NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Seattle, Artificial Turf in Seattle, WA

Artificial Grass Seattle, WAYour premier company for artificial grass in Seattle, Washington is NexGen Lawns.  We provide amazingly beautiful landscapes to commercial locations and homes through our artificial turf in Seattle.  Whether you need a new look on the lawn or want to add something new – NexGen Lawns can assist you.  We offer fake grass landscaping, putting greens, dog turf, sporting fields, playground turf, and batting cages.  Therefore, for a professional touch, NexGen Lawns are the experts to call for artificial grass in Seattle, Washington.

We provide our clients with the highest quality of artificial turf in Seattle, WA.  Therefore, you can have a truly natural-looking surface with our top-notch synthetic turf.  Our synthetic grass comes highly advanced so that we can suit many environmental settings.  The skilled professional artificial turf Seattle installers at NexGen Lawns provide you with durable synthetic turf for multiple area surfaces.  For a proper and expert installation, call NexGen Lawns for indoor and outdoor artificial grass Seattle applications.

Artificial Grass Seattle Options

NexGen Lawns provides many artificial grass Seattle options to meet numerous environments.  Therefore, to give you a better understanding of what’s available and the benefits, some of our artificial grass Seattle options are listed below.

Residential Artificial Grass Seattle

Residential Artificial Grass in Seattle, WAWant more time away from working on the lawn?  Then, change your landscape with NexGen Lawns to a modern look with residential artificial grass in Seattle.  The minimal maintenance of residential artificial grass in Seattle is one of the greatest benefits to homeowners.  You don’t have to waste the weekends pushing a lawnmower, edging the lawn, watering, or applying toxic chemicals.  Instead, residential artificial grass in Seattle brings you a remodeled look with more time for you to relax or enjoy other things.  Our highly skilled staff can improve your entire lawn or a small area with artificial grass in Seattle.  Plus, fake grass is kid and dog-friendly!

The versatility of residential artificial grass in Seattle can change any lawn, patio, deck, balcony, or rooftop to a lush surface.  We can transform your concrete patio, screened-in porch, or wooden deck into an eloquent and vibrant area.  Our high-end synthetic products bring a nice softness to our fibers to feel soft under your feet.  Therefore, artificial grass in Seattle works beautifully around swimming pools.  Additionally, residential artificial grass in Seattle is mud-free.  The drainage system quickly drains water beneath the turf surface to leave the turf dry fast.  Also, you won’t have to have a soggy lawn full of mud for the kids or pets to play on.

Artificial Grass Seattle for Dogs

Artificial Grass for Dogs in Seattle, WADogs can run the ground bare fast to leave the lawn full of ruts and dirt.  Thus, leaving the dogs left with a muddy yard after it rains.  Artificial grass in Seattle for dogs transforms the lawn into a highly resilient mud-free lawn.  The fake grass yard will keep green even when exposed to bathroom breaks; therefore, leaving no brown or yellow patches.  NexGen Lawns installers can fully recover the whole lawn or a designated area.  The durable artificial turf offers dog paws a soft surface to exercise and play on versus a hard concrete or gravel dog run.  Let our artificial dog turf installers provide your dog with a strong green faux grass dog run or lawn.

Dog training schools, boarding facilities, pet daycares, and dog spas all can offer their clients a playful dog lawn with exceptional strength with fake turf.  NexGen Lawns provides dog businesses with a fake dog turf built to handle heavy dog traffic.  The artificial turf will help to reduce your business expenses in maintenance with no mowing or watering.  Additionally, our pet turf comes with advanced drainage to flush both rainwater and pet urine to the sub-base below.  Thus, this will also help to reduce smelly odors.  Whether you need a dog yard, kennel, run, or indoor training room, call our installers for an excellent artificial grass surface.

Synthetic Turf Seattle for Athletic Fields

Seattle, WA Synthetic Sports TurfThe installation of synthetic turf in Seattle for athletic fields provides athletic clubs, schools, and sports clubs all a multipurpose surface.  NexGen Lawns synthetic field turf provides you with a field that reduces the need to have to care for multiple playing fields.  Therefore, utilizing one synthetic turf field can cover numerous sports without having to have multiple fields.  One synthetic turf in Seattle for athletic fields can host sports like baseball, soccer, field hockey, football, and lacrosse.  In addition, you can host outside events and classes on the highly versatile astro turf styled artificial field as well.  We provide outdoor fields and indoor fields with artificial grass.  Our indoor artificial turf includes installations of batting cages, training fields, and more.

