NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Hollywood, Artificial Turf in Hollywood, FL

Artificial Grass HollywoodIf you’ve been searching for artificial grass in Hollywood, then call NexGen Lawns for artificial turf in Hollywood, Florida for both your home and commercial location.  We have beautiful shades of artificial grass Hollywood designed with exceptional durability.  This is through our high level of quality that comes with NexGen Lawns synthetic grass.  We carry high-end artificial turf to provide you with the most realistic appearing setting of artificial grass in Hollywood, Florida.  Whether it’s your home lawn, playground space, dog run, putting green, or athletic field – NexGen Lawns can help you.

The NexGen Lawns artificial grass Hollywood installers provide our clients with professional services.  Thus, this is through the high talent and excellent knowledge that ensures you a professional-level end result.  Artificial turf provides you with a minimal maintenance ground covering.  We install synthetic turf across many types of environmental surfaces from outside to the insides of buildings.  Therefore, call the team of artificial grass Hollywood installers at NexGen Lawns for your fake turf makeover.

Artificial Grass Hollywood Options

NexGen Lawns offers you a wide selection of artificial grass Hollywood options to suit many spaces.  Therefore, please continue to read about the different artificial grass Hollywood options below.  We have you covered with artificial turf from residential locations, schools, parks, and commercial businesses.

Home Fake Grass Hollywood

Fake Grass HollywoodThe beautiful look of home fake grass Hollywood will transform your lawn with a natural-looking appearance.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass brings you many options to design a new lawn; therefore, giving you that optimal look.  We provide synthetic grass that’s highly versatile.  You can have a completely covered lawn or have artificial grass on or in a specific space.  This includes around the swimming pool, between stones, and even over patios and decks.  Thus, home fake grass in Hollywood changes any space you might have outdoors into a green lush feeling surface.  Our synthetic grass brings softness instead of having a hard surface on the balcony or around the pool.

We provide residential and commercial lawns with true quality of home fake grass in Hollywood, Florida.  A great perk that comes with artificial grass is instantly having less lawn work!  No more time wasted on you dragging out the lawnmower to trim the grass.  As well as, you have to keep the lawn watered and fertilized.  The reduction of lawn watering will even help to lower your water bill.  Synthetic grass provides a full lawn without those pesky bare spots beneath trees or around the side of your home that comes with regular grass.  Now, you can enjoy your free time on something other than the home yard.

Artificial Grass Hollywood for Dogs

Artificial Grass Hollywood for DogsIf you own a dog or multiple dogs, then you already know the difficulties that come with trying to provide them with a clean yard.  Regular grass can wear away under active paws, which leaves you left with dirt and mud.  Their dirty paws then bring the mess back inside your home floors.  However, artificial grass Hollywood for dogs helps provide you with a cleaner lawn through a high draining ground.  Both rain and dog urine quickly drains through to keep your lawn mud-free.  Additionally, the drainage helps to reduce smelly odors.  The premium quality of artificial grass Hollywood for dogs does not discolor due to dog urine either.  Now, you won’t have to see yellowed spots out on the lawn.

The exceptionally high durability of artificial grass in Hollywood for dogs has many dog businesses changing their dog lawns.  Our installers can revamp your pet business with a strong and pet-friendly artificial turf.  Whether you need artificial grass Hollywood for dogs inside a training room or outside in the dog yard, NexGen Lawns can assist you.  Another benefit of artificial turf is reduced upkeep costs.  This will help to save your business money from reducing your grass trimming, watering, and fertilizer treatments.  Additionally, your dog clients will have a green dog lawn to play on year-round versus a browned one over the winter.  Thus, purchase your artificial grass Hollywood for dogs from NexGen Lawns to help your dog training school, boarding center, or pet spa.

Artificial Turf Hollywood for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf HollywoodWhy not offer your athletes a strong field through artificial turf in Hollywood for athletic fields.  Switching to artificial turf means your sports players will have more time on the fields.  This comes from the great benefits of artificial turf in Hollywood for athletic fields.  Fake turf provides a field with reduced maintenance and a green turf field throughout the year.  Instead of having to end the season or training time, you can now offer a sporting field for the whole year.  Artificial turf Hollywood for athletic fields does not have the high expense of upkeep of watering, treating, and mowing.  Therefore, you will reduce expenses and save money.

NexGen Lawns provides you with quality artificial turf Hollywood for athletic fields both for outdoor and indoor playing fields.  Our installers can add synthetic turf fields inside your training facilities, gyms, and sporting centers.  Additionally, we provide fake turf flooring and batting cages.  The amazing versatility of artificial turf in Hollywood for athletic fields means you will have a surface for multiple sports.  For example, the field allows for different sports like soccer, softball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, and baseball to play.  No longer will you need to have the expense of numerous athletic fields when an astro turf style artificial turf field allows for a variety of sports.

Backyard Putting Green Hollywood

Backyard Putting Green HollywoodExperience the fun of golfing right at your own residence with a backyard putting green in Hollywood, Florida.  Many golfers whether avid or just recreational have started to add a golfing green at home.  NexGen Lawns brings you a premium selection of backyard putting green Hollywood to give you an amazing green.  Whether you want a classic putting green or a multi-hole green with even a bunker, NexGen Lawns is the installer to call.  We provide you with the best ball roll through our top-notch synthetic putting turf.  In addition to a backyard putting green in Hollywood, we install putting greens over rooftops, patios, and more.  Our team can help you add the game of golf whether it’s outside or even indoors.  Call today!

Do you own a commercial business or looking to add an artificial turf putting green to your business?  Then, the staff at NexGen Lawns can help you add a premier synthetic grass putting green in Hollywood, Florida.  We offer commercial artificial greens, tee lines, and putting holes.  The great advantage of synthetic grass is the minimal maintenance it brings.  Therefore, you can save costs by reducing the tedious watering, fertilizing treatments, and mowing.  Your clients will have an artificial green that offers golfing throughout the year.  Instead of having to close for a browned course, our synthetic grass provides a stunning green course.

Playground Turf Hollywood

Playground Turf HollywoodThe back lawn where the children’s play equipment is can wear from use and the shade.  This makes having a green space for the children to play difficult as well as messy.  Therefore, change the back lawn with playground turf in Hollywood, Florida.  Artificial grass offers a green area for the children to play year-round.  You won’t have to battle trying to get grass to grow under the shaded play area.  Now, you will have a nice mud-free surface with a cleaner ground outside.  Playground turf Hollywood provides you with a lawn that you will not have to mow!  This is a great benefit when trying to trim around all the playground equipment.

The playful playground turf Hollywood from NexGen Lawns not only comes in a pretty green shade but also in other colors.  We have different color options to give your playground a fun bright design.  Whether it’s at your home, school, or park – we can assist you.  The installation of playground turf in Hollywood includes outdoor playgrounds and even inside playrooms.  Our playground turf in Hollywood provides a durable ground perfect for highly used spaces.  Most importantly, we offer a cushioned artificial grass to protect children as they play.  An extra layer of foam padding is placed beneath the artificial grass to provide a soft cushioned area.  To learn about the variety of playground turf Hollywood from NexGen Lawns, please contact our staff to remodel your playground or park.

To buy premium artificial grass in Hollywood for your home or commercial location, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional installers of artificial turf in Hollywood, Florida.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.