NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Modesto, Artificial Turf in Modesto, CA

Artificial Grass ModestoIf you are looking for artificial grass in Modesto with excellent durability and a beautiful appearance, then NexGen Lawns has your needs covered.  Our synthetic grass looks realistic due to our high-quality fake grass fibers.  Therefore, your lawn can look stunning with the installation of artificial turf.  Select from NexGen Lawns’ large line of artificial grass in Modesto, California for a variety of uses and spaces.  We install synthetic grass and artificial turf in Modesto for both commercial and residential locations.  Additionally, this includes outside projects and indoor applications of artificial grass in Modesto, CA.

The professional team of artificial turf Modesto installers brings you expert knowledge and skills for a truly stunning installation.  We service both residential homes and commercial locations with our quality artificial grass in Modesto and surrounding locations.  Therefore, for a professional level of installation for your artificial turf Modesto purchase, NexGen Lawns is the company to call.  We service areas of varying sizes from large to small.  Thus, call NexGen Lawns for your space to be revamped with artificial turf in Modesto, CA.

Artificial Grass Modesto Options

Searching for different artificial grass Modesto options can feel overwhelming.  Thus, at NexGen Lawns, we have made it simple to learn more with a description of some of the different artificial grass Modesto options below.

Residential Synthetic Grass Modesto

Residential Synthetic Grass ModestoRevive your home lawn with residential synthetic grass in Modesto, California from NexGen Lawns.  We offer residential homes whether it’s at your house, condo, or townhouse a beautiful synthetic lawn.  Our synthetic grass is highly versatile to give you a truly unique ground covering.  Thus, this means even if you don’t have a lawn our synthetic grass can go over different surfaces.  For example, concrete patios, rooftops, decks, and more can experience amazing ground with faux grass.  Synthetic grass can give these hard surfaces a ground that’s soft to your feet.  Additionally, let your creativity shine through with the ability to have different designs.  Whether you want a fake grass circle in the lawn for a nice seating space, or add a bocce ball court or life-size checkerboard all with artificial grass in Modesto, California.

Our residential synthetic grass Modesto comes with minimal maintenance; therefore, you can enjoy your time on the weekends relaxing more and not mowing.  The mower-free fake grass means no more edging or weed-eating to do either.  Instead, you can have a nice appearing lawn with amazing quality fibers from NexGen Lawns.  Residential synthetic grass in Modesto even helps to reduce your outdoor watering, which reduces water usage and helps to lower your watering bill.  A great waterless lawn solution is through the installation of residential synthetic grass in Modesto, California!  Artificial grass is both child and even dog-friendly to give you a fantastic family-friendly lawn.  Make your family or social gatherings a breeze without all the lawn prep that comes with regular grass by switching to a fake grass lawn.

Artificial Grass Modesto for Dogs

Artificial Grass Modesto for DogsDoes your dog leave a disaster on the lawn?  This can be from multiple things from their playful activity to the wear regular grass receives that leaves hard dirt behind.  However, artificial grass Modesto for dogs can renovate your lawn into a highly durable surface that is long-lasting.  This is why many dog owners have decided to use artificial grass in Modesto for dogs for their lawns or dog runs.  Artificial grass from NexGen Lawns is dog-friendly.  To give your dog a soft ground to run across compared to hard dirt or concrete dog runs.  Additionally, artificial turf provides you with a surface you do not have to mow or water which makes it easier for you to maintain.  Our staff can convert your entire lawn into a low-maintenance artificial turf surface or just your dog run – call today!

NexGen Lawns provides our amazing artificial grass Modesto for dogs not just in residential locations, but also at businesses.  Dog-focused business like daycares, training schools, and even dog parks can remodel their lawns to a strong artificial grass pet lawn.  These businesses experience very high dog traffic and a durable ground is a must to keep up with the high activity.  Therefore, selecting artificial grass Modesto for dogs is a smart choice.  Our artificial grass provides a durable surface for highly frequented spaces and comes with excellent drainage.  Thus, this means both rainwater and pet urine quickly drain through to leave the ground mud-free.  This also helps to reduce smelly odors.  Our artificial grass Modesto for dogs does not discolor and leave yellow circles when exposed to dog urine.  That way your dog lawn can look great throughout the year when you select artificial grass Modesto for dogs.

