NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Garland, Artificial Turf in Garland, TX

Artificial Grass Garland

If you are searching for a highly reputable company that installs and sells artificial grass in Garland, then look no further than NexGen Lawns.  Our high-quality artificial grass products are specifically designed for use in various different environments and applications.  NexGen Lawns provides premium artificial grass for playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens, lawns, and sports fields.  As a company, we cater to both residential and commercial properties to bring professional-looking artificial grass to Garland, Texas.  Therefore, our team of dedicated installers can transform any surface into a maintenance-free space with our environmentally friendly artificial grass.  NexGen Lawns offers a variety of high-end artificial grass and artificial turf products to cater to all your needs.

Artificial Grass Garland Options

To help with understanding all the different artificial grass Garland options available to you, we have listed some below.  The ones below are just some of the NexGen Lawns fake grass Garland options.  For more information, please contact our staff to change your space with artificial turf in Garland.

Residential Artificial Grass Garland

Residential Artificial Grass Garland, TXResidential Artificial Grass Garland can transform your front or back lawn into a beautiful year-round sculpted yard.  Whether you are looking to fix those difficult-to-grow shady spaces.  Or pool surround, full lawn makeover, deck, patio, or rooftop – NexGen Lawn can improve them all!  The function and style of fake grass provide residential homes with a gorgeous lawn.  You will no longer have to worry about mowing, watering, or feeding your lawn harmful chemicals.  Therefore, leaving you with more free time to enjoy with no more annoying lawn chores!  Give yourself a lawn break, and call the crew at NexGen Lawns for fake grass Garland.

NexGen Lawns synthetic grass lawns provide you with a stunning and green lawn.  In addition, your artificial grass lawn won’t fade or yellow when subject to dog urine or sunlight either.  At NexGen Lawns, we provide both residential and commercial property owners artificial grass in Garland, Texas, and surrounding areas.  We can assist you with an easier synthetic grass lawn.  Give the artificial grass professionals at NexGen Lawns a call today.  Another benefit, you’ll even reduce your monthly water bill!  Make the switch to residential artificial grass in Garland.

Artificial Grass for Dogs Garland

Artificial Grass for Dogs Garland, TX

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for dogs who love to run, play, and exercise outdoors. NexGen Lawns installs strong and durable dog runs at doggy daycares, training facilities, kennels, shelters, and homes.  Dogs can sometimes become irritated by natural grass through outdoor allergies, insects, and hazardous pesticides.  With NexGen Lawns installed artificial grass Garland for dogs, there are no itchy insects or pesticides to irritate your pet.  This scratching and biting can cause sores across their sensitive pet skin.  Instead, your furry dog baby can play across soft synthetic turf in the backyard without the scratching.

Dogs will have a soft and clean surface outdoors with artificial grass for dogs Garland.  One that is easy on their tender paws.  Rather than hard concrete or pea gravel dog runs that can be harsh on your pet’s paws.  Our pet turf provides both homes and kennels a cleanlier mud-free lawn with our advanced drainage system.  Rainwater quickly passes through our pet turf leaving a dry surface for all your precious pets leaps and bounds.  No more worries about muddy paw prints!  Dogs are sure to love their NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for dogs!

Artificial Turf Garland for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Garland, TX

NexGen Lawns installs highly durable artificial grass Garland for sports fields.  This includes indoor training facilities and outdoor sporting complexes.  Plus, the installation of artificial turf will transform fields into a multi-sport playing field.  Which hosts an array of items from baseball, cheer practice, softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, band practices, and many more.  NexGen Lawns sports turfs are designed to suit your needs and enhance your sports field surface and performance.  Additionally, we can add artificial turf batting mats or full synthetic turf batting cages to your sports center.

We help to make your field shine with our customizable artificial grass turf and variety of color options and logos.  An astro turf style turf field help to save club owners in continual care, maintenance costs, and valuable time.  Now, club owners and coaches will have more time to spend focusing on your players and games.  Artificial grass Garland is the ultimate choice for any club owner or coach who seeks a better overall experience.  While having a year-round artificial turf field for their sports field.

Backyard Putting Green Garland

Backyard Putting Green Garland, TX

Golf is a popular sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of expertise. Both amateurs and professional golfers will see the benefits of having artificial grass installed in their very own backyards.  Artificial grass putting greens in Garland will bring added value to your home.  With NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for putting greens, you can practice your swing or putt at your very own leisure.  Plus, you never have to leave the house!  No more hassle of loading the clubs into the car to drive to the nearest course.  Instead, you’ll have the decision in your hands to play on your own backyard putting green in Garland, Texas.

In addition to residential homes, NexGen Lawns installs and renovates commercial putting greens, driving mats, tee lines, and golf courses.  Club owners will enjoy mass savings in maintenance and upkeep costs from selecting a durable surface.  In addition, synthetic turf looks great year-round.  Our expert design team can craft an amazing course for your commercial property with artificial grass.  Whether you are a club owner who wants to renovate a course with artificial grass.  Or a homeowner who wants to work on his/her game by playing at home.  The first call you make today should be to NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Garland

Playground Turf Garland, TX

NexGen Lawns has provided numerous playgrounds and school parks with a clean and safe play surface through artificial grass playgrounds.  School playgrounds and parks change into a much safer and friendlier space for children.  Therefore, giving teachers, parents, and caregivers reassurance in knowing children will be playing on a soft durable surface.  Especially a surface that is not full of messy mulch or dirt.  Or a hard and dangerous ground beneath a kid’s feet.  Parents will love having a beautifully green surface underneath swing sets that don’t brown.  In addition, playground turf won’t change into a dirt zone under the shaded play equipment.

One of NexGen Lawns’ options for artificial grass in Garland contains a padded foam base to provide extra protection for children.  Our foam pads are highly elastic which helps to retain shock absorption.  The padding is LEAD-FREE and contains no rubber or other heavy metal.  By utilizing foam padding to keep children safe for all their trips or falls.  Additionally, there is no rubber infill.  Therefore, no concerns about getting rubber flecks into their eyes or being stuck on their skin or clothing.  Artificial grass for playgrounds provides a dry play park without any mud.  Due to the quick drainage system for rainwater to pass through.  Now, kids won’t be stuck indoors for inside recess waiting for drenched lawns to dry out.

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