Synthetic turf in Seattle for athletic fields provides you with a consistent field for your sports players.  The strong turf keeps green to provide a field to play on even in the off-season.  Thus, you can offer more sports, games, and practices on artificial turf.  The playing field will also help save you in field care with no trimming, treatments, or watering.  Plus, this means you won’t have the field closed for the demanding maintenance.  Instead, you can offer more and have more time for athletes to utilize the synthetic field.  For indoor or outdoor synthetic turf in Seattle for athletic fields makes sure to call NexGen Lawns.

Backyard Putting Green Seattle

High-Quality Backyard Putting Green Turf SeattleThe popular and fun game of golf can be played right at your own home with a backyard putting green in Seattle.  Why not have some fun in your backyard?  The NexGen Lawns installers specialize in creating personalized backyard putting greens in Seattle.  Whether you are an amateur or novice golfer, you can improve your skills by practicing and playing at home.  Our synthetic grass comes with complete ease without any time constrictions when you can play.  Thus, no driving or waiting till the season starts again, a home green allows you to putt when you want.  Give yourself the treat to golf at home and even add value to your home through NexGen Lawns’ backyard putting green in Seattle.

NexGen Lawns also works on commercial locations with our superb synthetic grass in Seattle.  We can help your business with the remodel and installation of putting greens, tee lines, golf courses, and mats.  Our professional synthetic grass installers provide your business with a new low-maintenance surface.  Therefore, unlike the sod putting green which requires constant upkeep with trimming and wasteful watering, synthetic grass provides you with less work.  This means you will see huge reductions in your watering and maintenance costs through our beautiful synthetic greens. Plus, artificial grass offers a golfing surface that stays green for your clients to golf more.

Playground Turf Seattle

Playground Turf in Seattle, WADoes your back lawn need a better surface to help keep the playground tidier?  Then, let NexGen Lawns help you with our kid-friendly playground turf in Seattle.  We change the messy lawn into a soft and clean surface through artificial grass.  Unlike the grass, dirt, and mud that ends up all over kids.  These messy items then just get tracked right back in on your floors.  Instead change the lawn or designated kid space to an easier solution through fake turf.  Plus, you won’t have the dreaded job of trying to edge and mow around the swing set.  Call NexGen Lawns for your playground turf in Seattle, Washington.

Schools, child care centers, and parks can all give kids a cushioned ground covering through playground turf in Seattle.  We offer an additional foam pad layer beneath the turf to help protect kids as they play outside.  Playground turf in Seattle comes with a rapid drainage system to give children a dry surface soon after the rain ends.  This means kids can quickly go back outside to play on a mud-free ground.  Plus, our soft fake grass surface can go inside playrooms and classrooms.  Our colorful artificial grass comes in bright colors to transform the space into a fun and welcoming surface.  For a new school ground or playground area, call NexGen Lawns for playground turf in Seattle, WA.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

NexGen Lawns is Seattle’s leading artificial grass provider, offering high-end products, installation, and design. You won’t get from Pike Place Market to Kerry Park to Fremont without encountering our work. Our footprint’s on golf greens, playgrounds, and more.

Here are some of the advantages of artificial grass in Seattle.

  • Artificial turf in Seattle is attractive all year.
  • There’s almost no maintenance.
  • It won’t be victimized by environments that create brown grass or muddied soil.
  • Eliminate concerns of Seattle’s unexpected and frequent rainfalls and overwatering potentially influencing mold or fungi.
  • You won’t have to worry about an infestation.
  • There’ll be no expense for exterminators, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • No concerns about uneven patches, lack of growth in darker areas, etc.
  • After installing fake grass in Seattle, you create an eco-friendly system, since they use no water.
  • No more issues with dying grass because you set up an above-ground pool or trampoline.
  • Dries quickly even after heavy rain.
  • Its durability creates a safe surface. You’ll have safe children and pet grass in Seattle play areas.
  • If your surfaces are ever damaged, you can easily replace and repair sections.
  • You can buy heat-resistant grass, minimizing sun damage.

While it can wear over time, fake grass in Seattle significantly outlasts real grass. High-quality artificial grass can last up to 25 years. While factors like traffic can impact its lifespan, there’s no substitution for artificial turf that won’t require any of the work you’ll need to put into natural grass.

For the purchase of exceptional quality artificial grass in Seattle, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for professional artificial turf installers in Seattle, Washington.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.