NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Gretna, Artificial Turf in Gretna, NE

Artificial Grass GretnaThe addition of artificial grass Gretna can makeover your landscape with a beautiful new design.  NexGen Lawns carries artificial turf in Gretna, Nebraska for varying surfaces and uses.  Therefore, our team has your artificial grass Gretna needs covered from the home landscape, dog run, sporting fields, putting greens, playground, parks, and more.  We provide the installation of synthetic turf and artificial grass to both commercial and residential locations.  Thus, for your purchase and installation of artificial grass Gretna, Nebraska, and surrounding locations make the call to NexGen Lawns.

NexGen Lawns carries artificial grass Gretna that is of high quality and durability.  Therefore, you will have a stunning and long-lasting fake grass lawn.  Our premium synthetic grass looks realistic and feels amazing due to our advanced fibers.  The professional installers at NexGen Lawns can remodel your outdoor spaces to even indoor projects.  With high talent and knowledge, our installers deliver a professional artificial grass end result.  Thus, contact NexGen Lawns for both your purchase and installation of artificial grass in Gretna, Nebraska.

Artificial Grass Gretna Options

NexGen Lawns carries a variety of synthetic turf and artificial grass Gretna options for residential, commercial, school, and park locations.  To learn more about the many different artificial grass Gretna options from NexGen Lawns, please see below.

Home Artificial Grass Gretna

Home Artificial Grass GretnaGive yourself a break from the lawn mowing, fertilizing, and lawn watering with home artificial grass in Gretna, Nebraska.  A synthetic grass lawn has little maintenance so you can enjoy more free time on something other than caring for the lawn.  Additionally, home artificial grass Gretna requires no watering, which can help to lower your summer watering bills.  Artificial grass provides you not only a lawn with less upkeep but also a full and lush-looking lawn.  This means you won’t have to deal with seeing patches of grass in areas of the lawn that is hard to grow.  Instead, the lawn can be full around trees and fence lines with a faux grass yard.  The excellent quality of the artificial fibers provides your home with a natural-looking fake grass landscape.

Home artificial grass Gretna not only provides residential or commercial locations with a beautiful lawn but also can create unique spaces in other areas.  For example, synthetic grass can go across the rooftop, over decks, patios, and more.  The soft fake grass changes these spaces which can sometimes be rough and dull looking into more inviting spaces with both the appearance and feel.  The versatility of synthetic grass means you can have the look of grass around and over many surface types.  Additionally, synthetic grass can go in between stone pavers, around swimming pools, surrounding landscaping beds, and more.  Our artificial grass is both pet and child-friendly to give a lawn for the whole family.  Go ahead and sit back and enjoy a home artificial Gretna landscape from NexGen Lawns!

Synthetic Turf Gretna for Dogs

Synthetic Turf Gretna for DogsNexGen Lawns has your dog run or back lawn covered with synthetic turf Gretna for dogs.  The playfulness of dogs can wear down normal grass and leave you struggling to get the grass to grow.  However, synthetic turf Gretna for dogs provides a strong lawn built for the high activity of dogs.  We can cover a certain area or the whole lawn with synthetic grass for an easier landscape.  Synthetic turf Gretna for dogs does not discolor when exposed to dog urine; therefore, no more unsightly yellowed spots in the yard.  The lawn will stay cleaner as well with the advanced drainage to quickly drain both dog urine and rainwater.  Thus, you can have a mud-free dog yard to keep both your floors and yard cleaner.

NexGen Lawns also provides dog businesses with a dog-friendly lawn.  Synthetic turf Gretna for dogs provides places like doggy daycares, boarding facilities, and dog training centers all with a highly durable surface.  Artificial turf can go outside for a nice-looking dog yard or indoors for a puppy training room or playroom.  A benefit of having pet turf is the reduction in the upkeep of your outdoor lawn care.  You won’t have to water, mow, or even re-sod your dog lawn with artificial grass.  Instead, you can have a green faux lawn throughout the year for your dog clients to use.  To hear more about synthetic turf Gretna for dogs, call our staff to remodel your home or business.

