NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Sugar Land, Artificial Turf in Sugar Land, TX

Artificial Grass Sugar Land

The artificial grass Sugar Land installers of NexGen Lawns are the professionals to call for your home and commercial business installation needs.  The minimal maintenance of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Sugar Land provides you both more free time and a stunning lawn.  Thus, this is through our premium quality fibers and professional installation skills to give you a realistic-looking faux lawn.  You can feel the high quality of our artificial grass and synthetic turf selections.  Our team provides artificial grass Sugar Land installation in the Fort Bend County region for both outdoor and indoor spaces.  For any artificial grass installation in Sugar Land, call NexGen Lawns for your professional installation service.

To meet a wide array of applications, NexGen Lawns brings you a large range of synthetic turf and artificial grass products in Sugar Land, TX.  We have helped residential locations, schools, athletic centers, commercial businesses, schools, doggy facilities, and more all by changing to artificial grass.  Whether you are thinking about installing artificial grass on your lawn, adding a backyard putting green, or creating a dog run, bocce ball court, or batting cage – NexGen Lawns can remodel your space with a range of artificial grass products.  For a professional-level installation of artificial grass in Sugar Land, call our highly knowledgeable and talented team.

Artificial Grass Sugar Land Options

NexGen Lawns offers many artificial grass Sugar Land options to cover numerous spaces.  We invite you to continue reading about our artificial grass Sugar Land options below.  Please reach out to us with any questions regarding installing synthetic grass or artificial turf in Sugar Land, Texas.

Residential Synthetic Grass Sugar Land

Residential Synthetic Grass Sugar LandThe tiresome yard work can leave you left exhausted and with little spare time.  Instead, lessen your yard work with residential synthetic grass in Sugar Land from NexGen Lawns.  You can rid yourself of lawn watering, lawn mowing, and placing down toxic fertilizer treatments.  Therefore, you can treat yourself to more time relaxing on the weekend!  Residential synthetic grass in Sugar Land is a waterless lawn solution, which means you can reduce your outdoor watering expenses.  The high quality of our artificial grass gives you a lawn that looks amazingly realistic.  Our delustered synthetic grass fibers provide a lush and natural appearance.  Therefore, you can see a full and green lawn without the work through synthetic grass for your Sugar Land residence.

Residential synthetic grass in Sugar Land gives you the ability to add a colorful look to different surfaces.  For example, you can add a pop of color to your dull patio or deck.  These hard surfaces can have a refreshing look to them that comes with adding the nice warm look of fake grass.  The modern look of residential synthetic grass in Sugar Land also transforms other areas from swim decks and rooftops.  Or maybe you want to weave synthetic grass between pavers for a tranquil garden path.  The NexGen Lawns professionals can help you achieve a custom look to your home.  Whether you want a full lawn transformation or have a specific location on the lawn, call our team for your purchase and installation of synthetic grass in Sugar Land, TX.

Artificial Grass Sugar Land for Dogs

Artificial Grass Sugar Land for DogsThe playfulness and high activity that comes from our loveable furbabies can leave the lawn a mess.  Dogs can quickly spoil a lawn from exercise and potty breaks to leave you left with a sparse or packed dirt lawn.  Instead, give your dog a durable lawn and yourself a green lawn with artificial dog grass in Sugar Land, TX.  That way you both can have a lawn together with the help of artificial grass.  No more hard compacted dirt where they have run along or splashed through the mud.  Our artificial turf in Sugar Land for dogs has rapid drainage which drains both rainwater and dog urine.  This helps not only keep your lawn mud-free but also helps to reduce odors.  Whether you are looking into installing artificial grass in Sugar Land for dogs for the lawn or just need something for your dog run, call NexGen Lawns.

We install artificial grass in Sugar Land for dogs not only in residential homes but also in dog-centered businesses.  Our professionals bring dog daycares, doggy spas, boarding facilities, and more to a long-lasting lawn through our durable pet turf.  These business spaces experience a high volume of dog traffic and need a durable surface to keep up.  Artificial grass in Sugar Land for dogs is built strong and is dog-friendly!  Not only will your business look tidy with green pet turf in place, but it also helps to reduce outdoor maintenance costs.  You won’t have to mow, fertilize, water, or re-sod your dog lawn.  Our installers work on outdoor spaces from dog runs and dog parks to indoor spaces like training rooms.  Therefore, call our team for your purchase of artificial grass in Sugar Land for dogs.

