NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass New York City, Artificial Turf in New York City, NY

Artificial Grass New York CityThe utmost premium quality of artificial grass in New York City comes from NexGen Lawns.  We provide homes and commercial locations stunning fake lawns through artificial turf in New York City, New York.  Whether you want to add an easy to care for synthetic grass yard or make a bold feature, NexGen Lawns is your fake grass company to call.  Some of our installs include lawns, garden areas, sports fields, dog runs, playgrounds, a backyard putting greens, and parks.  Thus, if you reside in New York and looking at the purchase of artificial grass in NYC, call NexGen Lawns.

We offer our customers a premier selection of synthetic turf and artificial grass in New York City.  Therefore, our fake grass products provide a long-lasting surface that looks stunning.  You will have a realistic appearing fake grass through the advancement in our fiber technology.  Our installers offer a fully professional install in a variety of environments.  Thus, we can add artificial grass in New York across numerous outdoor areas and even indoors.  The expertise and extremely talented installers at NexGen Lawns can help you achieve your new surface of artificial grass in New York City, NY.

 Artificial Grass New York City Options

To help you with knowing the choices of artificial grass in New York City options, we have some selections listed below.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns will help you in the process of selecting the best artificial grass in New York City options for your specific space.  Just give our staff a call.

Fake Grass in New York City

Fake Grass New York CityWant to get away from all the lawn work?  Then, the beautiful touch of fake grass in New York City can free you of those tedious lawn chores.  You won’t have to apply toxic lawn fertilizers, water, or trim the yard.  Therefore, fake grass in New York City will give you a low-maintenance yard that you can enjoy for years to come.  Artificial grass changes your home with a child and even a pet-friendly lawn.  Our non-toxic synthetic grass provides a fast-drying lawn; therefore, the kids or dog can quickly go back out to play after it rains.  Synthetic grass offers you a lawn for the whole family!

Living in urban areas can sometimes mean having no lawn at all.  However, don’t let that stop you from having a green space.  Fake grass in New York City offers urban environments the look and feel of having a grassy space.  Our installers can create a faux green area over your rooftop, on the balcony, deck, or patio.  Therefore, you can have a beautiful setting outside with artificial turf.  Plus, you will have the look of grass without the work involved through synthetic grass.  Our high-end synthetic grass products offer a surface that feels plush beneath your feet.  Additionally, fake grass in New York City brightens up boring grounds and offers a new high-end design.

Pet Turf in New York City

Pet Turf New York CityDogs can quickly tear up a grass lawn with their playfulness.  However, don’t stay stuck with a torn-up yard, let NexGen Lawns help you through our pet turf in New York City.  We can give you a new resilient lawn through our high-end pet turf in New York City.  Our dog-friendly artificial grass comes with the toughness needed for dogs, yet is gentle to their sensitive paws.  Plus, you won’t have to see any unsightly yellowed spots on the lawn with pet turf in New York City.  Our artificial turf does not discolor when exposed to pet urine.  Additionally, our artificial pet turf can give your New York City townhome a new dog run even on the rooftop or balcony.

Dog businesses like training schools, boarding centers, pet daycares, and doggy spas all can change their lawns to a cleaner surface.  This is through the installation of pet turf in New York City by NexGen Lawns.  Artificial turf brings a cleaner dog lawn through the high rapid-flowing drainage.  This drains pet urine and rainwater quickly to keep a tidier dog area without muddy grounds.  Plus, it will even help reduce odors with the fast-drying lawn.  We can install our artificial grass New York City in outdoor areas of runs, kennels, and pet lawns.  Additionally, we offer indoor fake turf for indoor training rooms and kennels.  To learn more about changing to a minimal upkeep dog lawn, please call NexGen Lawns.

 Artificial Turf for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf New York CityOffer your sports club, school, or park a truly multipurpose playing field through artificial turf in New York City for sports fields.  NexGen Lawns installs artificial grass in NYC that reduces your need for caring for numerous athletic fields.  Instead, you can save by eliminating the need to have a variety of fields for different sports.  This is because one artificial turf in New York City for sports fields can host a multitude of sports.  For example, your artificial turf field can have sports like soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, football, softball, and baseball on a multipurpose surface.  NexGen Lawns can transform your outdoor fields or indoor areas with synthetic turf.  We install indoor fields, batting cages, training floors, and more.

