NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Lewisville, Artificial Turf in Lewisville, TX

Artificial Grass LewisvilleNexGen Lawns have resident needs covered with our advanced product range of artificial grass in Lewisville and neighboring communities.  Our wide range of specifically developed artificial grass products adapts to suit different areas in different environments.  Whether you require artificial grass for a school playground, sports field, putting green, dog run, or for your garden lawn at home.  NexGen Lawns have the options right here to help you get started today.

If you are looking for highly skilled installers of artificial grass in Lewisville, you have certainly come to the right place.  NexGen Lawns contain the skills and expertise to ensure proper installation.  Working on a commercial and residential level, it doesn’t matter how big or small the area is you want to refurbish.  We have the systems to change the way your lawn, putting green, or sports field looks, functions, and feels.

Artificial Grass Lewisville Options

Before you make your artificial grass Lewisville purchase, you should know all the benefits and options available.  It’s important to know all the features, and below are a few of the artificial grass options available by NexGen Lawns.

Residential Artificial Grass Lewisville

Residential Artificial Grass Lewisville TXResidential artificial grass in Lewisville can help transform your home and garden into a beautifully crafted green lawn year-round.  Artificial grass applications include large lawns, pool surrounds, as well as even small strips between outdoor pavers.  There’s no space too big or too small that can’t improve with artificial grass!  NexGen Lawns loves helping our customers design new and fun areas in their lawns with home artificial grass.  We work closely with you to bring your ideas into existence.  Whether you are looking for small applications or an entire lawn makeover.  NexGen Lawns can provide your space with beautiful residential artificial grass in Lewisville.

By choosing to install artificial grass you will never have to mow or water your surface again.  You can say goodbye to the noisy lawnmower and edger.  Another feature is your grass will stay green all year round.  Even when exposed to sunlight or the waste of pets.  Artificial grass helps to save your time, water, and money spent watering and fertilizing.  Muddy footprints that once came indoors through shoes and paw prints will no longer be present.  Therefore, you can relax in the comfort of your maintenance-free lawn in pure relief.  All through NexGen Lawns residential artificial grass in Lewisville, Texas.

Artificial Grass for Dogs Lewisville

Artificial Grass for Dogs Lewisville TX

Dogs can enjoy artificial grass surfaces just as much as they love regular grass, if not more.  The problem with regular grass is the dirt and mud from constant running and playing in the same areas.  Therefore, the lawn is left with hard compacted lumps and a muddy disaster.  Dogs like digging things up and dragging their muddy paw prints through the house.  With NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for dogs, muddy paw prints are eliminated and the lawn looks lush and green year-round.  Additionally, dogs can feel irritated by insects and other pesticides found outdoors.  Artificial grass can alleviate these itchy outdoor allergies.  Pet owners can see the true benefits of having artificial grass installed at home, or in any area for that matter.

Parks, kennels, shelters, and doggy training centers are ideal areas to have artificial grass installed.  As waste is easy to clean up, and our advanced drainage systems allow urine to pass through. NexGen Lawns durable artificial grass for dogs is designed to keep up with continual paw traffic, and not wear down like natural grass.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs can be applied for both indoor and outdoor areas.  Your dogs will definitely love their new NexGen Lawns artificial grass in Lewisville, Texas!

Artificial Turf Lewisville for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Lewisville TXKeeping sports fields cut short, filled, and ready for game time requires a high level of maintenance.  This can often can be expensive and extremely time-consuming.  Therefore, leaving practice times cut short for field maintenance.  Field groundsmen spend hours each day maintaining sports fields.  The money spent paying them could be filtered back into clubs for other things.  By investing in artificial turf in Lewisville for your sports fields, the once one use field becomes a multipurpose field.  For baseball, softball, soccer, football, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, tennis, band practice, and many more.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass turf fields provide coaches, players, and club owners with a field for year-round usage.  Therefore, providing more field usage to host tournaments, scrimmages, and games.  Plus, artificial grass allows for players’ improvement with a surface that plays consistently 365 days a year.   The addition of outdoor lighting allows for all-day usage with astro turf style field.  NexGen Lawns offers a range of artificial grass products customized to suit the needs of your sports field from varying colors, logos, and mascots.  Contact us to learn about artificial grass in Lewisville for Sports Fields.

Backyard Putting Green Lewisville

Backyard Putting Green Lewisville TXDo you love playing golf or know someone that does?  Then, NexGen Lawns artificial grass for putting greens is a perfect choice!  Golf is loved by people of all ages.  Therefore, provides a perfect family activity.  By installing an artificial grass putting green in your very own yard, you can practice chip shots and putting whenever you want.  You won’t have the hassle of trying to load up your gear and having to drive to the nearest course.  Instead, you can simply walk out your backdoor and play on your own time frame.  Working on your game from home can seriously benefit your golf game.  Plus, add extra value back into your home with the addition of an artificial turf backyard putting green for your Lewisville home.

NexGen Lawns not only specializes in putting greens, but also can fully refurbish and install golf courses, tee lines, and driving mats.  With artificial grass, maintenance reduces significantly.  Therefore, saving your club a lot of time and money with these surfaces installed.  Golfers can practice their swing without the worries of worn-out spots with a synthetic turf tee line.  Artificial grass provides 365 days of beautiful greens to play, without the continual upkeep costs.  NexGen Lawns can provide homeowners and club owners with artificial grass in Lewisville for all their putting green needs.

Playground Turf Lewisville

Playground Turf Lewisville TX

Playground areas and parks are hazardous and dirty for children that could fall on hard surfaces.  Kids become filthy with wet muddy playgrounds.  Teachers, parents, and caregivers will love knowing the installation of an artificial grass park will eliminate all of these problems.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for playgrounds, parks, and homes creates a safe environment for children.  Therefore, our artificial grass for playgrounds contains a foam-padded base to add extra protection for children.  This eliminates the fear of them landing on a hard surface.

NexGen Lawns understands children love to run, climb, and jump.  That’s why artificial grass gives them the perfect surface to keep them safe and sound.  NexGen Lawns playground turf contains an advanced drainage system that clears rainwater away quickly.  Therefore, keeping children mud-free!  Now everyone can enjoy time outdoors without all the mess!  NexGen Lawns creates child-friendly areas where kids can play safely.  While also providing peace of mind to those who have the responsibility of looking after them.  NexGen Lawns have already refurbished a number of school play parks and playgrounds.  We can do the same for you!

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