NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Phoenix, Artificial Turf in Phoenix, AZ

Examples Of Our Artificial Grass Services in PhoenixNexGen Lawns can equip your home, school, or commercial property with the finest artificial grass in Phoenix, Arizona.  We offer the purchase and full installation of artificial turf in Phoenix.  Therefore, our installers will leave your property with an exceptional-looking surface through our premium quality of synthetic grass.  We cover a large range of applications to suit your needs.  For example, we install lawns, patio grass, putting greens, sporting turfs, playgrounds, and dog lawns.  Thus, call the premier artificial grass Phoenix company, NexGen Lawns to discuss remodeling your property with synthetic turf.

NexGen Lawns covers Phoenix and surrounding areas with the best artificial grass in Arizona. Therefore, you will have a beautiful fake grass space that will last for years. Our installers bring exceptional knowledge of artificial grass in Phoenix with a professional skill level. In addition to outdoor applications, NexGen Lawns installs synthetic grass in Phoenix for indoor spaces as well. We provide indoor sporting grounds, playrooms, putting greens, and dog kennels. Plus, when you purchase from NexGen Lawns you’ll have a stunningly realistic artificial grass Phoenix surface.

 Artificial Grass Options in Phoenix, AZ

To best assist you with your artificial grass Phoenix options, NexGen Lawns has some of our portfolio listed below.  Thus, this can help you in learning more about the large selection of artificial grass Phoenix options.

Residential Turf Installation

Residential Artificial Grass PhoenixAre you ready to have some color back on your lawn? Then, NexGen Lawns provides beautiful green residential artificial grass in Phoenix. Why have a rocky residential turf Phoenix or a browned grass lawn? Instead, change the landscape to a faux grass lawn; so, you won’t have to work to keep it green, unlike the chores that come with regular grass including high demands of watering, mowing, and applying hazardous yard chemicals. Residential artificial grass in Phoenix lets you have a green space with an easier yard without the maintenance. Thus, through our high-end fiber technology, you can have a long-lasting fake grass Phoenix yard. Now you don’t have to worry about keeping the grass growing.

The use of residential artificial grass in Phoenix can remodel more than just the lawn.  We install fake grass in multiple spaces to provide a stunningly soft surface.  Thus, our staff can swap out the hard feeling of concrete or wood beneath your feet for synthetic grass instead.  You can experience the welcoming lushness of artificial grass in Phoenix across patios, swim decks, and balconies.  Plus, placing artificial grass down around the swimming pool means no grass clippings or muddy feet jumping back into the pool.  Or you having those dirty shoes coming inside your house through the mud-free surface of artificial grass in Phoenix.  Contact our NexGen Lawns staff to discuss changing your home lawn or commercial landscape to synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass in Phoenix for DogsHave a dog at home?  Then, offer your dog a new comfortable dog space through NexGen Lawns fake grass in Phoenix for dogs.  Dogs come with lots of playfulness and need an area to play outdoors.  However, with normal grass, this activity can destroy the lawn and leave you stuck with a torn-up yard.  Fake grass in Phoenix for dogs instead comes with a highly durable turf just for the dog.  Your pet can play outside on a green fake grass lawn and you won’t be left with any unsightly yellowed spots on our quality turf. We provide full lawn turf installations in Phoenix to designated dog runs with fake grass. Plus, synthetic pet grass offers a softer ground compared to gravel or concrete dog runs.

NexGen Lawns works not only with residential homes but with commercial dog businesses too.  We have transformed doggy spas, daycares, and boarding centers into a highly resilient lawn surface.  Dog guests will be greeted with a welcoming fake grass Phoenix lawn all year.  Therefore, fake grass helps to keep the outside of your business looking cleaner.  Plus, you’ll reduce expenses by not having to mow, water, or treat the lawn.  Fake grass in Phoenix for dogs even helps to reduce smelly odors in the lawn through our advanced system beneath the turf for drainage.  Thus, pet urine will drain below the turf and not leave discolored spots on the artificial turf.  To change your dog business or home, call for fake grass in Phoenix for dogs.

Artificial Turf Installation for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf in Phoenix for Sports FieldsOutdoor sporting fields come with high demand to keep them well prepared and maintained for use.  This maintenance time closes the fields, which leaves players with less field availability.  However, artificial turf in Phoenix for sports fields offers you a highly usable field through fewer field closures.  This means you get to offer more time on artificial turf in Phoenix for sports fields for your athletes.  More time for them to practice, train, and even play more games.  Plus, you will be saving greatly in the large reductions of care compared to utilizing grass fields.  You’ll eliminate the need to pay for field trimming and fertilizers.

