NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Hayward, Artificial Turf in Hayward, CA

Artificial Grass HaywardSynthetic turf and artificial grass in Hayward have become increasingly popular due to the low maintenance and beautiful look of fake grass.  NexGen Lawns brings a wide selection of artificial grass in Hayward for numerous environmental settings.  Our team is here to assist you in selecting the best synthetic turf for your space; therefore, you can enjoy a lovely landscape that’s easy to maintain.  Our high-premium artificial grass gives you a high-quality surface that looks natural.

The combination of our artificial grass Hayward installers’ craftsmanship and expertise brings you a truly high-quality end result.  We work both on outdoor and indoor artificial grass Hayward projects.  This includes the installation of artificial turf in both large to small spaces.  Whether you want to add artificial grass in Hayward to your athletic center, home, business, or school – NexGen Lawns is the artificial turf company in California to call.  Our staff is here to assist you going forward with your purchase of artificial grass in Hayward, California!

Artificial Grass Hayward Options

NexGen Lawns has numerous artificial grass Hayward options for both residential and commercial properties in California.  Therefore, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about the benefits of some of our artificial grass Hayward options.

Home Artificial Grass Hayward

Home Artificial Grass HaywardTrying to save some water at your home?  Then, try our home artificial grass in Hayward for a waterless lawn!  Outdoor lawn watering can leave you with an expensive watering bill.  Instead, selecting home artificial grass in Hayward helps to reduce your outdoor watering and helps to save our planet’s water.  You won’t have to worry about seeing a dried brown yard that you experience with regular grass when skipping the watering either.  Our stunning synthetic grass appears realistic to give you a beautiful lawn.  Artificial grass also helps to save you time with a lawn that has minimal maintenance.  You no longer will have to mow the yard or place down harmful fertilizers.  Instead, go with a new modern lawn and choose home artificial grass in Hayward, California.

Home artificial grass Hayward can give you a new landscape that’s one of a kind.  The versatility of fake grass allows you to create unique designs for walkways and over different surfaces.  Wood decks and concrete surfaces like patios and rooftops can have a new feeling with the softness of fake grass.  These hard surfaces can look bleak without color and synthetic grass can revive them with our colorful selections.  Synthetic grass placed on your swim deck or pool surround can even help to reduce the annoying grass clipping from sticking to the bottom of your feet.  Additionally, the drainage helps to quickly dry the lawn to give it a lawn free of mud.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact us for more information on home artificial grass in Hayward, CA.

Pet Turf Hayward

Pet Turf HaywardPet turf Hayward is a dog-friendly surface that can cover your lawn or dog run.  The strong artificial pet turf has exceptional durability for active and playful dog paws.  Dogs can quickly turn a normal grass lawn into a disaster due to wear and tear and mud puddles.  This mess not only gets on the dogs but also gets tracked back inside on their paws.  Instead, the quick drainage of pet turf in Hayward provides a mud-free lawn for both you and your dog to enjoy together.  Artificial turf has minimal maintenance and offers dogs a nice green lawn to play on.  Unlike hard dog runs that sometimes are filled with pebbles or gravel that are hard on sensitive dog paws.  Call our pet turf Hayward installers to remodel your dog run or yard with our quality artificial turf products.

Dog businesses from dog spas, boarding facilities, training centers, and more can all reap the benefits of installing pet turf in Hayward.  This means less lawn maintenance for your dog business.  Artificial grass keeps green throughout the year even when exposed to doggy potty breaks that can leave yellow circles behind on the grass.  This helps to provide a cleaner-looking dog yard for your dog clients!  Additionally, artificial turf can help reduce odors with quick drainage to help drain both dog urine and rain.  Our strong pet turf Hayward has an amazing strength to handle heavy dog traffic.  We can install our artificial turf outside or even indoors for a dog training room.  Wherever the location might be, our installers are here to help you with a great dog-friendly artificial turf in Hayward, California.

