NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass New Orleans, Artificial Turf in New Orleans, LA

Artificial Grass New OrleansPurchase beautiful artificial grass in New Orleans from NexGen Lawns’ large portfolio of synthetic turf in Louisiana.  Our experts come equipped to deliver stunning landscapes of artificial grass in New Orleans and surrounding metros.  Therefore, you can re-do your home lawn with synthetic grass for a surface with little maintenance.  This means you can relax on the weekends knowing the grass no longer has to be mowed with a faux grass lawn.  The low sheen of our artificial grass in New Orleans provides you with a realistic-appearing lawn.  Whether you are in the market to add artificial grass in New Orleans for a new lawn or add the amenity of a backyard putting green – NexGen Lawns is your supplier and installer to call in the New Orleans area.

NexGen Lawns brings you installers highly knowledgeable with high skill sets to deliver you a truly professional artificial grass New Orleans installation.  We work across settings from residential to schools, parks, businesses, sporting facilities, and much more.  This includes both outdoor synthetic turf installation and indoor applications.  Therefore, contact the team at NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in New Orleans, LA.  Our skillful team installs backyard putting greens, playground surfaces, dog runs, amazing landscapes, batting cages, and so much more all with artificial grass.

Artificial Grass New Orleans Options

To help you in gathering more information, some of NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass New Orleans options are listed down below.  However, these are only some of the artificial grass New Orleans options, to hear more please give us a call.

Home Synthetic Grass New Orleans

Home Synthetic Grass New OrleansGather outside on the beautiful ground with home synthetic grass in New Orleans, LA.  NexGen Lawns is the synthetic grass New Orleans installer to call for high-quality faux grass.  Therefore, you can relish having an amazing lawn without all the upkeep that comes along with regular grass.  For example, you no longer have to mow the grass, lay fertilizers down, or water when you select synthetic grass for your New Orleans home.  Instead of wasting your weekends on those chores, you can now have time to do other things or just enjoy more time to relax.  A great thing about not having to water the grass is this can reduce your outdoor watering to help lower your watering bill.

Home synthetic grass in New Orleans offers a surface that can transform many different surfaces.  Therefore, you can change out your rooftop and create a lush fake grass rooftop for an amazing look.  Additionally, synthetic grass can go over decks, patios, and around your swimming pool.  The versatility of synthetic grass lets you change your landscape in so many different ways with a new style.  Synthetic grass feels soft and provides a nice bright ground to freshen up dull spots.  Especially those hard concrete areas that could use a splash of color!  Additionally, synthetic grass in New Orleans is child and dog-friendly which gives the whole family a nice lawn to use together.  To transform your landscape or other space outside with home synthetic grass in New Orleans, call NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass New Orleans for Dogs

Artificial Grass New Orleans for DogsNexGen Lawns can remodel your current lawn or dog run with our long-lasting artificial grass New Orleans for dogs.  Dogs’ high activity can wear a normal lawn fast leaving you and your pet left with a sparse lawn for playtime.  However, artificial grass in New Orleans for dogs is durable to provide your pup a lawn to play on all year.  An added benefit of artificial grass in New Orleans for dogs means you don’t have to mow anymore!  Instead, head outside and play a game of go-fetch on our quality artificial pet turf.  The artificial grass does not discolor when exposed to urine, which means you don’t have to have those yellow circles throughout the lawn.  Artificial grass in New Orleans for dogs can go in a dog run, whole lawn, or specific spot – call installers to add pet turf to your Louisiana home.

Change your dog business with artificial grass in New Orleans for dogs from NexGen Lawns.  We can add our durable pet turf to high-trafficked spaces of dog boarding centers, dog training yards, dog parks, apartments, and more.  These places experience heavy use with multiple dogs playing outside together.  Regular grass can wear fast from use and turn into mud after it rains.  However, artificial grass drains fast for a lawn without all the mud.  This drainage helps to also reduce odors to quickly drain the potty breaks.  Our installers can remodel your outdoor spaces with artificial turf to even indoor rooms for training.  Reduce your lawn upkeep and give your dog guests a great surface with artificial grass in New Orleans for dogs.

Artificial Turf New Orleans for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf New Orleans for Athletic FieldsAccommodating multiple sports can be difficult with regular grass athletic fields.  This can be caused by a range of things from needing a different field to cover each sport to the upkeep of the grass fields.  However, artificial turf in New Orleans for athletic fields gives your sporting center, park, or school a field that is multi-purpose.  This means an artificial turf athletic field can host multiple sports on the same field.  Your school or club can offer more sports to host from football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse.  Additionally, with outside lights in place at your artificial turf New Orleans athletic field, you can use the field for 24 hours!

Artificial turf New Orleans for athletic fields gives your athletes, coaches, and trainers more opportunities to use the astro turf style fields.  The low upkeep gives your athletes more time on the turf field for practices and scrimmages.  Additionally, the reduction in maintenance of the fields for trimming and watering means you can reduce your costs of upkeep with artificial turf.  Our installers provide artificial turf in New Orleans for athletic fields for both outdoor and indoor applications.  We can add indoor training fields, batting cages, playing fields, and more.  Whether you’re a school, park, sports club, or health center – NexGen Lawns is here to serve New Orleans with quality artificial turf.  We have a variety of different color selections in our artificial turf for a custom look – give us a call!

