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Purchase high-quality artificial grass in Prosper, Texas, and surrounding locations easily through NexGen Lawns.  We offer different types of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Prosper to suit a variety of spaces.  This includes residential homes, schools, parks, and commercial locations.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns has your surface space covered with our selection of artificial grass in Prosper, TX.  Whether you are in the market for something outside for your lawn, dog run, batting cage, playground, or putting green – our professional team of installers is here to assist you in remodeling your space.  Or if you need an installation of synthetic grass inside your home or business, our crew can help you with an indoor putting green, indoor sports turf, playroom, and more.

NexGen Lawns brings you premium artificial grass in Prosper to provide homes and businesses with a realistic-looking lawn.  The beautiful appearance of artificial grass in Prosper comes from our low sheen and delustered synthetic fibers.  Therefore, you can view an amazing lawn and not have all the maintenance that would come along with it.  Whether you are in need of a full lawn remodel, looking to incorporate something into your business, or just have a small space to makeover – Call NexGen Lawns for your purchase and installation of artificial grass in Prosper, Texas.

Artificial Grass Prosper Options

NexGen Lawns offers numerous artificial grass in Prosper options intended for different locations.  Thus, to learn more about our residential and commercial artificial grass Prosper options and the many benefits, please continue to read below.

Home Artificial Grass Prosper

Home Artificial Grass ProsperThe home lawn can turn into an all-year job with all the mowing, watering, fertilizing, and re-seeding needed to keep the grass full.  Working out in the yard in the summer heat can just be exhausting and hot!  However, home artificial grass in Prosper provides you with a full lawn that keeps a beautiful shade of green all year without all the maintenance.  Thus, this is why many homeowners are choosing to switch to home artificial grass in Prosper, Texas.  Instead of pushing the lawnmower, just sit back and view a realistic-appearing artificial grass lawn.  In addition, you can even save on your outdoor watering bill with the installation of waterless home artificial grass Prosper.  The stunning quality of our artificial lawn provides you with a home lawn that looks lush and full.  This means you can have a full lawn and not the work that comes along with it.

The flexibility to install home artificial grass in Prosper across different types of environments, allows you to get truly creative with your outdoor space.  For example, you can brighten your patio, deck, or balcony up with a colorful design of synthetic grass across the top.  Oftentimes these areas lack color and can appear dull.  In addition, walking across patios and rooftops are hard surfaces of concrete.  Additionally, the fast drainage of artificial turf helps to quickly dry spaces to leave you with a mud-free lawn.  This makes fake grass great for areas around the swimming pool which can quickly become drenched with water.  Instead, treat your feet and your eyes to the nice appearance and feeling of synthetic grass.  Our installers can help you achieve a lovely outdoor space with home artificial grass in Prosper, Texas.

Synthetic Grass Prosper for Dogs

Synthetic Grass Prosper for DogsThe high activity that comes with dogs can leave your backyard a mess with worn spots and patches.  However, give you and your dog a full durable lawn with synthetic grass in Prosper for dogs.  NexGen Lawns can revamp your current home lawn into a dog-friendly surface with synthetic grass.  That way the family can go outside and play fetch with the family dog on a nice green synthetic grass lawn.  No more ugly yellow potty circles plaguing your lawn because synthetic grass does not discolor when exposed to dog urine.  Additionally, synthetic grass Prosper for dogs comes with fast drainage which helps to reduce smelly odors.  The drainage also keeps the lawn mud-free for your dog to enjoy a lawn without the messy mud puddles.  To learn more about synthetic grass for dogs in Posper for your home, call the professional team at NexGen Lawns.

We install synthetic grass Prosper for dogs for home lawns, dog runs, and businesses.  With a synthetic grass dog lawn in place, dog-centered businesses can have a strong dog lawn for their doggy clients to enjoy.  Highly used places like manner schools, training centers, and doggy daycares need pet turf with excellent strength to keep up with the amount of use they experience.  Thus, synthetic grass for dogs provides a ground with high durability for highly frequented areas with minimal maintenance.  This means your business can reduce outdoor expenses of re-sodding, mowing, fertilizer treatments, and watering.   Additionally, synthetic grass offers the nice appearance of a green dog lawn all year to attract potential doggy customers.  Contact NexGen Lawns for the purchase and installation of fake grass for dogs in Prosper for a durable dog lawn.