Artificial Turf Gretna for Sporting Fields

Artificial Turf Gretna for Sporting FieldsRemodel with artificial turf Gretna for sporting fields for a strong and highly durable playing field.  Regular grass can wear fast from the high use and fade away after the season ends.  However, synthetic turf provides a surface for a year-round surface for trainers, athletes, and coaches.  This means you can utilize your playing field for off-season training or other activities.  NexGen Lawns provides numerous types of artificial turf for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  We install artificial turf Gretna for sporting fields and other uses from batting cages, to training fields, gyms, and more.  Additionally, to help protect athletes’ joints we carry padded artificial turf for a cushioned ground.  Artificial turf Gretna for sporting fields can be customized with our selection of color choices of turf.

The multi-purpose surface of artificial turf means your sporting fields can host more than one sport.  For example, different sports from football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse can all use the same sporting field.  This will help to reduce the number of fields you need and provide a multi-use surface for a variety of sports.  Additionally, artificial turf Gretna for sporting fields comes with quick drainage to help reduce closures due to wet fields.  Astro turf style artificial turf comes with little maintenance that can help to save your school or sports club in field upkeep costs.  With regular grass, you have the continual care to keep up with the fertilizing, mowing, and watering.  However, artificial turf means you can have more time on the fields with fewer closures to mow and water the fields.

Backyard Putting Green Gretna

Backyard Putting Green GretnaExperience the comfort of golfing at home with a backyard putting green Gretna!  NexGen Lawns provides an amazing backyard putting green in Gretna, Nebraska, and surrounding areas.  Our team can customize your synthetic putting green for your space.  Thus, we can add numerous holes to even a bunker with our artificial bunker turf.  Synthetic grass putting greens can even go over different surfaces from your backyard patio, deck, and even indoors.  Therefore, you can play golf in the comfort of your own home.  This will give you the opportunity to work on your skills or just have a great family-friendly amenity at your home.  Additionally, synthetic grass means you won’t have to try to carefully mow your putting green.  Instead, relax and play some golf on a backyard putting green Gretna from NexGen Lawns.

The NexGen Lawns installers also provide synthetic grass putting greens to commercial businesses.  We can remodel your current putting greens, tee lines, or course with artificial grass.  Many businesses and clubs are utilizing synthetic grass for the minimal maintenance.  You can reduce your maintenance of fertilizing, continual watering, and mowing.  Additionally, synthetic grass provides a surface that stays green throughout the year for golfers to use.  Whether you have a sporting club or a business looking to add a unique feature of a putting green, NexGen Lawns has numerous artificial turf for golf.  Call our staff to discuss adding a backyard putting green Gretna to a commercial putting green to your business.

Playground Turf Gretna

Playground Turf GretnaKeeping up the grass in the back lawn can become tedious, especially for areas under play equipment.  These areas are not only hard to mow and edge around the bases but can be difficult to keep grass growing underneath.   However, playground turf Gretna provides you with a beautiful faux green grass that’s mower-free.  Your family can play outside and on a green surface throughout the year and you no longer have to try to drag the play equipment around to mow underneath.  Playground turf Gretna provides a durable surface for children to play on that is also soft.  We offer playground turf with additional padding for extra cushioning.  Thus, this additional layer of foam padding helps to protect children.  We can install artificial turf in a specific location of the lawn to the entire lawn, call our staff for playground turf in Gretna, NE.

Schools, childcare centers, and parks can all have the benefit of playground turf in Gretna, NE.  Highly used play spaces can be hard to keep clean that are filled with wood chips, mulch, or pebbles.  These items can stick to clothing and shoes, and get scattered around the playground.  However, playground turf Gretna offers a tidy surface that comes in many different colors.  NexGen Lawns can help your school or park create an inviting playground surface for children.  Additionally, the playground turf has little upkeep so you no longer have to mow or water the grounds.  The drainage system beneath the artificial turf quickly drains rainwater to leave the ground without the messy mud puddles.  In addition to outdoor playgrounds, our installers can install artificial turf for indoor playrooms and classrooms.  Call to change your playground surface to amazing playground turf in Gretna, Nebraska.

Call NexGen Lawns for the purchase of artificial grass in Gretna and have the installation of artificial turf in Gretna, Nebraska.  You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672 for your purchase of artificial grass in Gretna, Nebraska.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.