NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Hartford, Artificial Turf in Hartford, CT

Artificial Grass HartfordNexGen Lawns serves the very best artificial grass Hartford in Connecticut.  We provide our clients from residential, municipalities, and commercial properties with high-quality artificial turf in Hartford.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns is the premier company to call in Connecticut for any fake grass or synthetic turf purchases and installations.  Our high-quality of specialized artificial turf works in numerous environmental settings.  Thus, we install natural-appearing gardens, lawns, parks, dog spaces, playgrounds, putting greens, and sporting applications.  Whether you need a complete lawn to remodel of fake grass or a small area, NexGen Lawns synthetic turf can revamp your space.

The highly talented NexGen Lawns installers leave your property with a professional artificial grass installation.  Our installers provide you with both outdoor remodels and indoor applications of artificial grass in Hartford.  Therefore, if you are looking to receive a professional-level result – NexGen Lawns is who you should contact.  We have helped parks, homes, schools, dog care facilities, and more have the most exceptional artificial turf in Hartford, Connecticut.

Artificial Grass Hartford Options

NexGen Lawns offers many choices of artificial grass Hartford options to suit your property.  Therefore, please find the artificial grass Hartford options below to assist you in learning more.

Residential Artificial Grass Hartford

Residential Artificial Grass HartfordWant to see a green lawn at your home all year?  Then, residential artificial grass in Hartford gives you a green lawn that you never have to mow!  No more work to drag out the lawnmower to trim the grass.  Nor do you have to place down toxic fertilizers in the yard.  Residential artificial grass in Hartford lets you use that time on something else or to just relax.  The eco-friendly waterless artificial turf from NexGen Lawns helps you to save money from wasteful lawn watering.  This is why many homeowners have remodeled their homes, townhomes, and condos with residential artificial grass in Hartford, Connecticut.

One benefit of residential artificial grass in Hartford is the great flexibility to place it on numerous surfaces.  Therefore, if you don’t have a yard and want to add a green faux grass area you can with fake grass.  Our installers add the softness of fake turf to hard surfaces like concrete courtyards, patios, and even over wooden decks.  This changes the dull look outside into a much more inviting space for everyone.  Adults, kids, and even the family pet can play across residential artificial grass in Hartford.  Plus, the low upkeep of synthetic grass makes it a popular choice.  Call us to get started in remodeling your home with the lush feeling of synthetic turf.

Artificial Turf Hartford for Dogs

Artificial Turf Hartford for dogsThe family pet can turn your back lawn into a mess.  However, don’t be left with a mess in the yard when you can have an artificial turf Hartford for dogs.  Our strong fake turf surfaces for dogs don’t break down from bathroom breaks and from running around.  Therefore, your dog can have a cleaner backyard without the dirt or muddy spaces.  Artificial turf Hartford for dogs offers a mud-free space that comes with fast drainage.  Thus, you’ll see a green artificial turf dog lawn and not a yellowed or browned surface.  We remodel entire lawns to just creating a dog run.  Call us to give your dog the very best artificial turf in Hartford.

Our pet-friendly artificial turf Hartford for dogs offers commercial locations an extremely resilient turf.  We can install synthetic turf for an outside dog lawn, kennel, or training ground.  The difference that comes with artificial turf versus regular grass is the less maintenance and year-round usable lawn.  Therefore, your dog business will reduce lawn care costs to help save you on upkeep expenses.  Plus, the dogs will have an outdoor area to use all year that won’t have messy dirt areas.  This will help to keep your outside lawn looking cleaner and even help to keep the inside tidier without muddy paws.  To change your dog spas, daycare, or dog training schools call us today for synthetic dog turf.

Synthetic Turf Hartford for Athletic Fields

Synthetic Turf HartfordChange the way your athletic field performs by switching to synthetic turf Hartford for athletic fields.  The synthetic turf from NexGen Lawns brings you a high-performing surface with excellent durability.  Therefore, we can help your sporting club, gym, or school with artificial turf in Hartford.  An artificial turf field offers a consistent surface to help the performance of your players throughout the year.  Plus, synthetic turf Hartford for athletic fields means you will have a multi-use field.  You won’t be limited to only offering one sport on your field, instead, you can offer plenty.  For example, football, baseball, lacrosse, softball, soccer, baseball, and more can play on fake turf.

Synthetic turf Hartford for athletic fields can be applied to outdoor fields, indoor fields, and training centers.  Sports players will experience a surface to play and train on all year that doesn’t fade.  Additionally, as the field owner, you won’t have to close the fields for watering and mowing anymore.  Synthetic turf reduces the large upkeep that comes with grass fields.  Thus, this will save your club or school in the reduction of upkeep with an astro turf style field.  Our installers can add a strong ground of artificial turf for fields, batting cages, mats, and practice fields.  Thus, give us a call to go over a high-functioning artificial turf in Hartford.

Backyard Putting Green Hartford

Backyard Putting Green HartfordGive yourself a golf retreat at your own home!  NexGen Lawns installs an amazingly stunning backyard putting green in Hartford.  We work with our clients to create custom backyard putting green Hartford for your space and style.  Plus, when you have a home putting green you can golf anytime right at your own home.  Day or night!  No more driving out on restricted time-frames to golf.  Whether you want to work on your chip shots or short game, we can assist you with synthetic golf grass.  We install putting greens not only on the lawn but over the patio or courtyard.  Or even inside the house.  Experience the high quality that comes from an artificial turf putting green in Hartford, when you select NexGen Lawns.

Commercial golf courses, private clubs, and driving ranges all can have a high-end synthetic grass surface for golfers.  NexGen Lawns offers a low-maintenance solution for commercial golf businesses.  Thus, we can provide your business with the best synthetic grass for your course, tee line, or putting greens.  Utilizing artificial turf at your business reduces the excessive watering and trimming that normal grass requires.  Therefore, this will help to save you money in the large reductions of maintenance.  Whether you are looking at adding something new or remodeling your current green, NexGen Lawns installers can help you right in Connecticut.

Playground Turf Hartford

Playground Turf HartfordRain or shine your playground deserves adequate drainage.  Therefore, choose NexGen Lawns playground turf in Hartford with rapid flow drainage underneath the turf.  Water flows quickly beneath the fake turf to allow children to go back outside to continue playing soon after the rain has stopped.  Unlike grass which causes children to be stuck indoors for days for the ground to dry.  Additionally, great drainage means no mud puddles or muddy shoes.  NexGen Lawns playground turf in Hartford provides the aesthetics for a lovely park or playground setting.  We even offer lots of colors to choose from in our playground turf in Hartford, Connecticut.  To discuss your school, park, or other design, call today.

Playground turf Hartford also works directly on the home lawn.  Thus, giving your kids or grandkids a cleaner space to go outside and play.  Playground turf Hartford transforms the regular thinning grass into a full green ground again.  Plus, you won’t have the struggle of keeping the grass growing under the shaded play equipment.  Or having to water and trim around all the playground bases.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass can go in a certain area on your property or throughout the whole lawn.  Let our installers give your home a softer lawn through playground turf Hartford.  Call to schedule your artificial turf in Hartford installation.

To purchase the superior quality of artificial turf in Hartford for your property, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for professional artificial grass Hartford installers.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.