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Artificial Grass Riverside

Purchase beautiful artificial grass in Riverside from NexGen Lawns for your home landscaping, sporting needs, playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens, and commercial settings.  We offer remarkable-looking artificial grass in Riverside due to our high-quality fibers.  Therefore, this means your lawn will look realistic and is long-lasting due to the durability of our artificial turf installation in Riverside, CA.  Our artificial grass Riverside installers service the Inland Empire metropolitan area.  This includes indoor and outdoor applications at both residential and commercial locations.  Thus, NexGen Lawns is your premier artificial turf Riverside installer to call for all your needs.

The talented NexGen Lawns installers come highly knowledgeable and skilled to ensure you are left with a professional installation.  Our team works across a variety of surfaces from outside on the patio, to across your rooftop, to even around your swimming pool.  We can add outdoor and indoor batting cages to training fields for your athletes.  Whether you have a large project to a small area, call NexGen Lawns for artificial grass installation in Riverside, California.

Artificial Grass Riverside Options

NexGen Lawns brings you many different artificial grass in Riverside options to choose from.  Therefore, to assist you in understanding more about artificial turf, some of our artificial grass Riverside options are listed down below.

Residential Artificial Grass Riverside

Residential Artificial Grass RiversideAn easy-to-maintain yard is what you’ll achieve with the installation of residential artificial grass in Riverside, California.  Therefore, you can have more time to yourself to have fun with other things or just relax more!  Residential artificial grass in Riverside has become a popular choice due to not having to mow or even water your lawn.  Since you’ll have a waterless lawn, you can even save on your outdoor water bill when you pick artificial grass in Riverside.  In addition, you’ll be helping to save our planet’s water!  No noisy gas-powered lawnmowers to deal with or having to store them with a full faux lawn.  Additionally, you no longer have to place down hazardous grass fertilizers.  These chemicals can run off and pollute our streams and rivers.  Instead, go green and have NexGen Lawns provide you with a residential artificial grass installation in Riverside, CA!

Residential artificial grass in Riverside gives you the versatility to create unique landscaping.  Our professionals can add the beautiful look and feel of synthetic grass to different areas on the lawn, around driveways, and around swimming pools.  Additionally, residential artificial grass in Riverside can even go across different surfaces.  This can give you the option of adding the fresh look of fake grass to your patio, rooftop, balcony, or deck.  The nice green surface of fake grass can refresh these dull spaces that are lacking color.  Additionally, artificial grass can give your Riverside home a lawn for the whole family.  Our synthetic grass is dog and kid-friendly making it a great surface for everyone in the family.  The fast drainage of our artificial grass in Riverside means the family can play outside and not track back mud into the house.

Artificial Turf Riverside for Dogs

Artificial Turf Riverside for DogsHome lawns can experience chaos on their lawns from their beloved dogs.  This can end up leaving both you and your dog left with a disaster of a yard.  However, artificial turf in Riverside for dogs provides dogs with the strong surface they need.  This is due to the high durability of our artificial turf for dogs.  Instead of seeing a lawn worn down and full of mud, artificial turf keeps your lawn mud-free.  This helps to keep your floors inside your home cleaner and the outside lawn cleaner too.  The quick drainage of the artificial turf also drains potty breaks, which can help reduce odors in the lawn.  Additionally, artificial turf for dogs feels soft making it nice for sensitive paws.  Especially when compared to hard gravel–filled dog runs, these spaces can be rough on paws.  Instead, go with artificial turf for dogs in Riverside for a dog-friendly lawn!

Do you want to reduce your outdoor maintenance costs at your dog business?  Then, select artificial turf in Riverside for dogs from NexGen Lawns.  Artificial turf offers you a mower-free lawn and waterless surface to help save you money.  You no longer have to schedule your lawn mowing or worry about the outside dog area being too muddy.  Artificial turf in Riverside for dogs comes equipped with a drainage system.  Additionally, artificial turf in Riverside for dogs looks amazing and offers a nice bright lawn for your dog visitors to play on all year.  Our team can help your dog business transform both your outdoor dog yard and indoor training rooms with fake turf.  Therefore, if you are looking to change your dog spas, manner school, boarding center, or park – we are the professionals to call for artificial turf for dogs in Riverside, CA.

