NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Katy, Artificial Turf in Katy, TX

Artificial Grass Katy

Artificial grass Katy from NexGen Lawns offers your home or commercial property a high-quality surface.  Our professional synthetic turf and artificial grass Katy installers provide installation services to Katy, Texas, and surrounding locations.  We come with advanced skills and the professional knowledge needed to ensure you have a beautiful and professional artificial grass Katy installation.  This comes from our high standards of excellence to give you a truly professional end result.  Whether you would like to makeover your outdoor lawn or have an indoor project, NexGen Lawns are the installers to call for artificial grass in Katy installation.

NexGen Lawns bring you highly specialized artificial grass and synthetic turf products that suit many different types of environments.  Thus, this means our installers can re-do your home lawn, patio, deck, and playground space, add a backyard putting green, dog run, batting cages, and much much more.  Our advanced artificial grass comes with UV protection and a low sheen to give you a nice-looking lawn for years to come.  Give our staff members a call for your installation and purchase of artificial grass in Katy, TX.

Artificial Grass Katy Options

The professionals at NexGen Lawns bring you numerous artificial grass Katy options.  Therefore, in order to help you the best with which artificial grass in Katy options works for your needs please continue to read below about our different selections.

Home Synthetic Grass Katy

Home Synthetic Grass KatyGive your home lawn the beautiful look and lush-feeling ground of home synthetic grass in Katy, Texas.  In addition to the stunning appearance, an artificial grass lawn gives you an easier yard to maintain.  You don’t have to push the lawnmower or have to find space in your garage to store your lawnmower.  Additionally, there are no lawn watering or fertilizer treatments to put down with home synthetic grass in Katy.  Instead, you’ll have a yard that’s always cut and less water that you have to use outside.  The reduction in outdoor watering can even help save you money on your water bill.  Many homeowners have already started to swap their home lawns for the easier solution of artificial grass in Katy, TX.  That way they can enjoy the minimal maintenance and have a stunning-looking lawn.

Home synthetic grass in Katy provides not only just the lawn with a vibrant new look but also other areas outdoors.  NexGen Lawns can re-do your walking paths, deck, patio, and more with synthetic grass.  Spaces that normally grass cannot grow due to shade can now have a full look.  This can truly change your lawn!  Or locations like concrete patios and wooden decks can now have a colorful surface over them.  Swim decks can be hard and synthetic grass offers a softer surface to go around swimming pools.  Our high-quality home synthetic grass in Katy gives lawns a realistic appearance due to the low sheen and high-end fibers.  Give yourself a break from all the lawn chores and enjoy a full lawn with home synthetic grass in Katy from NexGen Lawns.  Call our team to discuss changing your space.

Pet Turf Katy

Pet Turf KatyGive your home lawn a dog-friendly lawn with pet turf in Katy, Texas.  Our strong artificial turf fibers offer dogs and their owners a highly durable surface to use together.  NexGen Lawns provides pet turf Katy installation to home lawns or to just a designated spot like a dog run.  Many dog owners have gone with pet turf in Katy for the instant relief of not having to mow the yard anymore.  Therefore, you can have more time to spend playing with your dog outside and not have to trim the grass.  Additionally, the artificial turf does not discolor when exposed to potty breaks.  This means no more ugly yellow circles throughout the yard.  In addition, your dog will feel the softness of fake grass fibers on their paws compared to hard concrete or gravel-filled dog runs.  Go with pet turf in Katy for a great surface for your dog!

NexGen Lawns also provides pet turf in Katy to pet-centered businesses from manner schools, doggie daycares, doggy spas, and more.  Our team can change out your worn-down dog lawns and kennels with artificial turf for dogs.  We install pet turf Katy in outdoor doggy spaces and indoor spaces like training rooms.  Outdoor spaces can benefit greatly from artificial turf for dogs due to the less maintenance required.  Thus, this can lower your business’s costs in maintenance from having to re-sod the dog lawn to mowing, fertilizing, and watering.  Now, your business will look great year-round with the nice look of having a green lawn of pet turf in Katy Texas.  Artificial turf contains a drainage system to quickly drain rainwater and dog urine.  This means not only will dogs get to go outside and play on a mud-free lawn, but also help to reduce smelly odors.

