionally, the pet turf comes with quick drainage to help reduce odors.  The drainage also keeps the ground mud-free for a more usable lawn throughout the year.  Make the switch to a dog-friendly lawn that has less maintenance and looks great through pet turf in The Woodlands, TX.

We provide installation of pet turf in The Woodlands to not only residential locations but also to dog-focused businesses.  Our artificial turf installers provide a durable dog lawn to doggy daycares, manner schools, boarding centers, and more.  The highly used dog lawns or kennels at these dog businesses can break down fast.  Thus, pet turf in The Woodlands provides a durable lawn with excellent strength for even highly utilized areas.  Artificial grass comes with many benefits to businesses from the nice appearance year-round to the reduced maintenance costs.  This means your business can save on the outdoor maintenance costs of mowing, watering, and re-sodding the dog yard.  Our artificial grass installers provide not only outdoor doggy spaces, but we also install indoors for dog training rooms.  Give our team a call to purchase our durable pet turf in The Woodlands, TX.

Artificial Turf in The Woodlands for Playing Fields

Artificial Turf in The WoodlandsPlaying fields with regular grass can wear quickly with the repeated use they receive.  Thus, this can leave the fields worn down with bare spots to leave hard dirt patches.  However, changing to artificial turf in The Woodlands for playing fields provides schools, parks, or sporting facilities with a full field.  This gives coaches, athletes, and trainers a strong field to use throughout the year due to the strong fibers.  Additionally, artificial turf in The Woodlands for playing fields offers a consistent surface for games, scrimmages, and practice.  Unlike a grass field that can break down prematurely leaving athletes with an unusable field.  Artificial turf in The Woodlands for playing fields keeps green throughout the year to give your school or sporting club the ability to host additional games and tournaments.  Thus, go with a field you can use more with an artificial turf sporting field in The Woodlands.

The additional benefit of installing artificial turf in The Woodlands for playing fields is the multi-purpose surface it provides.  This allows your sporting facility or school to offer more than just one specific sport.  For example, on artificial turf, you can host sports from soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, football, and more!  Installing artificial turf fields can help reduce the number of fields needed when one artificial field can host a variety of sports.  Additionally, an astro turf styled artificial playing field can be used for even 24 hours a day with outside lights in place.  This gives you more time to use the fields at all times of the day.  In addition to outdoor fields, our installers provide indoor installation of artificial turf in The Woodlands for indoor fields, batting cages, and more.  To learn more about which artificial turf would suit your space the best, call our team.

Backyard Putting Green in The Woodlands

Backyard Putting Green in The WoodlandsThe installation of a backyard putting green in The Woodlands provides you with the ability to practice your swing and form all at your own home.  Being in the comfort of your own home can give you a relaxing feeling compared to being rushed to certain tee times.  Thus, this gives you the ability to decide when you want to golf on your own backyard putting green in The Woodlands, TX.  The NexGen Lawns team installed premium synthetic grass putting greens in the lawn, over patios, decks, rooftops, and even indoors!  We work with our clients to craft a custom putting green that suits their space.  A synthetic putting green means you can practice before your next game and not have to deal with any of the annoyances of watering, trimming, or treating your putting green.  For a beautiful backyard putting green in The Woodlands, contact our professional team.

Is your business looking to add a fantastic amenity?  Then, call NexGen Lawns for an artificial grass putting green in The Woodlands, TX.  We provide installation services to businesses, driving ranges, and courses looking to add artificial grass greens in Texas.  Regular grass requires constant care from treatment schedules, seeding, watering, and keeping the grass well-trimmed.  However, artificial grass putting greens help to reduce these maintenance costs.  Instead, you can offer your clients a well-manicured synthetic green that keeps green for all-year golfing.  The low maintenance is why many businesses have remodeled with synthetic grass.  Whether you want to add something new or need your current tee line or putting greens remodeled, our professionals are the ones to call.

Playground Turf in The Woodlands

Playground Turf in The WoodlandsA fantastic solution to playgrounds, parks, and other outdoor spaces is playground turf in The Woodlands, Texas.  The space around the playground can quickly wear down leaving the children with a hard ground.  This can be from a combination of things from high use and the shade of the equipment making it difficult for the grass to grow.  Additionally, the hard dirt ground can swiftly turn to mud after it rains.  However, playground turf in The Woodlands comes with rapid drainage to quickly drain rainwater.  This leaves you with a mud-free playground surface thanks to the drainage of artificial grass!  Now instead of waiting for days for the mud to dry, children can soon go outside after the rain has stopped to play.  Artificial playground turf means you no longer have to mow under or around the play equipment!  Instead, sit back and watch the children have fun without mowing.

Playground turf in The Woodlands comes with the option of adding a layer of foam padding to help protect children.  The extra cushioning helps to soften the ground and absorb shock.  The artificial turf with padding can go outside and can also be installed indoors with playrooms.  Additionally, we offer playground turf in different color options.  That way you can create a colorful ground whether it’s outside beneath the play equipment, in an open play space, or indoors in a classroom.  We also use a non-rubber infill to help keep your playground space tidier and also the children.  No messy rubber pieces flying around and getting stuck on clothing or in hair.  Other messy items like wood chips or pea gravel can get kicked around to leave the playground needed to be swept up.  To get started with your order, call NexGen Lawns for playground turf in The Woodlands, Texas.

You can reach NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial grass installers in The Woodlands for your commercial and residential needs.  Call today to start your purchase of our premium synthetic turf in The Woodlands, Texas.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.