Artificial Turf Prosper for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf ProsperAthletic fields equipped with regular grass can swiftly wear with the repetitive use they endure.  Thus, this can leave the playing fields with hard compacted dirt and bare spots.  Instead, change to artificial turf Prosper for athletic fields for a full field.  This gives schools, athletic complexes, and parks the ability to host games, scrimmages, and practices throughout the year on a full field without the worn bare spots.  Thus, artificial turf Prosper for athletic fields gives your coaches and players more opportunities to train throughout the year.  Artificial turf athletic fields offer a consistent surface for training, unlike regular grass which can break down prematurely leaving you left with an unusable field for the season.  This is one of the reasons why many sporting clubs have selected artificial turf Prosper for athletic fields for their sports players to have more time to use a full field all year.

Another great benefit of selecting to install artificial turf Prosper for athletic fields is the multi-use surface it offers.  This means your school or athletic facility can offer more to your athletes than just one designated sport.  For example, artificial turf playing fields allow you to host soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, football, and more.  Choosing to install artificial turf Prosper for athletic fields can help to reduce the need for numerous playing fields when one astro turf style field can host multiple sports.  Additionally, if you have outside lights in place you could even use your artificial turf field for 24 hours!  This allows you to schedule more time to use the athletic fields at all times throughout the day.  In addition to outdoor athletic fields, NexGen Lawns also installs indoor playing fields, batting cages, artificial turf flooring, and more in Prosper, Texas.

Backyard Putting Green Prosper

Backyard Putting Green ProsperStart gearing up for your next friendly match or competition at home with a backyard putting green in Prosper, Texas!  The installation of a backyard putting green in Prosper gives you the ability to play when you want and for how long you want.  No more time limits on how long you can play or having to race to the nearest course.  Instead, perfect your swing and work on your short game right in the comfort of your own backyard.   Synthetic putting greens provide a high-end golfing surface with great ball roll.  The professional team at NexGen Lawns installs synthetic grass for putting greens across a variety of spaces and customizes it to each location.  Thus, we can add a golf green to the lawn, over your deck, balcony, patio, or even inside your home!  Now, you know to call NexGen Lawns for a stunning backyard putting green in Prosper.

NexGen Lawns provides synthetic grass putting greens to not only residential locations but also commercial businesses.  We install artificial grass putting greens to courses, driving ranges, and businesses looking to add an amazing amenity for their customers.   Artificial turf putting greens offer a beautiful golfing surface without all the necessary upkeep.  Thus, your business can save on the outdoor expenses of keeping the golf green watered, fertilized, and trimmed.  This means artificial grass putting greens can help reduce these maintenance costs.  Your customers can experience a well-trimmed putting green all year that keeps green with synthetic grass.  Whether you need a new artificial grass putting green installed in Prosper, or you would like your current ones remodeled – give the professionals at NexGen Lawns a call.

Playground Turf Prosper

Playground Turf ProsperGive the family a full lawn for activities outside with playground turf in Prosper, TX.  A backyard with playground equipment can make it highly difficult to have a full lawn.  The high use that playgrounds experience can leave the ground worn out.  Additionally, the shade cast down from the equipment, trees, or home can make growing grass hard.  However, playground turf in Prosper brings the family a full fake grass lawn that’s made of high quality.  Artificial grass comes with rapid drainage to quickly drain rainwater to leave your playground space mud-free.  No more muddy shoes running back inside to leave tracks on the floors!  This quick drainage means children don’t have to wait days for the yard to dry out, instead, they can soon go outside to play when it stops raining.  Playground turf Prosper also means you won’t have the chore of trying to mow underneath the playground.

Playground turf in Prosper not only helps home lawns to enjoy a mud-free play area, but also schools, parks, and childcare centers.  We also offer artificial turf in multiple colors to offer children a colorful playground.  Whether your school or daycare is looking for an outdoor playground or an indoor playroom, NexGen Lawns is here to assist you with our exceptional fake grass.  Playground turf in Prosper comes with the option of an additional layer of foam padding to help soften the ground.  This extra cushioning helps to protect children as they play through absorbing shock.  We also utilize a non-rubber infill to help keep the ground nice and tidy.  No rubber flecks flying out that you have to sweep up.  Playgrounds filled with wood chips can also quickly get messy and get stuck in hair and clothing.  Instead, select NexGen Lawns for the installation of playground turf in Prosper.

Reach out to NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial grass installers in Prosper.  For your commercial and residential needs, call today to start your purchase of our premium artificial turf in Prosper, Texas.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.