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Artificial Grass San Bernardino

Remodel your outdoor landscaping with a new look through the highly versatile artificial grass in San Bernardino, California.  The professionals at NexGen Lawns remodel home landscaping, parks, businesses, playgrounds, and sporting facilities all with our high-quality artificial turf in San Bernardino, CA.  Whether you are looking to remodel an indoor space or outdoor area, our team can transform your area with our soft-feeling yet highly durable artificial grass in San Bernardino.  The amazing craftsmanship of our synthetic grass provides you with a long-lasting surface that looks natural due to the low sheen of our fibers.  Therefore, purchase your artificial grass in San Bernardino from NexGen Lawns for a beautiful appearing surface.

The highly talented installers at NexGen Lawns come with expert knowledge and skills to ensure you a truly professional installation of artificial turf in San Bernardino, CA.  We install synthetic turf and artificial grass throughout the San Bernardino region.  This includes commercial and residential locations looking to add artificial grass.  Whether you would like to add synthetic grass for your playground area, dog run, athletic field, home lawn, putting green, or commercial location –NexGen Lawns is here for you.  Call our team for both large areas to smaller applications of artificial grass in San Bernardino, California.

Artificial Grass San Bernardino Options

There are different artificial grass San Bernardino options to select from at NexGen Lawns.  Thus, to best assist you in learning more about the different artificial grass San Bernardino options, we have some of these listed below.

Home Artificial Grass San Bernardino

Home Artificial Grass San BernardinoChange your landscaping with home artificial grass in San Bernardino, California.  Therefore, you can have a beautiful landscape that has minimal maintenance and a custom look.  NexGen Lawns installs home artificial grass in San Bernardino across varying surfaces and sizes.  Thus, if you need a small area remodeled or the entire lawn transformed with synthetic grass, NexGen Lawns is your company. Our installers even work across non-grass surfaces from decks, rooftops, and patios.  That way you can experience a green space even if you don’t have a lawn.  Additionally, our home artificial grass in San Bernardino feels amazing and provides a splash of green to these areas.  Many have already incorporated creative pieces of synthetic grass around their homes; therefore, if you’re ready to start yours call our team.

Home artificial grass in San Bernardino provides you with a faux lawn with little upkeep.  You no longer have to push the noisy lawnmower, waste your water on the lawn, or place down hazardous lawn fertilizers.  Instead, enjoy the nice look of a well-maintained lawn without the actual duties of regular grass.  Additionally, a waterless synthetic grass lawn means you could even reduce your outdoor watering bill.  This also helps to save our water without wasting water on the grass.  Home artificial grass in San Bernardino offers you the ability to have a full lawn even underneath mature trees or under shady areas in the yard.  This means your lawn will keep full year-round.  In addition, the fast drainage of the artificial grass helps to keep your lawn mud-free.  This makes it great for helping to keep dog paws and shoes clean.

Artificial Grass San Bernardino for Pets

Artificial Grass San Bernardino for PetsAre you tired of the dog coming inside your home with muddy paws?  Then, change to the fast-draining artificial grass in San Bernardino for pets from NexGen Lawns.  Our artificial turf for dogs drains rainwater and dog urine fast to leave you left with a mud-free surface.  This not only helps to keep your dogs, home, and lawn cleaner but also helps to reduce smelly odors on the lawn.  Our installers work across varying sizes from small dog runs to entire lawn transformations with pet turf.  Therefore, our team can add artificial grass for pets in San Bernardino no matter the size of your space.  You’ll also experience the great perk of not having to mow or water with pet turf.  Instead, you’ll have more time to spend playing fetch with your pet.  Artificial grass for pets comes strong for dogs and still feels soft to the touch.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass in San Bernardino for pets is dog-friendly and durable for even multiple dogs.  Many dog-focused businesses have remodeled their dog yards, kennels, and indoor training rooms with artificial turf.  Our team members can do the same for your business; therefore, you can have a strong dog lawn and help to reduce your maintenance.  Artificial grass in San Bernardino for pets can help save your business in the expenditures of mowing, watering, re-sodding, and placing down lawn chemicals.  Instead, dog clients can come all year and play on a quality surface that will even stay green year-round.  Our artificial grass won’t discolor when exposed to dog urine.  Therefore, your business can have a nice appearing fake grass lawn.  Whether you need artificial turf installation for your dog daycare, training school, or business – call the professionals at NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Turf San Bernardino for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf San BernardinoRenovate your school, park, or sports club with artificial turf in San Bernardino for sports fields.  The installation of artificial turf transforms playing fields into a multipurpose surface.  Therefore, you can offer more sports and events on artificial turf in San Bernardino for sports fields.  This will give your athletes more selections of sports to choose from.  For example, different sports from soccer, field hockey, baseball, lacrosse, cheer, and football all can use the same artificial turf field.  Artificial turf also means you can reduce the number of fields when one turf field can host multiple sports.  Therefore, artificial turf San Bernardino for sports fields provides a multi-use field that your players can use throughout the year.  NexGen Lawns is here to help you in the selection of our synthetic turf.

