NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Scottsdale, Artificial Turf in Scottsdale, AZ

Artificial Grass ScottsdaleGive your home, commercial business, school, or park the high-end artificial grass in Scottsdale, Arizona at NexGen Lawns.  We offer fine-quality in our artificial turf in Scottsdale available for purchase.  Plus, we fully install artificial grass in Scottsdale to leave you with an amazing appearing surface that looks realistic.  This is due to NexGen Lawns’ premium level of quality of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We install across many applications; thus, some include: dog runs, batting cages, sporting fields, parks, playgrounds, home putting greens, and lawns.  Make sure you contact the professional team in Arizona for your purchase of artificial grass in Scottsdale, Arizona.

NexGen Lawns provides you with the best artificial turf in Scottsdale and surrounding locations in Arizona.  Therefore, you will experience a fully professional installation and beautiful fake grass ground for years to come.  Our highly skilled fake grass installers bring exceptional talent and knowledge.  We work in outside spaces and even indoor installations.  Whether you need an indoor putting green, sporting turf, batting cage, or dog kennel – NexGen Lawns can assist your property.  Call to learn about remodeling with artificial grass in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Artificial Grass Scottsdale Options

To help you further with your purchase of artificial turf in Scottsdale, we have listed our artificial grass Scottsdale options.  Therefore, reading below can help you learn more about some of our portfolio selections.

Home Artificial Grass Scottsdale

Home Artificial Grass ScottsdaleAre you tired of seeing brown or grey outside?  Then, NexGen Lawns can brighten up the landscape with home artificial grass in Scottsdale.  Rocks, concrete, and spotty grass-filled lawns can transform into a beautiful lush faux yard.  Plus, home artificial grass in Scottsdale means you won’t have all the work that comes along with normal grass.  No watering, mowing, trimming, or hazardous lawn chemicals to place down!  Home artificial grass in Scottsdale offers you a green piece without the lawn nuisances.  Therefore, you can view a quality lawn that is long-lasting through NexGen Lawns’ home artificial grass in Scottsdale.  You’ll have more time to spend on other items than the landscaping now.

Home artificial grass in Scottsdale offers many options to add nice touch outdoors.  Our installers work on full lawn remodels to small sections outside.  Therefore, we can redo your patio, deck, or even walkways with artificial grass in Scottsdale.  The fake grass brings softness to the ground instead of having a hard concrete or wooden decking beneath your feet.  Artificial grass offers many areas a mud-free space from the pool deck to the dog run.  Now, you won’t have those pesky grass clippings getting back inside the house or even the pool.  Contact us to start your home artificial grass in Scottsdale, Arizona makeover outside your home or even business.

Artificial Turf Scottsdale for Dogs

Artificial Turf Scottsdale for DogsDogs can have massive amounts of energy and need a space to play.  Therefore, offer your pet a comfortable surface with artificial turf in Scottsdale for dogs.  NexGen Lawns brings your dog the highest quality of fake grass for home use.  Thus, your dog or even dogs will have a durable fake grass to play on that’s soft.  Unlike the use of gravel or concrete which is hurtful to sensitive dog paws.  Our artificial turf in Scottsdale for dogs provides a green lawn that won’t turn yellow or brown from your dogs’ bathroom breaks.  Therefore, experience a green lawn with your dog by using artificial turf in Scottsdale for dogs.  We can install a full lawn of artificial pet turf or just a dog run, call today.

Artificial turf in Scottsdale for dogs not only offers pet owners homes a great lawn but also commercial businesses.  We have worked with a variety of dog businesses to obtain a resilient pet lawn, kennels, and dog runs.  Therefore, we can assist you too in experiencing the difference that comes with artificial turf.  You will have a low-maintenance turf area that reduces your outdoor care expenses.  Plus, when your clients come they will see a truly high-quality artificial turf lawn that is cleaner.  Dog urine drains quickly beneath to not only reduce smelly odors but keeps mud-free.  This helps both the dog lawn and the dogs stay cleaner while playing or training.  Let our staff help you with your pet daycare, dog spa, or training yard with artificial turf in Scottsdale for dogs.