Artificial Turf Sugar Land for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf Sugar LandThe repeated use that athletic fields experience can cause grass fields to wear quickly.  This means the fields can turn into hard dirt spots where grass used to be and dead spots.  However, give your athletes a full field with artificial turf in Sugar Land for athletic fields.  The strong turf fibers provide an athletic field with a consistent surface for practices, tournaments, and games.  Additionally, artificial turf in Sugar Land for athletic fields provides coaches, sports trainers, and athletes with a green field all year.  Instead of dealing with regular grass that fades and browns away at the end of the year, artificial turf keeps green.  Thus, this means you can have more time to give your players to train and host extra tournaments.  NexGen Lawns can makeover your sports facility, school, park, and more with artificial turf in Sugar Land for athletic fields.

Artificial turf in Sugar Land for athletic fields offers a multi-use surface.  Thus, this allows your school or club to host a variety of sports on the same playing field or even outdoor events.  Different sports from soccer, baseball, field hockey, football, and lacrosse can all use an artificial turf field.  This gives you the opportunity to offer other sports to your athletes than just focus on one specific sport.  In addition, astro turf style fields help to reduce the need to have multiple playing fields.  The ability to play on artificial turf 24 hours a day with outside lights gives you a wide timeframe to schedule games.  NexGen Lawns installers provide more than just outdoor artificial turf fields in Sugar Land.  We install indoor training floors, fields, batting cages, and more.  Our team is here to assist you in selecting the best artificial turf to suit your needs.

Backyard Putting Green Sugar Land

Backyard Putting Green Sugar LandWork on your form and short game all at home with a backyard putting green in Sugar Land, Texas.  The installers at NexGen Lawns can give you a custom backyard putting green in Sugar Land.  Whether you want something with a bunker or multiple holes, our team is here to get you golfing at home on a premium surface.   Synthetic grass putting greens give you a beautiful green without any watering or mowing!  No tedious trimming to mess with. This means you can have more time to golf all in the comfort of your home on a green with a fantastic ball roll.  We install synthetic putting greens in lawns, over decks, patios, and more.  In addition to outdoor spaces, we also install indoor home putting greens in Sugar Land.  Let our team help you perfect your golf swing at home with a backyard putting green in Sugar Land, TX.

Is your club, course, or driving range looking to install synthetic grass in Sugar Land?  Then, call our professional team to remodel your current putting green or tee line or add new!  The low upkeep of synthetic grass is why many businesses have gone with artificial grass.  Since regular grass requires an intense watering schedule, fertilizer treatments, and trimming.  All of these can turn costly for your business, which is why having synthetic grass installed can help to reduce your upkeep costs.  Additionally, synthetic grass putting greens offer a surface your golfers can utilize year-round.  This allows your business to offer more tee time for your golfers.  Whether you want to add a new putting green to your business or want to re-do your current, call NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Sugar Land

Playground Turf Sugar LandThe ground around the backyard playground equipment can quickly turn into hard dirt or mud with regular grass.  This is due to the high activity around the play equipment and casted shade that leaves you with the difficulty of trying to get your grass to grow.  Instead, provide a nice and soft ground for the children to play on with playground turf in Sugar Land, Texas.  Artificial grass offers a highly durable ground that provides a full lawn all year round.  Children can play outside on a green lawn with artificial grass!  Therefore, you can sit back and watch the children play on a faux lawn and no more hard compacted dirt or messy mud puddles.  Additionally, this means the bonus of not having muddy shoes tracking back inside from the yard.  Playground turf in Sugar Land creates a stunning play space for home lawns and offers a mower-free solution!

NexGen Lawns remodels not only home lawns, but also childcare centers, schools, and parks with playground turf in Sugar Land.  These playgrounds and parks are used frequently and artificial grass provides the strength needed for heavily used areas.  Oftentimes with regular grass or wood chips in place, these items can get kicked around leaving the play space unkept.  Additionally, these items can get tracked back inside buildings.  However, playground turf in Sugar Land gives your facility a well-kept-looking space.  The drainage of our artificial turf quickly drains rainwater; therefore, children can play soon after on a mud-free playground.  We use a non-rubber infill, so no messy rubber flecks!  Most importantly, we offer extra padding to our playground turf in Sugar Land to help protect children on a cushioned surface.  The foam padding adds an additional layer of cushioning to help absorb shock.  Call our Texas team today to hear more.

You can reach NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial grass Sugar Land installers for your commercial and residential needs.  Call today to start your purchase of our premium synthetic turf in Sugar Land, Texas.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.