Synthetic Turf Hayward for Playing Fields

Synthetic Turf Hayward for Playing FieldsAthletic playing fields can endure quite the stress with high usage.  This can cause the field to wear fast and break down prematurely.  However, synthetic turf Hayward for playing fields offers a durable surface for high traffic.  This will give your athletes and coaches a consistent surface to train and practice on.  In addition, a fake turf field keeps green to train and play games even during the off-season.  Synthetic turf Hayward for playing fields has low upkeep, which can help to reduce your outdoor field maintenance costs.  Additionally, this less maintenance means the playing fields can be open more for your sports players and coaches.  This gives them more opportunities to train and host games and tournaments.

Synthetic turf Hayward for playing field offers schools and sporting clubs an astro turf style surface that numerous sports can use.  This allows your club to offer more than just one sport to your athletes or students.  Instead, one synthetic field can host different sports from football, baseball, lacrosse, cheer, soccer, and more.  This can help eliminate the need for multiple athletic fields with a multi-sport athletic fake turf field in place.  Our installers can add synthetic turf for practice fields, playing fields, batting cages, and more.  Or maybe you need to add an indoor synthetic turf surface for speed and agility training.  Whichever your need, call NexGen Lawns for your purchase of synthetic turf Hayward for playing fields and more.  We have a variety of selections and even color choices for a one-of-a-kind artificial turf surface.

Backyard Putting Green Hayward

Backyard Putting Green HaywardGrab your golf clubs and enjoy walking outside at your own home to play with a backyard putting green Hayward installed.  NexGen Lawns brings you synthetic grass with an amazing ball roll due to our high-quality turf.  Our professional installers can customize your backyard putting green in Hayward from multiple holes to even bunkers.  A home synthetic grass putting green offers a golfing surface with minimal maintenance.  Thus, you can have more time to work on your swing than having to work on trimming and watering the green.  Additionally, synthetic grass putting greens give you the opportunity to golf when you decide.  Even if you don’t have a lawn, our installers can add an artificial green to patios, rooftops, and even inside your home.

In addition to the installation of backyard putting greens in Hayward, our team installs and refurbishes commercial greens and tee lines.  We can refresh your current situation or add completely new synthetic grass putting green to your business.  Therefore, your golfers can have more time to golf throughout the year on artificial grass that keeps green all season.   Your business or club can see savings in maintenance by switching to artificial grass.  Since regular grass requires excessive watering, fertilizing, and trimming to keep them in good condition.  Call our professionals to add top-notch synthetic grass putting green in Hayward, California.

Playground Turf Hayward

Playground Turf HaywardGive yourself and the family a nice child-friendly lawn with playground turf in Hayward.  NexGen Lawns can transform your lawn with our quality artificial turf.  This allows the children to play on a green lawn throughout the year and you more time to relax with reduced lawn duties.  No tedious job of trying to mow around the base of the swing set or trying to keep the grass growing.  Instead, enjoy a full lawn without all those pesky chores!  Playground turf Hayward can go throughout the whole yard or even just a designated spot where the playground equipment resides.  The drainage system of the artificial turf helps to dry the lawn fast.  Therefore, the children can play outside soon after it rains without the mud.

NexGen Lawns remodels not only residential homes, but also businesses, parks, and schools with playground turf in Hayward.  Our team can brighten up your park or playground space with some of our fun color options.  This provides children with a colorful play environment with the installation of artificial grass in Hayward.  Additionally, our playground turf Hayward comes with the option of additional padding to help protect children.  This extra layer helps to cushion the ground and absorb shock.  The addition of playground turf to your property gives you a lawn with less upkeep.  You won’t have to keep up with a mowing and watering schedule.  Instead, artificial turf keeps green all year long.  Our professionals can also add playground turf Hayward indoors for a great playroom.  Give our professionals a call for all your playground turf Hayward needs!

For the purchase of artificial turf in Hayward, California, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial grass Hayward installers for your commercial and residential needs.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.