Synthetic Grass Scottsdale for Playing Fields

Synthetic Grass ScottsdaleThe work and expense of outdoor grass playing fields come with high demands to keep them available for use.  However, synthetic grass in Scottsdale for playing fields can greatly reduce these demands.  Since grass fields have to be mowed, prepped, and watered this closes the fields.  Thus, the closures mean leaving players without a field to use during maintenance times.  Instead, synthetic grass in Scottsdale for playing fields offers players more usage on the fields.  Athletes and coaches can train, play additional games, and host more practices on fake turf.  Additionally, field owners will experience savings through the reduced maintenance costs of synthetic turf in Scottsdale.

NexGen Lawns’ portfolio of synthetic grass in Scottsdale for playing fields comes with indoor options too.  Our installers provide your school, park, or gym with a high-performing indoor playing field.  The durable synthetic turf from NexGen Lawns will give you a strong astro turf style indoor field.  Additionally, we offer indoor batting cage turf, synthetic grass training floors, and more.  The synthetic grass whether indoors or outside means you’ll have a multipurpose surface.  Therefore, you can host more than one type of sport on the artificial turf.  Sports like football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, field hockey, and others can play on the same artificial turf playing field.  For assistance in selecting the right artificial grass Scottsdale sporting turf, call NexGen Lawns.

Home Putting Green Scottsdale

Home Putting Green ScottsdaleWish you could practice your golf swing more?  Why not bring the game directly to your house?  Thus, NexGen Lawns can give you a home putting green in Scottsdale to play on your own time.  This means you can go out of your own backdoor to swing the clubs.  No specific hours or drive times to deal with.  Instead, a home putting green in Scottsdale gives you more time to perfect your game without the high maintenance.  Synthetic grass comes with no wasteful grass watering or trimming.  Additionally, not only do our installers provide putting greens on the lawn, but they can add them inside or even over the patio.  Call today to experience your own personal high-end synthetic putting green in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Own a commercial business or golf course?  Then, NexGen Lawns can change your course, tee line, or putting greens to our high-quality line of synthetic grass.  An artificial green adds a great amenity to any business.  Plus, selecting artificial grass means no grass mowing to payout.  Instead, synthetic grass helps to lower your maintenance costs without the mowing or constant grass watering.  Our installers can add a new putting space or remodel your current greens to synthetic grass.  Additionally, we work on the installation of inside putting greens too.  To discuss changing your business amenities, call NexGen Lawns for our superior line of artificial grass in Scottsdale.

Playground Turf Scottsdale

Playground Turf ScottsdaleAre you needing a home playground surface?  Then, NexGen Lawns offers children a fantastic surface with our artificial playground turf in Scottsdale.  We can add green artificial turf to the backyard to give kids a clean ground to play on.  Or you can have the uniqueness of one of our colored turfs in the yard.  Playground turf in Scottsdale changes the yard from a dirty ground with lots of upkeep to an easier lawn.  This is due to mower-free fake grass that doesn’t have to be edged or fertilized.  Additionally, the artificial turf keeps a soft surface without all the dirt or rocks getting brought inside on shoes.  This means less dirt to clean up in the house through our cleaner artificial play grass in Scottsdale.

Multiple spaces from the school play yard, parks, and child learning centers can all achieve a tidier area.  After playground turf in Scottsdale is installed, children can play on a mud-free surface outdoors.  Our artificial grass dries fast after a rain shower to leave no muddy puddles.  Thus, this keeps not only the kids cleaner but the playground too.  Playground turf in Scottsdale doesn’t have the annoyances of rubber or wood mulch to pick up either.  Most importantly, NexGen Lawns provides an additional cushion beneath the fake grass.  This adds a soft base to help protect kids as they play.  Not only can we add outside playgrounds, but we install inside for playrooms and classrooms.

Call the NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Scottsdale Installers for the purchase and installation of premium artificial turf in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.