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artificial grass Melissa

The professional artificial grass installer in Melissa to call for your residential, commercial, school, or park needs is NexGen Lawns.  Our premium synthetic grass and artificial turf in Melissa offer you a stunning lawn with minimal maintenance.  Thus, this means you can have more free time to spend on something more enjoyable than pushing the lawnmower on the weekend!  Our premium quality of synthetic fibers and professional installation skills give you a realistic-looking yard.  You can feel the high quality of our synthetic grass and artificial turf selections.  For any artificial grass installation in Melissa and surrounding locations, call NexGen Lawns for your professional synthetic turf installation service.

The NexGen Lawns product line offers a range of artificial grass and synthetic turf applications to meet different needs and surfaces.  We provide artificial grass in Collin County to parks, schools, sports clubs, residential homes, and commercial applications.  We install artificial grass in Melissa for both outdoor spaces to indoor applications.  Whether you are looking to add a putting green to your home, re-do the dog run, add a batting cage, create a beautiful landscape, or any other artificial turf project – call NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Melissa Options

NexGen Lawns carries a variety of different artificial grass Melissa options to cover different types of spaces.  Whether you need something for your home, office, or sports club – keep reading to learn more about our artificial grass in Melissa options.

Residential Artificial Grass Melissa

Residential Artificial Grass MelissaPushing the lawnmower each week to keep up with the grass in the warmer months can leave you exhausted.  Instead, take a break from the tiresome lawn work and enjoy NexGen Lawns’ residential artificial grass in Melissa, TX.  A synthetic grass lawn gives you more spare time due to the minimal maintenance.  Thus, you no longer have to mow, water the grass, or spread out hazardous lawn fertilizers.  This means you can even save money by reducing your outdoor watering!  Our high-quality residential artificial grass in Melissa gives you a beautiful-looking lawn that appears realistic.  This is due to our low sheen and delustered artificial grass fibers which offer a lush and natural appearance.  Therefore, you can relax on the weekends and view a stunning artificial grass lawn in Melissa without the work.

The versatility that comes with residential artificial grass in Melissa gives the ability to add a lovely surface to different types of spaces.  For example, you can spruce up your outdoor patio with the installation of synthetic grass.  Patios can often lack color and are hard on your feet.  However, artificial grass provides a soft surface to walk across and brings a warmer feeling to your patio.  Our NexGen Lawns installers not only provide artificial grass patios, but also install across wood decks, balconies, and rooftops.  Therefore, we have your outdoor areas covered with our lovely faux grass options.  Residential artificial grass in Melissa offers a modern touch to these different spaces all without the maintenance of regular grass.  Give NexGen Lawns a call to transform your residential outdoor living spaces with artificial grass in Melissa, TX.

Artificial Dog Turf in Melissa

Artificial Dog Turf in MelissaMuddy paws can leave the inside of your home an absolute disaster!  Instead of constantly cleaning dog paws and scrubbing mud off your floors, install artificial dog turf in Melissa, TX.  The rapid drainage of artificial dog turf in Melissa gives you a mud-free lawn!  This means your dogs can go outside and play soon after it has stopped raining and not track mud back inside.  In addition to providing a lawn without mud, the drainage also helps to reduce smelly odors.  NexGen Lawns provides artificial dog turf in Melissa for full lawn remodels, dog runs, or specific locations on the lawn.  Our artificial turf is dog-friendly and highly durable to keep up with your dogs’ playfulness.  Just like with artificial grass lawns, pet turf provides you with a low-maintenance lawn.  This means more time to go outside and play some fetch with your dog instead of mowing the grass.

Dog businesses like training schools, doggy daycares, and dog spas endure heavy use.  Thus, a strong lawn is needed to keep with constant use and artificial dog turf in Melissa provides you with just that.  Our artificial turf for dogs comes strong for heavy dog traffic.  Therefore, your dog clients can play or train outside on a nice artificial turf surface that looks great all year.  Installing artificial turf for dogs provides a low-maintenance surface to help reduce your expenses in outdoor upkeep.  You no longer need to re-sod, trim, water, or place down any lawn fertilizers with artificial dog turf.  Whether you are looking for a new dog lawn or even need something indoors like a kennel or training room, call NexGen Lawns for artificial dog turf in Melissa, TX.

