NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Ocala, Artificial Turf in Ocala, FL

Artificial Grass OcalaArtificial grass Ocala through the outstanding NexGen Lawns installers provides an amazing sculpted home and commercial landscape.  Whether you are in the market for a fun zone at the home or a professional fake grass landscape, we can serve you.  Some options include a backyard putting green, sporting field turf, complete lawn makeover, playground space, dog run, or a professional commercial landscape.  Our artificial turf Ocala installers can assist you with the choice of many versatile turf options.  Fake grass in Ocala, Florida by our NexGen Lawns team can include both outdoor applications and indoor.  Thus, whatever space you need remodeling will have a top-notch selection of synthetic grass.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass in Ocala provides a realistic appearing lawn for a variety of applications.  This is due to our high-quality synthetic fibers that are gentle to the touch.  Therefore, many residential homes have been turning to fake grass for dog lawns, putting greens, and underneath playsets.  Our synthetic turf will give your space many years of a carefree lawn through the strength and excellent durable turf.  For fake grass installers in Ocala, contact our team in Florida to begin redesigning your outdoor space.  Our artificial grass Ocala installers come skilled to complete both indoor and outside applications with only professional results.

Artificial Grass Ocala Options

Do you want to learn more about artificial grass Ocala options?  Then, please continue to read the artificial grass Ocala information below regarding different options.  This will help you in learning more about the many different benefits of fake grass.  Take a few moments and learn the fake turf Ocala options available for your home or office.

Residential Artificial Grass Ocala

Fake Grass OcalaAre you ready to be done with the weekend lawn duties?  Residential artificial grass in Ocala can give you those hard-earned weekends back.  Why spend your time using the sprinkler, mowing, or using the edger?  Instead, you can relax and not mess with the lawn duties.  You can also stop applying harsh and irritating lawn chemicals on the lawn.  That’s correct – no edging, applying lawn chemicals, wasteful watering, and especially no mowing!  Just a simple and easy home landscape through NexGen Lawns’ residential artificial grass in Ocala, Florida.  Our residential fake grass is not just for home landscapes, we service commercial landscapes with beautiful fake grass as well.

Residential artificial grass in Ocala allows for bountiful design opportunities around the home.  Synthetic grass usage includes many things from driveways, life-size checkers or chess boards, around the home swimming pool, throughout the garden, and underneath playground sets.  Plus, artificial grass does not track back in muddy and grass-covered feet!  This is why homeowners have loved including fake grass in Ocala.  Fake turf also gives a clean space for the kids and family pets to play.  Many homes throughout the Ocala area have enjoyed eliminating the yard work.  Why not let that be your residence as well?  Make the change to residential artificial grass in Ocala!

Artificial Turf Ocala for Dogs

Artificial Turf Ocala for DogsIs your lawn full of dog ruts and mud?  Did you know that artificial turf Ocala for dogs can fix dog lawn messes?  That’s right, artificial turf for dogs in Ocala can solve your yellowed and browned lawn.  The solution comes from our exceptionally strong fake turf fibers to handle playful pets.  The durable artificial turf Ocala for dogs gives dogs the opportunity to play outside yearlong on a green and inviting space.  Plus, the green fake turf does not leave brown spots in the yard from potty time.  Instead, both the family dog and everyone in the household can enjoy a full green yard together.  This is why many homes have switched to synthetic dog turf in Ocala!

Artificial turf Ocala for dogs provides a dog yard built tough to handle multiple active dogs at the same time.  Fake dog turf gives dog businesses like kennels, parks, dog spas, and training facilities a dog-friendly lawn space.  The synthetic dog grass from NexGen Lawns will help keep your business both well-maintained and clean.  Thus, saving your business from expensive lawn care bills!  Additionally, artificial turf Ocala for dogs helps to reduce odors from the high-draining fake grass.  Fake turf passes both dog urine and rainwater to drain out.  Therefore, both clients and dogs can utilize a cleaner space.  Call our dog turf team at NexGen Lawns to get started!

Synthetic Turf Ocala for Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf OcalaIs it time to give your players the opportunity to play more?  Then, synthetic turf Ocala for sports fields provides exactly that opportunity.  Synthetic field turf changes the limited regular grass field into a year-round sporting field.  This means sports players now have the chance to play and practice throughout the whole year even after the season ends.  Additionally, synthetic turf Ocala for sports fields provides a multipurpose playing field for other sports to play.  This means many sports and activities can now utilize the field.  Some include soccer, field hockey, cheerleading, baseball, softball, band practice, football, and lacrosse to name a few.

Synthetic turf Ocala for sports fields provides more than extra field usage.  Artificial grass fields in Ocala, Florida aid in reducing field owners’ field maintenance costs.  These field upkeep costs are not only expensive but also time-consuming.  However, astro turf style fields give owners extra savings to apply elsewhere.  Instead of purchasing new sod every season or continually trimming the field.  Plus, synthetic turf helps create quality outdoor fields and indoor applications.  Some indoor options include training centers, batting cages, and indoor soccer fields.  Start giving your players more field usage and reduced costs through synthetic turf in Ocala for sports fields!

Backyard Putting Green Ocala

Backyard Putting Green OcalaDo you wish you had the chance to play more golf?  With the help of NexGen Lawns, you can!  A backyard putting green in Ocala provides golfers the chance to play when they want.  All while in the comfort of their own backyard.  An artificial putting green in Ocala gives any skill level of golfer the opportunity to work on their short game.  Instead of having the inconvenience of having to find the nearest range or course to play.  Plus, you can choose what day and time you want to play.  Not scheduled hours or days.  Give yourself the chance to play more golf with an artificial backyard putting green in Ocala, Florida!

A backyard putting green in Ocala is not the only synthetic golfing surface we provide.  Have a golf course or tee line?  Then, the expert synthetic green NexGen Lawns staff can assist.  We install turf at driving ranges, courses, and even indoor golfing.  With synthetic golf turf, your golfing center will stay a beautiful green all year.  This allows your golf course or driving range more opportunities for business.  In addition, the time-consuming and highly expensive course care is reduced massively.  Artificial golfing surfaces stay green without the work of constantly watering or trimming the course.  So, start saving and call the synthetic golfing experts at NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Ocala

Playground Turf OcalaDoes the backyard look bare from grass unable to grow from swing sets?  Then, the playground turf in Ocala can solve the bare lawn spots.  With regular grass, kids’ play equipment shades most of the lawn leaving the difficult task of trying to keep the grass green.  However, fake turf for playgrounds stays green even underneath shady play equipment.  Most importantly, artificial playground turf gives kids an excellent and durable kid-friendly lawn.  Our advanced fiber technology provides a soft turf surface that also protects children.  This is due to the padded base available to go underneath the fake grass.  This extra padded base gives children additional cushion.  Therefore, children can now play on a soft surface.

Playground turf in Ocala is increasingly helping schools, daycare centers, indoor classrooms, and even parks with cleaner playgrounds.  Unlike the messy option of rubber-filled, sand, mulch, or pebbled-filled play spots.  All of these items can get stuck on the skin, get in shoes, and scatter all over.  Thus, the clean-up after playtime is time-consuming.  Why deal with the messy stuff?  Instead, fake playground turf offers the solution of a clean play playground.  In addition, teachers and staff will not have to wait days to let students play after it rains.  Artificial turf playgrounds in Ocala dry out quickly to let students play soon after the rain is gone.  So, call us at NexGen Lawns to experience a better play space both at school, at home, or at a park.

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