Backyard Putting Green New Orleans

Backyard Putting Green New OrleansAdd the amazing game of golf to your home with a backyard putting green in New Orleans, LA.  This way you can play when you want right on your own lawn!  NexGen Lawns brings you top-notch synthetic grass for your own backyard putting green New Orleans.  The quality of our synthetic grass gives you a putting green with a fantastic ball roll.  Our installers can install a multiple-hole green to even a bunker.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns is the one to call for a backyard putting green in New Orleans.  We can install synthetic grass greens on the lawn, over rooftops, decks, and more.  The synthetic grass is waterless which means you won’t have to try to keep up watering the green, as well as the trimming.  Instead, have fun and work on your form by playing golf at home on an artificial green!

Not only do we work on backyard putting greens in New Orleans, but our installers also provide commercial businesses with artificial putting greens.  We can refurbish your current or add a new synthetic grass putting green, tee line, or course.  Synthetic grass provides your business or club with a surface that keeps green throughout the year.  This allows your golfers to continue golfing on green turf after the regular grass greens have faded away.  Additionally, synthetic grass has minimal upkeep to help reduce your upkeep expenses.  Synthetic grass means you won’t have the mowing, fertilizing, or watering schedule to keep up.  If you’re in the New Orleans region and ready to switch to synthetic grass, call NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf New Orleans

Playground Turf New OrleansTurn your backyard into a fun-filled design with playground turf in New Orleans, LA.  NexGen Lawns carries kid-friendly artificial grass for the lawn that can go underneath playgrounds or other play equipment.  Playground turf New Orleans provides a nice-looking lawn that stays green without all the lawn work.  This means you don’t have to try to edge around the playground equipment.  Or try to move the trampoline to mow the grass.  Instead, make it easier and select artificial grass for your New Orleans home!  Enjoy your time watching the children play on the lawn or join in for some fun family outdoor playtime on our nice playground turf.  The high quality of our fibers brings a nice soft ground for the children to play on.  Call NexGen Lawns for your purchase of playground turf in New Orleans for a colorful play spot.

Playground turf in New Orleans brings a kid-friendly surface to not just the backyard, but also at schools, parks, and daycares.  We have different color options to create a bright playground space with synthetic grass.  Our playground turf can go indoors for a playroom or classroom or outside for a fun open lawn or under play equipment.  Additionally, we have the option the padded artificial turf to help cushion the ground.  The extra cushion of foam padding helps to provide a soft play area for children.  Artificial turf has minimal maintenance, which can help to lower your upkeep costs.  Children can play outside on a cleaner ground compared to grass that can get kicked around or wood chips that scatter.  Another great benefit is the drainage that helps to quickly dry the playground turf.  Thus, the children can play outside without the messy mud puddles.

Benefits of Having Artificial Grass in New Orleans

As a New Orleans native (or at least a Louisiana local), you understand the difficulties that come with keeping a healthy-looking lawn. However, unlike many parts of the country, this difficulty doesn’t arise from lack of moisture, but rather, the opposite. New Orleans sees a yearly average of 64 inches of rain per year. This is nearly double the average of the rest of the country, which is about 38 inches of rain.

Rain is good for the grass, or so that is the common discussion point. And that is certainly true, to a point, but mixed with the high heat and the lingering (and sometimes intense) humidity, this atmosphere can create problems for New Orleans grass. For one thing, this much moisture means rapid growth, which requires an abundance of maintenance. And surely, you don’t want to be outside in heavy humidity and hot temperatures. but hiring a service to keep your yard looking crisp can be costly, requiring a great deal of regular work. With artificial grass in New Orleans, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

However, these well-above average moisture levels don’t just help the grass grow, but also lawn diseases and fungus. After all, rain isn’t selective in what it helps grow.  This can lead to unwanted growth that either destroys your lawn or gives it an unsightly appearance.

One of the most common fungus-related lawn diseases is commonly known as brown patch, which is circular or irregular patches of brown or gray grass, ranging in size from a few inches to several feet. Sometimes you might notice a “smoke-colored” circle surrounding the diseased area. Once again, New Orleans artificial grass can help with this.

Another common lawn disease in New Orleans is known as fairy ring.  Which appears in a ring (or arc) of dead grass, and has white fungal growth at its soil. You will notice a dark green ring in the grass if this disease is living in your yard. There are two common methods of removing such a disease. One is to remove the soil in and around the infected area. You will need to remove about 1 foot of depth, and then you will need to seed or sod the area. Because this fungus has such deep roots, traditional fungicides don’t work to eliminate the problem.

However, there is another option that will serve you better in the long run.  That is to install artificial turf in New Orleans. Not only does residential artificial grass in New Orleans prevent your lawn from becoming unsightly, it reduces maintenance costs for years and years to come. No more mowing, trimming, weeding, or having to worry about fighting fungus due to high local humidity. Have a perfectly green lawn year-round, without having to think twice about it.

Additionally, we provide artificial turf options for all parts of Louisiana, not just New Orleans. From Baton Rouge to Shreveport to Lafayette, we have your artificial turf needs covered. Contact us for more information!

Call the professional team of Artificial Turf New Orleans Installers at NexGen Lawns for the purchase of quality Artificial Grass in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.