Synthetic Turf Riverside for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf RiversideThe installation of synthetic turf in Riverside for athletic fields transforms your one playing field into a multiple sports field.  Thus, this means instead of focusing on one sport for your school or sporting club, you can offer many to your athletes.  Some sports that can utilize synthetic turf in Riverside for athletic fields include soccer, field hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, cheer, and more.  The ability to offer more sports is a great benefit to not only your school or club but also to your athletes in the community.  Additionally, your sports club can reduce the number of sporting fields needed with a multi-purpose artificial field.  One synthetic turf playing field can host numerous sports.  Many parks, schools, and training centers have made the choice to repurpose their fields.

Installing synthetic turf Riverside for athletic fields offers your athletes, trainers, and coaches a surface they can utilize more often.  This means more available field time to train and scrimmage with a fake turf field that keeps green all year.  In addition, astro turf style synthetic turf can help to save your club in the expenses of caring for the field from the watering, fertilizing, and mowing the playing fields.  Therefore, less time the fields will be closed due to field maintenance means more time to play on synthetic turf fields.  Our installers provide a range of installations from outdoor practice fields and batting cages to indoor training grounds.  We offer a range of synthetic turf in different color options as well as additional padding to help protect joints.  Therefore, for the purchase of synthetic turf Riverside for athletic fields call the NexGen Lawns team.

Backyard Putting Green Riverside

Backyard Putting Green RiversideGet more time to practice right at the comfort of your own residence with a backyard putting green in Riverside, California.  Our experts install custom synthetic grass putting green for both your style and space.  Therefore, you can experience the luxury of working on your game with your own backyard putting green in Riverside.  No more feeling rushed to get to the nearest course, instead grab your irons and putters and play at home!  Our synthetic grass provides an amazing ball roll due to our high-quality fibers.  Additionally, you won’t have any of the tasks of regular grass to keep up with from trimming and watering the green.  Even if you don’t have a lawn, our installers can give you a synthetic grass putting green on your patio, rooftop, deck, or even inside your home.  Give our team a call for the addition of a backyard putting green in Riverside.

Do you own a club, business, or driving range and need a revamp to your current space?  Then, our artificial grass installers can re-do your current greens with a new look with synthetic grass.  Many businesses have made the change to synthetic grass due to the low upkeep.  Regular grass requires numerous maintenance hours from trimming, fertilizing, seeding, and especially watering.  Thus, switching to synthetic grass can help to save your business on these upkeep expenses.  We remodel and install new synthetic grass putting greens in Riverside, California.  Our durable synthetic grass provides your customers with a surface they can use all year.  Thus, this can give your business more time to be open with a year-round green surface of synthetic grass.

Playground Turf Riverside

Playground Turf RiversideThe home lawn where the trampoline, swing set, or other play equipment resides can quickly wear.  Regular grass can break down leaving the children left with hard dirt ground and sparse grass.  Instead, place all your playground equipment directly on the durable surface of playground turf in Riverside, CA.  Our playground turf in Riverside gives you a home lawn that is strong and will give you a nice full lawn for the children to play on.  Thus, this will give the children or grandchildren a nice soft surface and you an easier landscape.  No more trying to mow and edge around the base of the swing set or other equipment.  Or dealing with mud after it rains due to the quick drainage of playground turf in Riverside.  Our installers can place playground turf in Riverside in a certain spot of the yard to the entire yard.

A strong surface is needed at school playgrounds or park settings, and NexGen Lawns is your premier install to call.  We have remodeled daycares, parks, and school playgrounds with our high-quality playground turf in Riverside.  You can choose between different color options of artificial turf for something unique.  Additionally, we offer playground turf in Riverside with additional padding to help protect children as they play.  The extra foam layer of padding helps to absorb shock to cushion the ground.  Our playground turf in Riverside can go outside at schoolyards or inside classrooms.  For outdoor settings, the playground turf helps to keep your space tidier due to our non-rubber infill.  Therefore, you won’t have children covered in rubber specks.  Compared to wood chips or pebbles that scatter everywhere, playground turf in Riverside gives your play space a cleaner look.

Call NexGen Lawns for the purchase of artificial turf in Riverside, California at 888-844-0672.  Our artificial grass Riverside installers service both residential and commercial locations with a broad range of synthetic turf products. Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.