Artificial turf San Bernardino for sports fields gives your school or sports club a surface your sports players and coaches can play on more often.  This is due to the multiple benefits of artificial turf.  Instead of having to close your fields for mowing and watering, artificial turf fields will be open for use.  This will help to provide more time on the fields and help to save your club in field upkeep.  Additionally, with outside lights in place, your field could be used for 24 hours.  This is why many have made the decision to install astro turf style artificial turf in San Bernardino.  Another reason many have installed fake turf is due to the rapid drainage.  Thus, you can have fewer cancellations due to wet field conditions with artificial turf.  Our team installs artificial turf for sports fields both outside and indoor facilities – call to learn more.

Backyard Putting Green San Bernardino

Backyard Putting Green San BernardinoCritique your swing and work on your golf game right in your own lawn with a backyard putting green in San Bernardino.  NexGen Lawns offers premium synthetic grass with high quality; therefore, you will experience an excellent ball roll.  Our synthetic grass offers you a putting green that plays amazingly with little maintenance.  That means you’ll have more time to play without having to trim or water your green.  Additionally, synthetic grass provides a green for all-year golfing.  Our installers craft backyard putting green San Bernardino to your style and space.

Even if you don’t have room on your lawn, our team can add an artificial green to your patio, inside your home, or over your deck.  A backyard putting green in San Bernardino adds value to your home and is a great amenity for a variety of ages.  Thus, you can have a great family activity with a backyard putting green in San Bernardino, CA.

Businesses, driving ranges, and golf clubs all can lessen their maintenance with synthetic grass.  Our installers can help you revamp your current putting greens or add new ones.  Once you have synthetic grass in place, you can experience a surface that is waterless to help save on your water usage.  Additionally, the task of keeping the green fertilized and trimmed ends too.  This is why synthetic grass has become a popular choice for many businesses to add.  Artificial putting greens are a great addition to your business that offers a green surface to golf on throughout the year.  Thus, this means more time for your clients to golf with an artificial surface than regular grass that fades away at the end of the season.  Call NexGen Lawns to learn more about our synthetic grass options for golf.

Playground Turf San Bernardino

Playground Turf San BernardinoGive the children or grandchildren a place to play with a nice durable surface from the installation of playground turf in San Bernardino.  The ground around and underneath playground equipment can wear fast leaving children left to play on a hard surface.  The hard dirt surface oftentimes turns messy and especially after it rains.  Thus, the children are left with a muddy playground area.  However, the rapid drainage of playground turf in San Bernardino quickly drains rainwater to provide a mud-free surface.  This is helpful in letting the children still get to play soon after the rain has stopped and in helping to keep the space tidy.  Playground turf San Bernardino can be placed in a specific play zone in the lawn to the entire lawn.  Either way, you no longer have to deal with trying to grow grass and mow around the play equipment when you have artificial grass.

NexGen Lawns installs playground turf in San Bernardino to also schools, parks, childcare centers, and more.  These areas experience highly used playground settings and having durable ground is a must.  Therefore, select from our options of playground turf in San Bernardino for a durable ground surface.  We carry artificial grass with additional padding to help protect children as they play.  The extra layer of foam padding helps to cushion the ground and absorb shock.  Additionally, you can add different colors of fake turf with our color selections.  Our installers work in both outdoor play settings as well as indoor classrooms and playrooms.  We utilize a non-rubber infill which helps to keep your playground tidier without the messy rubber flecks.  In comparison to other items like wood chips or pebbles, artificial turf helps to keep the playground cleaner.  Call our staff to install our beautiful playground turf in San Bernardino, CA.

Purchase high-quality artificial grass in San Bernardino from NexGen Lawns for both residential and commercial locations.  Call NexGen Lawns for our professionals for artificial turf San Bernardino installation at 888-844-0672.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.