NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Palmetto Bay, Artificial Turf in Palmetto Bay, FL

Artificial Grass Palmetto BayAdd the stunning appearance of artificial grass in Palmetto Bay to your home or commercial property from NexGen Lawns.  We provide you with a truly beautiful artificial turf in Palmetto Bay for a variety of uses.  Thus, NexGen Lawns can assist you at your home property, business, sporting club, and school.  Our line of quality synthetic grass includes yards, backyard putting greens, dog turf, playgrounds, and sports fields.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns is the company to call for your purchase of artificial grass in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

In addition to the purchase of fake grass, we provide artificial grass Palmetto Bay installation through our skilled team.  NexGen Lawns installers deliver professional results to residences and businesses.  This is due to the natural look of our artificial grass in Palmetto Bay through our lustrous fibers.  As well as, the knowledge and skill sets of our installers.  Give NexGen Lawns a phone call to have a gorgeous artificial turf lawn in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Artificial Grass Palmetto Bay Options

To help you with your purchase, we have listed some artificial grass Palmetto Bay options below.  Therefore, this can help you with learning about some of the great benefits of synthetic turf.  NexGen Lawns offers both commercial and home locations many artificial grass Palmetto Bay options.

Residential Fake Grass Palmetto Bay

Residential Fake Grass Palmetto BayAre you looking for a modern landscape that’s low maintenance?  Then, residential fake grass in Palmetto Bay provides you with a lawn with easy upkeep.  Those annoying duties of trimming the grass, keeping the yard watered, and fertilizing end.  Therefore, you can spend your spare time on something other than yard maintenance.  Residential fake grass in Palmetto Bay not only gives you an easier lawn, but also a beautiful clean-looking lawn.  No browned areas, grass clippings, or dead spots to deal with once you have artificial grass in the place.  Our artificial lawns bring a full and green faux landscape year-round that feels soft.

The versatility that comes with residential fake grass in Palmetto Bay means you can remodel more than just the lawn.  For example, our installers can change your deck, patio, and even space around the swimming pool.  These spaces can look drab due to the bleakness of concrete or faded wood.  However, synthetic grass provides brightness to these spaces.  Plus, synthetic grass is even pet and kid-friendly!  Some homes or condos might not have an actual yard and only a patio or balcony; thus, artificial grass can create a green zone.  Call NexGen Lawns for your new look with residential fake grass in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Artificial Grass Palmetto Bay for Dogs

Artificial Grass Palmetto Bay for DogsHave a dog or dogs that need a better ground surface?  Then, artificial grass in Palmetto Bay for dogs can give them a strong ground made with dogs in mind.  Grass not only wears fast under the dog’s paws but also fades away at the end of the season.  Why not provide your dog with a surface that’s green all year for their use!  Our artificial grass in Palmetto Bay for dogs keeps green even when exposed to dog urine for use throughout the year.  Additionally, the amazingly strong fake turf is built tough and yet still soft for sensitive paws.  The NexGen Lawns team can create a designated dog play area with artificial turf or across the entire yard.

Dog-focused businesses can greatly benefit from artificial grass in Palmetto Bay for dogs.  For example, dog spas, boarding facilities, and pet daycares can host visiting canines on high-quality synthetic turf.  With multiple dogs going outside together, NexGen Lawns brings you the finest turf to handle the heavy dog traffic.  Additionally, the dogs will even keep mud-free when playing on pet turf.  This is due to the drainage system in place to quickly drain both water and urine.  Thus, there will even be fewer odors due to the fast drainage.  Artificial pet turf provides businesses not only a nice appearing lawn but also helps save your business in maintenance costs.  Call today to go over pet turf in Palmetto Bay for your home or dog facility.

Synthetic Sports Turf Palmetto Bay

Synthetic Turf Palmetto BaySporting fields can wear fast with grass due to the rain and heavy use.  Therefore, the installation of synthetic sports turf in Palmetto Bay provides a strong ground with high durability.  NexGen Lawns brings you a soft-feeling artificial turf that comes with exceptional strength.  Regular sod fields require lots of maintenance hours which means less time to actually utilize them.  However, a synthetic turf field does not have the maintenance of trimming, fertilizing, or watering.  This means the fields can be open to playing on to give players more time on the fields.  Artificial turf not only gives more field time but also saves you money from reduced maintenance costs.

NexGen Lawns offers numerous synthetic turfs in Palmetto Bay for a multipurpose ground.  Therefore, your artificial turf playing field can now host different sports.  For example, football, softball, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball can use the same field.  Therefore with an astro turf style field, you will now have a multipurpose ground whether it’s for outside use or indoors.  Our installers offer amazing indoor playing fields, batting cages, and training grounds.  We carry a choice of different colors and options to give your sports field a custom look.  Synthetic sports turf Palmetto Bay from NexGen Lawns gives your school, club, and park a long-lasting playing field.  Thus, call our team at NexGen Lawns for artificial grass in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Home Putting Green Palmetto Bay

Home Putting Green Palmetto BayA home putting green in Palmetto Bay gives you a place in your own backyard to golf.  We offer stunning synthetic greens to choose from for a custom putting green.  Thus, you can have multiple holes to even bunkers in the back lawn through fake grass.  A backyard putting green in Palmetto Bay provides you with a low-maintenance green.  This means you won’t have the tedious watering and trimming to deal with.  When you have a NexGen Lawns synthetic putting green at your home, you decide when to play.  Now, after work, you can practice your golf swing right at home.  A home putting green in Palmetto Bay is fun for everyone in the family or friends to have a little competitive game.

NexGen Lawns not only brings our putting greens to residential locations but also commercial locations.  We offer commercial synthetic greens in Palmetto Bay for businesses, golf courses, and driving ranges.  Whether you need a remodel to your current greens or looking to add a new green, NexGen Lawns can help.  We offer artificial putting greens, tee lines, and mats.  Additionally, we install inside synthetic putting greens.  Synthetic grass saves your business from the high mowing and watering demands of regular grass.  Therefore, you can have great savings through the installation of artificial turf.  Our artificial grass is top-notch in design and durability.  To hear more, call NexGen Lawns for artificial grass in Palmetto Bay, FL.

Playground Turf Palmetto Bay

Playground Turf Palmetto BayThe backyard is the perfect place to create a fun playful space outside for the kids or grandchildren.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns can help you by providing a soft ground at home with playground turf in Palmetto Bay.  Artificial grass gives children a cleaner ground surface through our advanced drainage.  Rain quickly drains beneath the playground turf in Palmetto Bay to give you a mud-free backyard.  Finally, no more muddy shoes or feet running back inside!  Children will have a green fake grass lawn to play in throughout the year.  Our installers can remodel the entire lawn or just beneath the playground equipment.  Or you can even install playground turf inside for a playroom!

NexGen Lawns playground turf in Palmetto Bay also gives parks, childcare centers, and schools a tidy playground.  With many children using the same playground together, the ground can quickly wear.  This not only creates a mess but can also be unsafe.  Playground turf in Palmetto Bay offers a highly durable playground with an extra layer of padding.  Therefore, the padded ground helps to keep children safe on cushioned playground turf.  Additionally, you won’t have the messes of grass clippings, dirt, or mulch to clean off the kids.  Playground turf in Palmetto Bay comes with low maintenance to help save you in the upkeep of both mowing and watering.  To discuss our options of playground turf in Palmetto Bay, give NexGen Lawns a call.

Call NexGen Lawns to purchase artificial grass in Palmetto Bay and have the installation of artificial turf in Palmetto Bay, Florida.  You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672 for the purchase of artificial grass in Palmetto Bay.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.