The installers at NexGen Lawns change more than outdoor sporting fields.  We provide artificial turf in Phoenix for indoor installations too.  We provide high-performing athletic fields, turf training floors, and batting cages.  Plus, artificial turf means you’ll have a multipurpose sports field inside or outside.  Therefore, sports like baseball, soccer, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, and football can all play on synthetic turf.  This will help you offer a variety of sports at your school or sports club.  Additionally, this will help lower your need for numerous athletic fields when you have the versatility of synthetic turf.  Give more field time to multiple sports with an astro turf style field in Phoenix.  Call for artificial turf in Phoenix for sports fields.

Backyard Putting Green Phoenix

Artificial Grass in Phoenix for Backyard Putting Green Why wait to access a putting green?  Instead, play anytime you want with a backyard putting green in Phoenix.  NexGen Lawns lets you play golf whenever you would like right at home.  We offer truly top-notch synthetic grass putting greens.  Therefore, you can maintain or improve your game by having more time to practice your skills.  A backyard putting green in Phoenix doesn’t bring tedious maintenance duties like grass.  No wasteful watering or precise trimming to keep up with when you select artificial grass.  Plus, a synthetic grass putting green in Phoenix will even contribute to added value to your home.  Let our installers give you a quality backyard putting green in Phoenix.

NexGen Lawns installs artificial turf for commercial putting greens, tee lines, and courses.  Our low-maintenance synthetic grass means your business will save money by reducing upkeep costs.  This means you’ll have lower watering bills and mowing costs.  Additionally, synthetic grass keeps a green surface for golfing, unlike grass that can dry and brown away quickly.  We can help you remodel your current putting greens or add a new area.  Plus, we work not only on outside greens, but the indoor installation of synthetic grass putting greens too.  Artificial grass changes your golf business to a year-round golfing surface with less upkeep.  Therefore, call today to discuss your property.

Playground Turf in Phoenix

Artificial Grass in Phoenix for PlaygroundsAchieve a cleaner playground surface for the kids to play on with playground turf in Phoenix, Arizona.  Space where kids play can swiftly change into a dirty mess.  This comes from active feet and the shade of swing sets limiting sunlight.  However, playground turf in Phoenix brings a green faux lawn with a cleaner surface.  No annoying edging around the playground base!  Or mulch to rake back into place.  Most importantly, playground turf in Phoenix brings a cushioned ground through our additional padded layer.  This foam pad helps to protect kids as they play with a soft cushion unlike hard concrete or pea gravel bases.

Playground turf in Phoenix offers multiple spaces from back lawns, school playgrounds, parks, and daycare centers a playful area.  NexGen Lawns helps to reduce lawn costs by ending having to water and trim the grass on the playgrounds.  Now, children can come back indoors after playing on the playground without dirty mud shoes.  This is through the drainage system that quickly dries out the playground turf in Phoenix.  Thus, the children can play sooner outside without having to wait days for the surface to dry.  Not only do we offer playground turf for outdoor spaces, but we also install indoor play grass for classrooms and homes.  We carry bright and fun choices of playground turf in Phoenix to give kids a fun surface.

Why Opt for Artificial Turf in Phoenix?

Given the scorching heat in Phoenix, artificial grass can be an extremely practical solution for both residential and commercial lawns in Phoenix. Come to think of it, if you’re looking for a perfectly green and manicured lawn, synthetic turf can come to the rescue especially if you live in the area. 

Natural grass can quickly turn brown in the desert climate of Arizona if it’s not cared for or watered properly. To make matters worse, the water sustainability issue in Phoenix is increasing day by day and may even escalate to the point that water will be as precious as gold!

Given the excruciating desert heat and water crisis in the area, the logical way out is to avoid natural grass, which tends to guzzle vast amounts of water. And fake grass presents a wonderful opportunity as it doesn’t require water or extensive maintenance. No watering, mowing, or fertilizing is needed – all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your backyard in peace. Then once in a while, when it gets dirty simply hose it down to clean it – as simple as that!

With artificial grass in Phoenix, you can preserve water and at the same time enjoy a lush green lawn that won’t turn dry, discolored, or patchy. And it won’t attract weeds which require separate care and a specialized treatment! Synthetic turf in Phoenix will offer pleasant greenery year-round, no matter what the external weather condition.

Contact the NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Phoenix installers for the purchase and installation of premium artificial grass in Phoenix, Arizona.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.