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Artificial Grass Los Angeles

Change your LA home or business with artificial grass in Los Angeles from NexGen Lawns.  That way you can view a beautiful faux lawn that keeps green all year.  No more worries about the lawn turning brown or drying out.  Instead, an artificial grass Los Angeles installation provides you with a realistic appearing lawn that is eco-friendly!  Our artificial grass provides you with a waterless and mower-free lawn!  That’s why many LA homes and businesses have switched to an easier landscape with a synthetic grass installation.  We carry a variety of premium synthetic turf and artificial grass in Los Angeles to cover multiple environments.

The NexGen Lawns installers come with a high aptitude to deliver you a truly professional artificial grass Los Angeles installation.  Our talented professionals work across a multitude of spaces from large to small.  This includes outdoor and even indoor artificial grass in Los Angeles installations.  Therefore, you now know the one to contact for a gorgeous synthetic grass landscape is NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Los Angeles Options

NexGen Lawns brings homes and businesses numerous artificial grass Los Angeles options.  Therefore, to help you with your purchase we have listed below some of the artificial grass in Los Angeles options and their benefits.

Residential Artificial Grass Los Angeles

Residential Artificial Grass Los AngelesRemodel your lawn through the modern look of residential artificial grass in Los Angeles.  Therefore, you can experience a stellar lawn with less yard work.  No more mowing, fertilizing or watering with faux grass in place.  Thus, with fake grass installed, you can reduce your outdoor watering to help save water.  You won’t have to store that bulky lawnmower either when you switch to a faux grass lawn.  Our residential artificial grass in Los Angeles offers a realistic look due to our high-end fibers.  We carry different artificial grass selections for home landscaping ranging in different color combinations to even pile height.  Our artificial grass feels soft and gives you an amazing-looking lawn.  You can view a green lawn all year when you select residential artificial grass for your LA home.

Mature trees or shade can make growing grass a difficult chore.  However, artificial grass can go directly underneath trees and sides of homes to give you a full lawn.  You can get creative with fake grass in your landscaping by having it placed between stone pavers, walkways, and around swimming pools.  Additionally, residential artificial grass in Los Angeles gives you the ability to add some color to a variety of surfaces.  For example, you can change your grey patio into a colorful display with an artificial grass patio.  Additionally, synthetic grass can go over balconies, rooftops, and even wooden decks.  Our installers can transform these areas due to the amazing versatility that comes with our residential artificial grass in Los Angeles.  Call our professionals for a synthetic landscape in Los Angeles, California.

Artificial Turf Los Angeles for Dogs

Artificial Turf Los Angeles for DogsDo you need a strong surface for your dog to play outside?  Then, equip artificial turf in Los Angeles for dogs in your lawn or dog run for a dog-friendly surface.  Dogs can tear up a grass lawn quickly and need a durable surface to play outside.  Thus, this can cause the lawn to be left with uneven dirt which turns to mud when it rains.  Artificial turf offers your dog a lawn that quickly dries due to the rapid drainage.  This also helps to reduce odors on the lawn.  Our installers can add artificial turf across the entire lawn or just a certain location like a dog run.  Artificial turf has little upkeep which means you’ll have more time to play fetch when you don’t have to mow the grass anymore.

Artificial turf for dogs in Los Angeles can transform dog-centered businesses as well.  Dog daycares, training schools, dog spas, and more can give their dog clients a durable fake turf dog yard.  These places can experience heavy use and a strong ground surface is needed.  Our artificial turf offers high quality to give you a strong surface.  Additionally, artificial turf gives you a green dog yard that has less upkeep.  This means your fake grass lawn can look great for your dog clients throughout the year and you won’t have to deal with the mowing.  Pet turf does not discolor even exposed to dog urine.  The NexGen Lawns team can remodel your outdoor dog yards and also indoor training rooms.  To learn more about artificial turf in Los Angeles for dogs, give our team a call.