Athletes can have a consistent surface with artificial turf in New York City for sports fields.  This is through the strong synthetic fibers that offer sports players a field to play on even during the offseason.  Therefore, your club can give more time to offer for teams looking to train or play year-round.  The use of an astro turf styled field also offers a large reduction in maintenance.  You won’t have to close the fields for mowing, watering, or spreading fertilizers.  Therefore, you can offer more time on the field to your sports players and reduce your care costs.  To get started, contact our staff for artificial turf in New York City for sports fields.

Home Putting Green in New York City

Home Putting Green New York CityDo you want to get more golf practice in?  Sometimes making the time to drive out to hit the clubs can be hard to find with busy schedules.  That’s why NexGen Lawns can give you the opportunity to play anytime right on a home putting green in New York City.  We offer our clients a truly custom synthetic grass putting green.  Therefore, we can personalize a home putting green in New York City to help you on your short or long game.  Or even include a bunker to help your bunker shots. Plus, a personal synthetic green will help you to better your golf skills.  You decide when and how long to putt when it’s on your home property.

NexGen Lawns provides synthetic grass for golf clubs, mats, and tee lines.  Our installers can convert your current course to synthetic grass or add a new putting area.  Therefore, your business can reduce outdoor maintenance expenses and save money.  Plus, we install artificial turf for indoor putting greens as well.  Looking to add a great attraction?  Then, NexGen Lawns can suit your business with an artificial turf putting green in New York City.  Synthetic grass gives you a beautiful golf feature that comes with minimal upkeep.  Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any watering schedules or mowing.  Come experience a new golfing surface through NexGen Lawns artificial turf in New York City.

Playground Turf in New York City

Playground Turf New York CityNexGen Lawns provides amazingly great kid-friendly playground turf in New York City.  The lushness that comes through our artificial turf offers kids a truly soft ground.  This is through the padded layer we offer for playground turf in New York City.  Thus, we insert a padded underlayment beneath the fake grass to cushion the ground.  This helps to protect kids while playing on the playground or even just in the backyard.  Playground turf in New York City gives a neater surface without all the dirt or mud for kids to track inside.  Plus, it’s simple to care for due to never having to trim, water, or spread around toxic fertilizers.

Playground turf in New York City offers a mud-free ground covering for numerous spaces.  We have helped schools, childcare centers, homes, and parks all through the installation of fake turf.  Now, when the children go outside to play on fake grass there will not be mud puddles to deal with.  This keeps their shoes and clothes cleaner!  Plus, the quick drainage of fake grass means the children can go outside to play sooner.  Not only can playground turf NYC change the outside ground, but can go over rooftops and even indoors.  We offer beautiful color selections to transform the play areas into fun spaces with synthetic grass.

Why Opt For NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Grass Turf in New York City?

New Yorkers love their skyscrapers, their restaurants, their high-end shows, and just about everything in between. One thing that many people don’t consider (unless they are a true New Yorker) is how much they love their lawns. This isn’t because all of the lawns in New York City are real. On the contrary, there is plenty of artificial turf in New York City, and for good reason.

The great lawns of Central Park are a great example of an expansive green space. This grass is real, and because of this, it requires a dedicated team of fertilizers, maintenance workers, watering cycles, and various other protections from weeds and pests. However, as only a true New Yorker knows, these greenspaces are shut down during certain colder months.

This is to protect the grass from being destroyed. Sure, the grass won’t grow during these cold months anyway, but these months still require work and care to make sure they survive and grow healthy next year. An exception is when there are more than six inches of snow on the ground because then the ground is protected from the elements.

If you have a lawn in New York City, you know that lawn care is costly and oftentimes can be preventative, trying to keep it alive and survive the cold months. However, you don’t have to consider this amount of work at all. Instead, you should consider artificial grass in residential New York City.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf in New York City can be cost-effective and make it so that you have a clean and green lawn year-round, and you won’t have to consider whether or not to step on it during those cold months.

To make the purchase of exceptional artificial grass in New York City, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for professional artificial turf installers in New York City, New York.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.