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Artificial Grass Ontario

Purchase high-quality artificial grass in Ontario for a surface with excellent durability from NexGen Lawns.  We offer a large line of artificial grass in Ontario, California for different uses and locations.  Whether you need something for your residential home, commercial business, or school – NexGen Lawns installs artificial grass in Ontario and surrounding metros.  This includes artificial grass in Ontario for outdoor applications and indoor spaces.  Our artificial grass gives you a beautiful surface that looks natural due to our premium quality of synthetic fibers and low sheen.  Therefore, purchase your artificial turf and synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns.

Our professional artificial turf Ontario installers bring you amazing talent and expert knowledge to ensure you a truly professional installation.  Our team members work across different environments with a wide selection of artificial turf to choose from.  This includes both large to smaller applications of artificial turf in Ontario, California.  Thus, call NexGen Lawns for any space you are looking to remodel with synthetic grass or artificial turf in Ontario, CA.  We are here to help you in selecting which artificial grass product to use for your space.

Artificial Grass Ontario Options

NexGen Lawns brings you a wide selection of artificial grass Ontario options.  To help you select from the many artificial grass Ontario options, we have listed a few down below to assist you in learning more.

Home Artificial Grass Ontario

Home Artificial Grass OntarioThe installation of home artificial grass in Ontario from NexGen Lawns can relieve you of those time-consuming lawn chores.  Therefore, you can enjoy more time relaxing or on something other than making sure the lawn is mowed, well-watered, and fertilized.  Home artificial grass in Ontario is a waterless lawn solution, which could help reduce your outdoor watering bill.  Additionally, this helps to save our water!  Home artificial grass in Ontario offers you a beautiful lawn that looks amazing throughout the year.  That way you can enjoy going outside without wondering if it’s time to trim the grass.  Our home artificial grass in Ontario offers rapid drainage to quickly drain rainwater.  This means you can go outside with the family and not worry about messy mud puddles and the mess coming back inside your home.

Our team members work across numerous environmental settings from the lawn, around mature trees, and even over surfaces like patios and decks.  This way you can change your landscaping with a custom artificial grass installation piece for a surface with low maintenance.  Our home artificial grass in Ontario gives you a durable lawn that looks realistic due to our premium artificial fibers.   NexGen Lawns can give your lawn a custom look with the high versatility artificial grass offers.  For example, we can install artificial grass between your stone pavers, around landscaping beds, and even shaded areas that are hard to grow.  Home artificial grass in Ontario can give you a unique piece to your lawn that looks lush.  If you’re ready to begin the process of installing home artificial grass in Ontario, give NexGen Lawns a call.

Artificial Turf Ontario for Dogs

Artificial Turf Ontario for DogsMuddy dog paws can plaque your home floors leaving you left with paw prints tracked throughout the house.  Instead, go with artificial turf Ontario for dogs to help keep both your dog and floors cleaner.  Our artificial turf Ontario for dogs quickly drains rainwater and dog urine to leave your lawn mud-free.  This helps in both keeping the outdoor dog space cleaner but also reduces odors.  Our talented installers can help you with a full lawn or a designated location like a dog run.  Therefore, you can experience the amazing benefits of artificial grass at your home for your dog.  No more pushing the lawnmower, keep the grass watered, and edged with artificial turf Ontario for dogs in place.  Instead, you can have more time to spend playing outside with your dog.  Our artificial turf in Ontario for dogs comes with excellent durability to give your dog a premium surface.

Artificial turf in Ontario for dogs is a dog-friendly surface that is great for highly used locations.  Places like dog spas, doggy daycares, and dog manner schools can experience a durable ground for multiple dogs to use.  Our team has helped numerous dog businesses remodel their dog yards with artificial turf.  Therefore, you can experience a strong dog yard while reducing your upkeep.  This can help to save your business on the cost of lawn watering, mowing, and lawn treatments.  Artificial turf Ontario for dogs provides your business with a high-quality surface that does not discolor when exposed to dog urine.  Therefore, your business can look tidy and welcoming with the green surface for fake turf.  We can help with your indoor training rooms and outdoor doggy play areas with our selection of artificial turf Ontario for dogs.