Synthetic Turf Los Angeles for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Los AngelesThe field maintenance for grass sporting fields can be extremely time-consuming, which in turn can be costly.  The playing fields depend upon the maintenance of keeping the fields prepped and ready.  Thus, this can impact players with field closures for field maintenance leaving them with less time to practice.  The hours the groundworkers work to maintain the fields could be utilized elsewhere or on other items.  The one-off cost of a synthetic turf in Los Angeles for sports fields is a great investment for a multi-use field.  Thus, different sports from soccer, football, cheer, lacrosse, and baseball can use synthetic turf in Los Angeles sports field.  Additionally, investing in even just one synthetic turf field helps to eliminate the need for multiple playing fields.  A multipurpose synthetic turf in Los Angeles for sports fields even provides accommodations for a range of different events and activities.

The installation of synthetic turf in Los Angeles for sports fields provides a field that offers year-round use.  Thus, this means trainers, athletes, and coaches all have more opportunities to utilize the sporting field.  The addition of outside lighting means they could use the sports field even 24 hours a day.  Club owners and schools will have more time to host additional tournaments with the increased field availability of an astro turf style field.  Additionally, synthetic turf in Los Angeles for sports fields gives a surface that is consistent play for athletes to help with their performance.  NexGen Lawns carries a broad selection of our synthetic turf products, which also include indoor sporting fields.  Therefore, call us to purchase synthetic turf in Los Angeles for your sporting needs.

Backyard Putting Green Los Angeles

Backyard Putting Green Los AngelesThe luxury of playing golf at your own residence can happen when you select NexGen Lawns to install a backyard putting green in Los Angeles, CA.  Who wants to have to pack up and drive to the nearest location when you can work on your short game on your own lawn.  A backyard putting green in Los Angeles offers a great amenity for you to work on your game when you decide.  You can play a friendly match with the family and neighbors and not have the task of making sure your green is trimmed.  Our synthetic grass comes with high quality to give you a great ball roll.  We can add a backyard putting green in Los Angeles in the lawn, or over your patio, rooftop, and even inside your home.  Our staff is here to help you in customizing synthetic grass putting green for your space.

A backyard putting green in Los Angeles is not all that NexGen Lawns provide.  We install premium artificial grass putting greens to businesses, clubs, ranges, and more.  Whether you want to add a new artificial green or need to revamp your current situation, our team can help you.  Many businesses have switched to artificial grass for putting greens for minimal maintenance.  This can help to save your business the expense of making sure the greens are well-watered, trimmed, and fertilized.  Instead, artificial grass offers a great golfing surface that offers golfers a surface to play on all year.  This can give your club or range more opportunities for your clients to golf.  Give us a call if you want to add a synthetic putting green in LA outside or even inside your business.

Playground Turf Los Angeles

Playground Turf Los AngelesGive children a colorful place to play outside on the lawn with playground turf in Los Angeles.  We have a variety of color choices to change up outdoor play spaces from homes, schools, childcare centers, parks, and more.  Thus, you can get creative with your space with playground turf in Los Angeles.  Artificial turf gives playgrounds and parks a cleaner surface when compared to grass, wood chips, or pebbles.  These items can get kicked around and tracked back inside on children’s clothing and shoes.  Rain can leave children left waiting multiple days to play for the ground to dry.   Instead, opt for a surface with quick drainage with playground turf in Los Angeles.  This drainage can keep your park or playground mud-free, and let the children play outside shortly after it rains.  In addition, no mud puddles mean cleaner shoes coming back inside.

The task of mowing around and beneath the playground equipment ends with artificial grass installed.  This means you’ll have more time to watch the children play instead of trying to trim the grass.  Playground turf in Los Angeles can go in a certain area of the home or across the whole backyard.  You can place equipment from swing sets, playgrounds, and trampolines on fake turf.  Playground turf also has the option of additional padding to help cushion the ground.  The extra foam pad helps to absorb shock to protect children as they play.  The highly elastic padding also dries quickly too.  Artificial grass for playgrounds is highly durable for even highly frequented play spots.  Our installers can add playground turf in Los Angeles to home lawns and schools, even inside for a playroom or classroom.  We have remodeled numerous homes, daycares, and schools and can do the same for you!

Call the professional artificial grass in Los Angeles installation team at NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for your residential or commercial purchase and installation from our artificial turf installers in California.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.