Artificial Turf Katy for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf KatyChange your sporting center, gym, athletic club, or school with a multipurpose surface of artificial turf Katy for sports fields.  The NexGen Lawns artificial turf in Katy for sports fields installers provides both outdoor athletic fields and indoor sporting surfaces.  Many schools, parks, and athletic clubs have made the decision to switch to the highly versatile ground surface of artificial turf.  Therefore, this allows them to have the ability to offer more sports to their athletes.  Different sports from lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, football, and baseball can all be played on artificial turf Katy for sports fields.  Thus, installing artificial turf in Katy for sports fields can help to reduce the number of fields.  Fake turf can also help to reduce the amount of wear that your regular grass fields experience.

Reduce the time that your fields have to be closed due to the fields being too wet with artificial turf Katy for sports fields.  The rapid drainage of artificial turf helps to quickly dry playing fields, which can help to reduce the number of field closures due to wet fields.  In addition, this provides your athletes with more opportunities to play games and train throughout the season.  The reduction in maintenance with an astro turf style sports field is why many schools and sports clubs have selected fake turf.  Additionally, the placement of outdoor lighting means you could even use the playing field for 24 hours.  The NexGen Lawns artificial turf installers work not only in outdoor sporting spaces but also indoor locations.  We provide indoor training grounds, practice fields, batting cages, and more.  Call us to learn about our selections of artificial turf in Katy for sports fields.

Backyard Putting Green Katy

Backyard Putting Green KatyRelax and putt in the comfort of your own lawn with the installation of a backyard putting green in Katy, Texas.  Golf is a classic sport beloved by many, which is why golfers no matter if they are avid or recreational are adding a backyard putting green in Katy.  A luxurious synthetic putting green can bring value to your home and help you tweak your skills at home.  Thus, you can be ready for your next friendly competition of golf!  Additionally, synthetic grass provides you with a golfing surface that is easy to maintain.  No watering, trimming, or fertilizer treatments you have to mess with when you select synthetic grass.  You can walk outside and play a round without the task of making sure the green is trimmed.  In addition to a backyard putting green in the lawn, NexGen Lawns installers provide greens across patios, decks, and even inside homes.

Have a commercial property you want to add a synthetic grass putting green?  Then, the NexGen Lawns installers have your business covered with our selection of synthetic grass for golf.  Whether you want to add something new or remodel your current green, tee line, or course with artificial grass – call our team.  Therefore, your business or club can start experiencing a fantastic green with an excellent ball roll on our artificial grass.  Additionally, artificial grass can help to lower your upkeep expenses compared to regular grass.  The costs of seeding, trimming, and keeping the greens well-watered can add up quickly.  This time tending to the greens can leave your clients with less time to use the greens.  Instead, go with a waterless green by selecting synthetic grass for your Katy business from NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Katy

Playground Turf KatyAre you looking for a solution for your worn-out lawn around the swing set or other play equipment?  Then, playground turf in Katy from NexGen Lawns can give your home lawn a full lawn again around and under the playground equipment.  The wear the grass receives along with the shade from the equipment can make growing grass a real struggle.  However, playground turf in Katy offers your family a beautiful lawn that stays green all year for some outdoor playtime.  We can remodel your entire lawn to just a specific location in the lawn where the playground is located with artificial grass.  Additionally, playground turf in Katy comes with all the great benefits of artificial grass for lawns.  This means no watering or trying to mow around or beneath the playground anymore.  Instead, you can sit outside and watch the children play without having to get the lawnmower out.

Playground turf in Katy offers excellent ground for highly utilized spaces like schools, parks, and daycares.  These spaces can get untidy quickly from wood chips and grass getting kicked around and scattered.  However, playground turf in Katy can provide a cleaner space in multiple ways.  First, the drainage of artificial turf means no messy mud pits the children can track inside on their shoes.  Second, we utilize a non-rubber infill which means no rubber flecks to stick to clothing and shoes.  Lastly, playground turf in Katy offers a green playground throughout the year, which means no dead brown spots of grass for children to kick dirt around.  If you are looking for a non-green playground surface, we have you covered too!  Our playground turf in Katy comes in a variety of colors to give a colorful ground.  Additionally, we even provide indoor playground turf for classrooms and playrooms.

To have a professional artificial grass installer in Katy, contact the team at NexGen Lawns for the purchase of high-quality artificial turf in Katy, Texas.  ASK US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.