Synthetic Turf Melissa for Sports Fields

artificial turf MelissaSports fields endure repeated use that can cause regular grass playing fields to quickly wear.  This wear can make your playing fields unplayable with worn spots and hard dirt sports.  This can leave your sports players and trainers without a place to practice or host games.  However, installing synthetic turf Melissa for sports fields offers your athletes and coaches a full field.  The durable synthetic turf fibers give a consistent sports field for year-round training, matches, and tournaments.  The strength of our synthetic turf Melissa for sports fields provides a field that keeps green throughout the different seasons.  Instead of having to deal with your field browning and fading away, your school or sports club can continue to offer a field to train and play games on that’s green.  This gives you the ability to host additional tournaments and offer off-season training

Synthetic turf Melissa for sports fields a surface that’s multipurpose.  Therefore, this gives the possibility to host different types of sports for your athletes.  For example, sports like baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, and cheer can all use the synthetic turf Melissa sports field.  This means you can now host multiple sports and not just focus on a specific sport on an astro turf style field.  Additionally, synthetic turf sports fields help you reduce the need to have numerous playing fields when one synthetic field can host different sports and activities.  Our synthetic turf installers in Melissa provide not only outdoor sporting fields, but also provide indoor sporting fields, training surfaces, and batting cages.  Give our team a call to discuss your sporting needs and we can help you in selecting the best synthetic turf Melissa sports field.

Backyard Putting Green Melissa

Backyard Putting Green MelissaA backyard putting green in Melissa gives you a place to work on your short game and swing right at your home.  NexGen Lawns team of professional synthetic grass installers in Melissa creates customized backyard putting greens for residential homes.  Whether you are looking for a small backyard putting green in Melissa, multiple holes, or even a bunker, our installers can give you that custom green you deserve.  Our synthetic grass provides a premium golfing surface with a truly amazing ball roll.  Therefore, you can experience top-notch synthetic grass putting green all in the comfort of your own home.  You don’t have to deal with packing up your golf clubs and driving to the nearest course.  Instead, choose when you want to play and how long you want all on your own backyard putting green Melissa, TX.  Our crew installs outdoor artificial grass putting greens and also indoor putting greens.

Are you looking to add something unique to your business?  Then, the addition of an artificial grass putting green can provide that to your business.  Artificial grass is easy to maintain and does not need any watering, mowing, or fertilizing that comes with regular grass.  The reduced maintenance and the reduced costs associated with routine maintenance are why many businesses have gone with artificial turf for putting greens.  Synthetic putting greens can be added to rooftops, patios, and even outdoor decking!  Or if you’re looking to install at your course, tee line, or golf club with synthetic grass, NexGen Lawns is the company to call in Melissa, TX.  We can re-do your current golf greens or add new synthetic grass putting greens in Texas.  Therefore, call our team for your commercial synthetic grass purchase and installation in Melissa, TX.

Playground Turf Melissa

Playground Turf MelissaSwing sets and play equipment can become a nuisance to try to get the grass to grow underneath.  The ground near the playground experiences frequent use which causes the grass to wear.  Additionally, the shade cast by the equipment and trees make growing grass very difficult.  Choosing playground turf Melissa can provide your family with a gorgeous lawn!  Playground turf Melissa keeps green and full throughout the year without the necessary upkeep of regular grass.  Our artificial grass installers in Melissa can remodel your whole lawn or just the space where the swing set or other play equipment is located.  Either way, the space will look amazing and you no longer have to try to edge around the base of the equipment.  Another bonus that comes with playground turf is the quick drainage it provides.  This means the children can play outside without the yucky mud puddles.

Playground turf in Melissa is not just limited to backyards.  Our artificial grass installers also provide schools, parks, and childcare facilities with playground turf in Melissa, TX.  School playgrounds and parks are frequently used and artificial turf provides the strength and durability needed for these highly used areas.  We utilized a non-rubber infill to keep the playground space tidy without the messy rubber flecks.  Playgrounds filled with wood chips can quickly scatter about which leaves teachers and caregivers left with sweeping up the mess daily.  Instead, playground turf Melissa offers a fantastic play surface that can also come with extra padding.  The additional padding helps to protect children with highly elastic foam padding to cushion the ground and absorb shock.  Our playground turf in Melissa even comes in a variety of color options, give our team a call to schedule your installation today!

You can reach NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial grass Melissa installers for your residential and commercial needs.  Call today to start your purchase of our premium synthetic turf in Melissa, Texas.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.