NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Prescott, Artificial Turf in Prescott, Arizona

Artificial Grass Prescott The best artificial grass in Prescott, Arizona comes through the professional team at NexGen Lawns.  We offer many modern landscaping options through quality artificial turf in Prescott.  Therefore, we can makeover your home across numerous surfaces from the yard, courtyard, swimming deck, patio, and deck.  Not only does our urban fake grass installation cover residential properties, but we install artificial grass in Prescott at commercial locations too.  This includes a range of different businesses, schools, and park settings.  Thus, our installations cover putting greens, playgrounds, playing fields, dog lawns, and parks.

The expertise our artificial grass Prescott installers bring will leave your property left with a professional touch.  Therefore, you can view long-lasting synthetic grass with a truly natural-looking appearance.  Our installers come equipped with the knowledge and talent to ensure your installation will be completed with an excellent skill level.  Additionally, our artificial grass Prescott installers not only work on outside projects but install indoors as well.  We can add indoor playrooms, putting greens, sporting turfs, batting cages, and more.  Therefore, to experience the best quality and service call NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in Prescott, Arizona.

Artificial Grass Prescott Options

To cover numerous settings, NexGen Lawns supplies you with an array of artificial grass Prescott options.  Therefore, we can assist your business, home, school, and park with our artificial grass Prescott options.  Please see below to read about a few of our artificial turf selections in Arizona.

Artificial Grass Prescott for Lawns

Artificial Grass Prescott for LawnsNexGen Lawns provides top-of-the-line products to homes with artificial grass in Prescott for lawns.  The outside landscaping can require large amounts of your free time to keep the grass trimmed and green.  However, artificial grass in Prescott for lawns provides you with an easier lawn that adds a great-looking appeal.  Fake grass means you do not have to drag out the lawn equipment to mow or edge.  Instead, the artificial grass in Prescott looks neatly trimmed year-round.  Additionally, you can save on your outside water consumption with a waterless artificial grass in Prescott for lawns.  This means you’ll have a lowered water bill and more time back.  Another benefit of synthetic grass is ending the hazardous yard fertilizers.

NexGen Lawns offers the nice look of artificial grass to more than just lawns.  Since many homes come with varying outdoor spaces, we have you covered with our highly versatile fake grass.  That means even if you don’t have a yard, you can have a fake grassy area.  Therefore, we can give you an alternative to the boring concrete or even wooden decks.  Our installers can add the faux grass touch to patios, rooftops, decks, and courtyards.  Now, you can have a new outdoor design that looks great and offers a new feeling.  NexGen Lawns brings high-end fake grasses that you can feel the softness in our fibers.  Contact us to begin your installation of artificial grass in Prescott for lawns.

Artificial Turf Prescott for Dogs

Artificial Turf Prescott for DogsDo you need space for your dog outside?  Or maybe you’re just done with seeing unsightly spots throughout the yard.  NexGen Lawns has a terrific pet surface with our artificial turf in Prescott for dogs.  The fake turf remodels your dog run or lawn with a green ground perfect for dogs.  We offer you and your dog a high level of quality through our artificial turf in Prescott for dogs.  Therefore, our fake grass will keep your outdoor space staying green without those yellow circles from bathroom breaks.  Our durable dog turf does not discolor and offers a ground for sensitive paws.  Thus, allow NexGen Lawns to change your outdoor area with artificial turf in Prescott for dogs.

The extremely strong surface of NexGen Lawns artificial turf in Prescott for dogs offers commercial dog businesses a solution for multiple pets.  Thus, artificial turf can remodel your dog business and dog parks.  The difference between utilizing artificial turf means your outside lawn will have rapid drainage.  Therefore, both the pet urine and the rain will quickly drain to leave a drier ground for the dogs.  This also helps to reduce the urine odors with the quick draining turf.  We have assisted pet spas, boarding facilities, and dog daycares to change their ground to heavy-duty artificial turf in Prescott for dogs.  Thus, for artificial turf in Prescott for dogs, make sure you contact NexGen Lawns in Arizona.

Synthetic Turf Prescott for Playing Fields

Synthetic Turf PrescottOffer much more to your sporting fields and lessen your expenses with NexGen Lawns.  We provide clients with a large portfolio of synthetic turf in Prescott for playing fields.  Therefore, our staff can help your park, school, or club pick a fake turf to help reduce your field care costs.  Your groundskeeper will not have to treat, water, or trim the fields.  This means you will have savings through these reductions and the fields can be open more.  Synthetic turf in Prescott for playing fields can give your players time on the fields that they wouldn’t have received with field upkeep closures.  Thus, athletes can utilize the fields more to practice and train on an all-weather turf field.

The synthetic turf in Prescott for playing fields from NexGen Lawns offers a durable playing surface for fields outside and indoors.  Our installers can add inside fake turf surfaces for sporting fields, training floors, and batting cages.  Plus, offering an astro turf style gym floor or indoor field provides a place for individuals and teams to exercise and train anytime.  We have many colors of artificial turf in Prescott to give your facility a look of its’ own.  Additionally, we even offer custom synthetic turf with logos and school names.  One of the differences between having synthetic turf in Prescott for playing fields is the ability to host a variety of sports.  Now, you can have soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, and field hockey able to use the same fake turf field.

Backyard Putting Green Prescott

Backyard Putting Green PrescottMany homeowners have added a backyard putting green in Prescott, Arizona.  This is due to the instant ability to golf without having to drive somewhere.  Now, you can golf at your own home whenever you decide through NexGen Lawns’ high-end artificial grass in Prescott.  The addition of a synthetic putting green lets you putt without the nuisances of grass maintenance.  You will have a green to golf on and not have to mow it!  Plus, a backyard putting green in Prescott adds value to your home.  Our installers can install a green in the lawn, over the deck, or patio.  Or even inside your home!  Call to learn more about adding a backyard putting green in Prescott to your home.

The backyard is not the only putting greens NexGen Lawns installs.  If you have a course, park, or business – our installers can remodel your grounds with synthetic grass.  Thus, we work on golf courses, putting areas, and tee lines.  Synthetic grass comes with minimal maintenance and gives your customers a place to golf all year.  Therefore, you can reduce your maintenance and save money with a waterless turf.  NexGen Lawns gives you the best golf ball roll with our superior synthetic fibers.  Start experiencing a low maintenance ground at your business, call NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in Prescott, Arizona.

Playground Turf Prescott

Playground Turf PrescottThe home lawn where the children play can change over to a dirt zone quickly.  This is due to the wear that regular grass experiences that create bare spots and mud.  Additionally, the shade from the play equipment can make growing grass quite difficult to achieve.  Instead, give everyone a full yard again with playground turf in Prescott.  Artificial grass provides everyone at home with a soft-looking and feeling ground.  This is especially nice for the kids to have lush playground turf in Prescott beneath the swing set.  Plus, artificial grass means you won’t have to try to trim the grass around the playground anymore.

NexGen Lawns provides an additional layer beneath our artificial turf to help protect children as they play.  The foam pad gives a cushioned ground covering, unlike hard dirt.  Our installers provide playground turf in Prescott to not only homes but daycares and schools too.  The artificial turf gives schools and parks an easy-to-care-for ground that offers students a green space.  No dirty shoes tracking inside with the mud-free artificial grass.  Or messy wood or rubber chips to rake back and pick off of clothing.  Plus, not only do we install outdoors, but also inside classrooms and homes for a colorful playroom.  Call our skilled crew to assist you with a kid-friendly ground with playground turf in Prescott, AZ.

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