Synthetic Turf Ontario for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf OntarioChange your sports club, school field, or park into a multi-sport field with synthetic turf in Ontario for sports fields.  Synthetic turf gives a multipurpose surface to give you the opportunity to host different sports.  This means you will have the ability to provide more sports to your athletes.  Synthetic turf Ontario for sports fields can host a variety of sports from baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and football.  Additionally, synthetic turf provides a surface that can be used to host different events.  An astro turf style field can also mean you can reduce the number of athletic fields you might need.  This can help save you in the care and maintenance of multiple fields.  Thus, select synthetic turf Ontario for sports fields to offer a multi-use surface for your athletes to use throughout the year.

Synthetic turf Ontario for sports fields offers a field surface that your coaches and athletes can utilize more often.  This is due to the highly durable artificial surface that offers a green fake grass field all year.  Instead of having to stop using the fields to play or train after the end of the season, artificial turf offers a multipurpose field all year.  Therefore, this can give your athletes more time to use the fields for practices, games, and off-season training.  With the addition of outdoor lights in place, a synthetic field could be used for 24 hours!  Additionally, you’ll reduce your expenses of upkeep that come with regular grass from mowing, watering, and fertilizing.  The quick drainage of synthetic turf also helps to reduce field closures due to wet fields.  NexGen Lawns offers synthetic turf in Ontario for sports fields for both indoor and outdoor applications – call today.

Backyard Putting Green Ontario

Backyard Putting Green OntarioGive yourself the opportunity to work on your short game at your own home with a backyard putting green in Ontario, CA.  NexGen Lawns provides golfers with premium synthetic grass for a backyard putting green in Ontario.  Therefore, you can maintain or work on improving your game with our synthetic grass that gives you an amazing ball roll right in your own lawn.  A backyard putting green in Ontario comes with little maintenance, so you won’t have to deal with trying to keep the green watered and trimmed.  Instead, you can have more time to golf!

Synthetic grass putting greens have become a popular amenity added to homes for the ease of playing at the comfort of your own residence.  Even if you don’t have a lawn, NexGen Lawns installs synthetic grass for putting greens over patios, rooftops, and decks.  In addition to outdoor artificial putting greens, we install indoor putting greens right inside homes.  Therefore, no matter where you would like to add a backyard putting green in Ontario, call our professional team.

Do you own a business looking to add the fun attraction of an artificial putting green?  Then, call our team to install a professional artificial grass putting green in Ontario, California.  We can add a new synthetic grass green or refurbish your current ones.  Additionally, we work along tee lines, course, and even indoor greens.  Artificial grass is widely selected due to the less upkeep compared to regular grass putting greens.  This helps to save your business or club at the expense of fertilizing, mowing, and keeping the greens watered.  Additionally, artificial grass provides a surface for year-round golfing.  No more faded brown grass at the end of the season with our premium artificial grass in Ontario!  This gives your business more time available to be open for your golfing clientele.

Playground Turf Ontario

Playground Turf OntarioThe lawn where the playground equipment resides can be hard to grow grass.  This can be from a combination of shade and heavy use, which can leave your lawn around the playground left bare.  Instead, select a durable surface for the highly used play area with playground turf in Ontario, CA.  Children can play across playground turf in Ontario and you won’t have to worry about the shade and activity leaving you without a lawn.  Artificial grass provides a child-friendly surface where playground equipment can be placed.  Therefore, you no longer have to deal with trying to mow around and edge beneath the play equipment.  Playground turf in Ontario provides a mud-free surface to give children a cleaner surface to play on.  Our staff is here to assist you whether you need your entire yard or just the place the play equipment is located remodeled with playground turf in Ontario.

Our playground turf Ontario installers also provide artificial grass to childcare facilities, schools, and parks.  These locations can see high volumes of children playing and a durable playground surface is needed.  Thus, selecting playground turf in Ontario from NexGen Lawns can provide your park or playground with a strong ground.  We carry synthetic grass with additional padding to help cushion the ground for children.  This extra layer of padding helps to protect children by absorbing shock.  We use a non-rubber infill which helps to keep your space tidier without the messy rubber flecks.  Additionally, playground turf in Ontario keeps the ground cleaner compared to regular grass that can get kicked around as well as wood chips.  Our installers work on both outdoor play spaces as well indoor playrooms.  Give us a call and select from a variety of color options of playground turf in Ontario, CA.

For the purchase and installation of artificial turf in Ontario for commercial or residential locations, call the professional team of artificial grass Ontario installers at NexGen Lawns. Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.