Artificial Turf Modesto for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Modesto for Sports FieldsArtificial turf Modesto for sports fields provides your sports club, school, or park with a multipurpose surface.  Therefore, this gives you the opportunity to host a variety of sports all on the same synthetic turf field rather than having a separate field for each sport.  Artificial turf Modesto for sports fields also helps to reduce the costs of the maintenance of multiple fields.  With an artificial turf field, you can have multiple sports use the same artificial field from field hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball.  Thus, you can now offer different sports to your athletes or students by selecting an artificial turf field.  A multipurpose artificial turf playing field also gives you a surface for other events and practices from cheer, band practice, and exercise classes.  So many options with artificial turf Modesto for sports fields in place!

Artificial turf Modesto for sports fields provides your athletes and coaches more time to utilize the playing fields.  Since sod grass fields require the closing of the fields to mow the fields, watering, and fertilizer treatments.  This is time taken away from the sports players to use the athletic fields.  However, with the low maintenance of fake turf, your athletes can have more time to use the fields.  They can even use the astro turf style sports fields for 24 hours with the addition of outdoor lights in place.  Our installers provide outdoor sports fields to even indoor sporting fields.  We can give your sports club a new training field, batting cages, and much more.  Thus, give NexGen Lawns a call to assist you in selecting the right artificial turf Modesto for sports fields for your specific space.

Backyard Putting Green Modesto

Backyard Putting Green ModestoTreat yourself or the golfer in your home to the luxury of playing at home with a backyard putting green in Modesto, CA.  NexGen Lawns brings you synthetic grass with great ball roll.  Our superior artificial grass for putting greens provides you with a beautiful green that is customized to your space.  Whether you need a hitting mat, bunker, or multiple holes – NexGen Lawns can help you!  That way you can prepare for your next friendly match or just have the opportunity to work on your swing.  A backyard putting green in Modesto comes with minimal maintenance; therefore, you can have more fun playing golf and not have to trim the grass.  Our synthetic putting greens can go across multiple surfaces from decks, rooftops, and patios, and even be placed indoors.  Call NexGen Lawns to add some fun and value to your home with a backyard putting green in Modesto.

Commercial businesses, ranges, clubs, and more can all experience the ease of adding the amenity of synthetic grass putting green in Modesto, California.  NexGen Lawns can redo your current putting green, tee line, or course with synthetic grass.  An artificial grass green has little maintenance and offers your customers a putting green to play on that keeps green during the year.  Thus, you can reduce your maintenance costs in watering and cutting the grass when you select synthetic grass.  Additionally, artificial grass offers a putting green for your customers to golf on even after the regular seasons end.  Our installers can incorporate an indoor artificial putting green or a new outdoor putting green to your business for a great addition.  Call our team today to add the beautiful surface of synthetic grass for putting greens in Modesto, CA.

Playground Turf Modesto

Playground Turf ModestoRe-do your lawn with a child-friendly surface that’s easy to care for with NexGen Lawns’ playground turf in Modesto, California.  Our staff can remodel your entire lawn to just a specific area where the playground equipment is located.  Therefore, you no longer have to try to edge around the base of the play equipment or try to drag the trampoline around to mow underneath.  Instead, playground turf in Modesto provides a beautiful play area with zero mowing!  Our artificial grass provides a faux grass lawn that keeps green without any watering.  Therefore, the children or grandchildren can play throughout the year on a beautiful green yard that’s soft.  Our fake grass feels nice on the feet due to our top-notch fibers made with true quality.  Give us a call to experience a NexGen Lawns play surface with playground turf in Modesto, CA.

Areas that experience lots of use from daycares, schools, and community parks need a strong ground.  Thus, NexGen Lawns provides playground turf Modesto to these heavily-used spaces for a durable surface.  Parks and playgrounds can quickly become messy with children kicking grass or wood chips around.  However, playground turf in Modesto offers a cleaner ground for children to play on and has minimal maintenance.  This less maintenance will help to reduce your outdoor upkeep costs.  Playground turf in Modesto offers a colorful ground that can even incorporate different colors with our wide selection of color options.  Additionally, playground turf in Modesto can come with extra padding for truly softer ground.  The added cushion of the foam pad helps to protect children by absorbing shock.  Our playground turf Modesto not only creates fun playgrounds outside but also can go indoors for a bright and cushioned playroom or classroom.

For the purchase and installation of artificial turf in Modesto for residential or commercial locations, call the professional team of artificial grass Modesto installers at NexGen Lawns. Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.